Migratory birds along the Mediterranean – Black Sea Flyway as carriers of zoonotic pathogens

In this study, bird species migrating through Bulgaria were investigated as carriers of zoonotic pathogens. In total, 706 birds belonging to 46 species were checked for the presence of various bacterial pathogens (Campylobacter, Yersin ia, Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Francisella tularensis, Coxiella burnetii, Borrelia burgdorferi, and Brucella spp.). From 673 birds we investigated fecal samples, from the remaining 33, blood samples. We detected Campylobacter 16S rDNA gene in 1.3% of birds, but no ne were of pathogenic Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli species. Escherichia coli 16S rDNA gene was found in 8.8% of the birds. Out of 34 birds that transported Yersinia enterocolitica strains (5.05%), only 1 carried a pathogenic isolate. Three birds (0.4%) were carriers of nonpathogenic S almonella strains. Four avian samples (0.6%) were positive for Listeria monocytogenes and 1 (0.15%) was positive for Brucella spp. None of the birds tested carried the tick-borne pathogens C. burnetii or B. burgdorferi sensu lato. Antibiotic-resistant strains were detected, suggesting that migratory birds could be reservoirs and spreaders of bacterial pathogens as well as antibiotic resistance genes.
Source: Canadian Journal of Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Authors: Source Type: research

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Conclusion: The level of parasite contamination is high and consumption of raw vegetables procured from these markets carry a high risk of parasite infection. Washing vegetables twice with saline was not effective for parasite removal. Improved approaches for washing vegetables before consumption are needed. Funding: Ensign College-Students Research Award Program of Bob and Lynette Gay. PMID: 30662081 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Ghana Medical Journal - Category: African Health Tags: Ghana Med J Source Type: research
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Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management - Category: Palliative Care Authors: Source Type: research
Integration of cannabinoids into palliative care has been delayed by many obstacles, such as paucity of clinical research data, poor clinical knowledge on how to initiate and monitor cannabinoid treatments and conflicting or unsupportive regulatory frameworks. Cancer patients, on the other hand, are known to have high rates of cannabis use and desire but are not receiving information about cannabis from oncology providers. This session proposes to illustrate the different clinical settings where the use of the traditional plant botanical cannabis and its derivatives could be considered, as well as provide an overview regar...
Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management - Category: Palliative Care Authors: Source Type: research
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Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management - Category: Palliative Care Authors: Source Type: research
Bangbang Li, Yingli Jin, Hua Xiang, Dan Mu, Panpan Yang, Xianmei Li, Ling Zhong, Junjie Cao, Dan Xu, Qian Gong, Tiedong Wang, Lin Wang, Dacheng Wang
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
Steven C. Ricke, Kristina M. Feye, W. Evan Chaney, Zhaohao Shi, Hilary Pavlidis, Yichao Yang
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
CONCLUSION. This study provides the first evidence to our knowledge about the effects of VZV vaccination on human mucosal IA status and supports further evaluation of VZV as a potential vector for an HIV vaccine. TRIAL REGISTRATION. ClinicalTrials.gov NCT02514018. FUNDING. Primary support from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR). For other sources, see Acknowledgments.
Source: Journal of Clinical Investigation - Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Source Type: research
Authors: Dundar D, Duymaz Z, Genc S, Er DK, ─░rvem A, Kandemir N Abstract The aim of the study is to determine in-vitro effects of imipenem-tigecycline, imipenem-colistin and tigecycline-colistin against carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) isolates. A total of 25 CRE isolates were included to the study. The minimum inhibition concentrations of imipenem, colistin-sulphate and tigecycline were determined with broth dilution method. Synergistic effects of imipenem-tigecycline, imipenem-colistin and tigecycline-colistin were investigated by microdilution checkerboard technique. All of the isolates were resist...
Source: Journal of Chemotherapy - Category: Cancer & Oncology Tags: J Chemother Source Type: research
Authors: Pezeshki Najafabadi M, Dagoohian A, Rajaie S, Zarkesh-Esfahani SH, Edalati M Abstract Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are considered the most common community-acquired infections worldwide, which have possible complications along with significant economic impact on national healthcare systems. The aim of this study was to identify the most common causes of significant bacteriuria and to assess their antimicrobial resistance pattern in the Isfahan province of Iran. In this cross-sectional study, 11,678 urine samples of the patients referred to Mahdieh Medical Diagnostic Centre Charity were examined over a p...
Source: Journal of Chemotherapy - Category: Cancer & Oncology Tags: J Chemother Source Type: research
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