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Best of the BestWe are recognized for having some of the bestNeuronal-Glial Antibodies in the business. We are pleased to announce the addition of these:CH22122– Tyrosine HydroxylaseGT22101 - GFPGT22102– MAP2GT22103 - VimentinMO22186– Tyrosine HydroxylaseRA22135– Tyrosine HydroxylaseImmunofluorescent analysis of rat brainstem section stained withGT22102, MAP2dilution 1:2,000 in red, and costained with mouse mAb to MO22121, MBP dilution 1:5,000, in green. Following transcardial perfusion of rat with 4% paraformaldehyde, brain was postfixed for 24 hours, cut to 45 μM, and free-floating sections were stained with the above antibodies.If you have questions on these or any of our solutions, not hesitate to contact me or 612-801-1007,
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Publication date: Available online 20 March 2019Source: Journal of Clinical NeuroscienceAuthor(s): Pouria Moshayedi, Shashvat M. Desai, Ashutosh P. JadhavAbstractParallel to a more widespread application of endovascular neurothrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke, it is critical to understand the nature and management of associated complications, including wire perforation of the middle cerebral artery (MCA). Sacrifice of the perforated vessel may be necessary to avoid fatal intra-cranial hemorrhage. Here we describe a case of right MCA distribution ischemia complicated by a right MCA perforation. Using super selective inje...
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Abstract Proper functioning of the brain is dependent on integrity of the cerebral vasculature. During ageing, a number of factors including aortic or arterial stiffness, autonomic dysregulation, neurovascular uncoupling and blood-brain barrier (BBB) damage will define the dynamics of brain blood flow and local perfusion. The nature and extent of ageing-related cerebrovascular changes, the degree of involvement of the heart and extracranial vessels and the consequent location of tissue pathology may vary considerably. Atheromatous disease retarding flow is a common vascular insult, which increases exponentially wi...
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Conclusion:We anticipate that our results will help the development and calibration of predictive models, which rely on estimates and morphological description of cell proliferation under shear stress.
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Conclusions\({\hbox {StO}}_2\) estimation by Dual2StO2 is visually closer to ground truth in general structure and achieves higher prediction accuracy and faster processing speed than SSRNet. Simulations showed that results improved when a greater number of fibres are used in the probe. Future work will include refinement of the network architecture, hardware optimization based on simulation results, and evaluation of the technique in clinical applications beyond\({\hbox {StO}}_2\) estimation.
Source: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery - Category: Intensive Care Source Type: research
Authors: Li Y, Yuan M, Yu M, Lu Z, Shen C, Wang Y, Lu B, Zhang J Abstract OBJECTIVE: To study the prevalence and clinical characteristics of decreased myocardial blood flow (MBF) quantified by dynamic computed tomography (CT) myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) in symptomatic patients without in-stent restenosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-seven (mean age, 71.3 ± 10 years; age range, 48-88 years; 31 males, 6 females) consecutive symptomatic patients with patent coronary stents and without obstructive de novo lesions were prospectively enrolled to undergo dynamic CT-MPI using a third-generation dual-sou...
Source: Korean Journal of Radiology - Category: Radiology Tags: Korean J Radiol Source Type: research
CONCLUSION: Perfusion parameter data acquired from PCT demonstrated predictive value for treatment outcome after palliative chemotherapy, reflected by the significantly higher PS value in the responder group compared with the non-responder group. PMID: 30887741 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Korean Journal of Radiology - Category: Radiology Tags: Korean J Radiol Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: We identified low to moderate quality evidence describing post intervention mean ocular perfusion pressure in open angle glaucoma. Bimatoprost increases mean ocular perfusion pressure when compared to timolol. As a class, prostaglandins increase mean ocular perfusion pressure. Prostaglandins may provide beneficial ocular perfusion pressure profiles compared to alternative agents. PMID: 30880485 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Current Medical Research and Opinion - Category: Research Tags: Curr Med Res Opin Source Type: research
In conclusion, our results suggest that blockade of Kir2.1 channels in the spinal dorsal horn selectively inhibits dynamic, but not punctate, mechanical allodynia by enhancing glycinergic inhibitory transmission.
Source: Neuroscience Bulletin - Category: Neuroscience Source Type: research
Authors: Ho KC, Speier W, El-Saden S, Arnold CW Abstract Models have been developed to predict stroke outcomes (e.g., mortality) in attempt to provide better guidance for stroke treatment. However, there is little work in developing classification models for the problem of unknown time-since-stroke (TSS), which determines a patient's treatment eligibility based on a clinical defined cutoff time point (i.e.,
Source: AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings - Category: Bioinformatics Tags: AMIA Annu Symp Proc Source Type: research
Source: Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery - Category: Cardiology Source Type: research
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