Are You Tall? Better Watch Out For Varicose Veins

(CNN) — In what researchers are calling “the largest genetic study ever performed” on varicose vein disease, a Stanford University School of Medicine study found a person’s height to be a significant risk factor for developing varicose veins. “We not only found an association between height and varicose veins, but the genetic studies we did showed a causal link,” said cardiologist and study author Dr. Nicholas Leeper, an associate professor of surgery and cardiovascular medicine at Stanford. “That suggests that the genes and pathways that drive human height are also likely to be causing varicose veins.” Dr. Cheryl Hoffman, medical director for the UCLA Health-Manhattan Beach Interventional and Imaging Center, singled out “the strong genetic link.” “We know that varicose veins and venous disease are genetic, so it makes sense there might be something wrong with the vein walls that runs in families,” said Hoffman, who was not involved in the research. What are varicose veins? Swollen, twisty purple veins that often look like tree branches just under the surface of the skin, varicose veins can cause aching pain, throbbing and discomfort. “A lack of movement, being pregnant, overweight, all this puts pressure on the veins in the lower part of the body, and some blood begins to pool instead of traveling up the veins back to the heart,” Hoffman explained. “Varicose veins are an extension of th...
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These authors from Hungary highlight that no studies to date have employed the EuroQol EQ-5D questionnaire to assess health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with pemphigus. Their aim with this study was to evaluate the HRQoL of patients with pemphigus by the EQ-5D and to analyse the convergent and known-groups validity of the EQ-5D in this patient population. To do this they carried out a multicentre cross-sectional study between 2014 and 2017. Their outcome measures included the five-level EQ-5D, Dermatology Life Quality Index, Autoimmune Bullous Skin Disorder Intensity Score and an average pain-intensity visua...
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In this study, we firstly investigated the effect of genetic background for isolating of AFSCs from chemical defined medium. We found that AFSCs could be generated from blastocysts of pure Sv129 strain mice, ICR strain mice and hybrid mice; except pure C57BL/6 and non-obese diabetic (NOD). In the second, using Act A and BMP4, the AFSCs were able to convert to trophoblast stem cells like stem cells (TSLSCs) which contributed to both ICM and trophectoderm (TE), as well as extraembryonic tissues in chimera. Due to the culture conditions applied to derive EpiSCs were essentially the same as those used for propagating human plu...
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We describe a novel approach for bilateral lung transplantation as off-pump technique via median sternotomy which has the potential to combine the advantages of median sternotomy with less postoperative pain and better chest wall function and off-pump technique with reduced risk of primary graft dysfunction and bleeding complications.
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m P Abstract Background: Obesity is a multifactorial disease that is increasing worldwide and is caused by different environmental and genetic factors, with an increase in the consumption of high-energy-containing food and a decrease in physical activity constituting two of the main reasons. Sweet taste perception may have an effect on the subject's dietary choices and affect his or her predisposition to obesity. Objectives: The aim was to study the sweet taste perception and dental caries in relation to body mass index (BMI) in 13-15-year-old schoolchildren from three different countries and to compare the B...
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ConclusionOs vesalianum is a rare cause of lateral midfoot pain. The differential diagnosis must include an acute fracture, non-union, apophysitis, peroneus brevis tendon lesion and lateral plantar fasciopathy.
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When we are born, our blood contains antibodies that we have inherited from our mothers. They are transferred across the placenta and provide protection from infection until IgG production begins around 15 weeks after birth. Can we exploit such antibody transfer by vaccinating pregnant mothers to protect newborns against infectious diseases that occur early after […]
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Publication date: May 2019Source: Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Volume 38, Issue 5Author(s): C.E. Aiken, J.L. Tarry-Adkins, T.J. Ashmore, S.E. OzanneAbstractResearch questionThe physiological processes of pregnancy and lactation require profound changes in maternal metabolism and energy balance. The timescale of metabolic reversion after pregnancy, in particular post-partum weight loss, is highly variable between individuals. Currently, mechanisms influencing post-partum metabolic recovery are not well understood. The hypothesis tested here is that, in common with other metabolic and obesity-related outcomes, capacity f...
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Publication date: Available online 12 March 2019Source: Reproductive BioMedicine OnlineAuthor(s): Yossi Mizrachi, Liliya Tamayev, Ofer Shemer, Ilia Kleiner, Jacob Bar, Ron SagivAbstractResearch questionDoes extending the follow-up after misoprostol treatment for early pregnancy loss increase the success rate?DesignPatients who had experienced early pregnancy loss (
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AbstractObjectiveTo find out if cardiovascular alterations are present in pediatric patients with X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH).Study designMulticentre prospective clinical study on pediatric patients included in the RenalTube database ( with genetically confirmed diagnosis of XLH by mutations in thePHEX gene. The study ’s protocol consisted of biochemical work-up, 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), carotid ultrasonography, and echocardiogram. All patients were on chronic treatment with phosphate supplements and 1-hydroxy vitamin D metabolites.ResultsTwenty-four patients (17 females...
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ConclusionsUsing the AAP guidelines is likely to substantially increase the population prevalence of hypertension. The association between BMI and BP was strongest and non-linear for obese children, who should be the focus of interventional trials.
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