The Wheat Belly Timeline: The First Few Weeks

With all our talk of opiate withdrawal syndromes accompanied by nausea, headache, fatigue, and depression, it can be daunting, even terrifying, to people who face the prospect of tossing all wheat and grains into the trash bin, vowing to never let a Danish, donut, or dish of pasta cross your lips again. So it may help to lay out a timeline of what and when various changes can develop in the Wheat Belly wheat- and grain-free lifestyle. You can expect different symptoms and health conditions to recede at different rates, since they are caused by a variety of different mechanisms. For instance, the direct gastrointestinal toxic effects of gliadin-derived peptides and wheat germ agglutinin that underlie acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms typically cease within days of consuming no wheat or grains. The iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium absorption blocking effects of grain phytates stop immediately with grain elimination (with blood and tissue levels rising over weeks to months), while vitamin B12 and pernicious anemia can require months to improve, since the autoimmune destruction of stomach parietal cells that allow B12 absorption require months to recover (if it recovers at all). Different conditions, different causes within wheat and grains, different timelines to recede or disappear. This makes for substantial variation in the wheat- and grain-elimination experience among individuals. While many enjoy prompt relief from say, acid reflux, joint pain, leg edema, ...
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