Phytochemical characterization of the Chinese endemic species Stemona mairei and five other Stemona species

Publication date: December 2018Source: Phytochemistry Letters, Volume 28Author(s): Gao Chen, Lothar Brecker, Katharina Maria Sandler, Xiang-Hai Cai, Sumet Kongkiatpaiboon, Karin Valant-Vetschera, Johann SchinnerlAbstractComparative HPLC-PDA analyses of methanolic root extracts of the almost unstudied Chinese endemic species Stemona mairei, collected from nine locations throughout its natural habitat in northern Yunnan, led to the identification of the pyrrolo[1,2-α]azepine-type alkaloid protostemonine (1) as the main alkaloid and 3,4-dehydro-δ-tocopherol (9) as the main tocopherol derivative. Analysis of the five further Chinese Stemona species S. sessilifolia, S. japonica, S. parviflora and S. shandongensis, collected in adjacent locations, resulted in identification of eight Stemona alkaloids, with seven of them possibly derived from 1. Additionally, the presence of three tocopherols was confirmed co-chromatographically with authentic samples. From S. shandongensis, the alkaloids stemocochinin (7) and croomine (8) were isolated and their structures confirmed by NMR and MS analyses. Additionally, the quantitative content of protostemonine (1) and the tocopherols 9 and 10 present in extracts were assessed. Concerning the tocopherols, S. mairei differs by the occurrence of chromenol derivatives from the other species which accumulate both chromenol and chromanol derivatives. Furthermore, the root extracts of S. mairei exhibited nematicidal activities against Panagr...
Source: Phytochemistry Letters - Category: Chemistry Source Type: research

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Publication date: Available online 14 November 2019Source: Zoologischer AnzeigerAuthor(s): Frederico Falcão Salles, Jeane Marcelle C. Nascimento, Marina Monjardim, Roberta Paresque, Neusa Hamada, Eduardo DominguezAbstractA new genus and species is described based on nymphs and adults collected exclusively at the Chapada Diamantina National Park, in Brazil. The generic category of this new taxon was tested by reanalyzing a morphological dataset used to access the phylogenetic relationships of species of Ulmeritus and Ulmeritoides and by the use of molecular analysis, using two different genes. Both analysis corrobora...
Source: A Journal of Comparative Zoology - Category: Zoology Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 14 November 2019Source: Molecular Phylogenetics and EvolutionAuthor(s): Sylvain G. Razafimandimbison, Kent Kainulainen, Bruno Senterre, Charles Morel, Catarina RydinAbstractThe granitic islands of the Seychelles harbor about 268 native angiosperm species, with 28% being endemics there. The Seychelles biota contains a mix of ancient taxa with Gondwanan origins and young taxa that arrived there via dispersals. We investigate the phylogenetic position of an enigmatic, critically endangered, Seychellean endemic of the coffee family (Rubiaceae), Psathura/Psychotria sechellarum, and assess whet...
Source: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution - Category: Molecular Biology Source Type: research
ConclusionGiven the presence of infection in rodents with tularemia agent in the studied area, it is crucial to elucidate the risks of rodent exposure to tularemia for physicians, health personnel and the general population.
Source: Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases - Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: These data contribute to a better understanding of the distribution of T. cruzi infection in the Northeastern region of Brazil. Preventive measures based on vector control should be implemented in the study ar ea in order to reduce the burden this neglected tropical disease.
Source: Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical - Category: Tropical Medicine Source Type: research
The objective of the study is to investigate the genetic diversity of P. vivax circulating in Southern Thailand by using 3 antigenic markers and 8 microsatellite markers. Dried blood spots were collected from Chumphon, Phang Nga, Ranong and, Surat Thani provinces of Thailand. By PCR, 3 distinct sizes of PvMSP3α, 2 sizes of PvMSP3β and 2 sizes of PvMSP1 F2 were detected based on the length of PCR products, respectively. PCR/RFLP analyses of these antigen genes revealed high levels of genetic diversity. The genotyping of 8 microsatellite loci showed high genetic diversity as indicated by high alleles per locus and...
Source: Korean Journal of Parasitology - Category: Parasitology Tags: Korean J Parasitol Source Type: research
AbstractIn Xayaboury province, located in the northern region of Lao PDR, the foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccination campaign just began in 2009. Up until now, a small number of farms have been vaccinated. When FMD outbreaks occur, it is interesting to determine the risk factors of FMD, especially in the area where vaccination rates are low. The questionnaire survey, using a case-control design at the household level, was carried out. From 59 villages with a total number of 434 households, 181 households who experienced FMD were assigned as case households, 146 households without FMD occurrence inside the outbreak villag...
Source: Tropical Animal Health and Production - Category: Veterinary Research Source Type: research
Abstract Araucaria angustifolia is endemic to southern Brazil. Known as Brazilian pine, A. angustifolia is the only native conifer species with economic and social relevance in this country. Due to massive exploitation, it has suffered a significant population decline and currently is classified as critically endangered. This encouraged the scientific community to investigate genetic features in Brazilian pine to increase resources for management and preservation. In this work, RNA-Seq data was used to determine the complete nucleotide sequence of the A. angustifolia chloroplast genome (cpDNA). The cpDNA is 146,203 bp in l...
Source: Genetics and Molecular Biology - Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Source Type: research
To report on the prevalence and clinical implications of positive QuantiFERON-Gold (QFT-G) test results in the diagnostic work-up of a large cohort of consecutive patients with uveitis in the Netherlands.
Source: American Journal of Ophthalmology - Category: Opthalmology Authors: Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research
We present a narrative review of HCC in Africa, discussing present and future trends. [...] Thieme Medical Publishers 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001, USA.Article in Thieme eJournals: Table of contents  |  Abstract  |  Full text
Source: Seminars in Liver Disease - Category: Gastroenterology Authors: Tags: Review Article Source Type: research
This study revealed endophytic bacterial groups of importance toP. cupana and stressed that the host plant organ modulates the structure and interactions within this community. Our results indicated that the microbial community adapted to colonizeP. cupana by adjusting to its composition and interaction network. The isolation of abundant and super-generalist bacterial genera shall help to examine their functionality to the composition and fitness of the endophytic community ofP. cupana.
Source: World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
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