Depression and Addiction

How does depression cause addiction? Addiction is a common place issue amongst people who are experiencing a depressive disorder. Alcohol is classified as a central nervous system depressant. This means it will actually trigger typical symptoms of depression like sadness, lethargy and hopelessness. Many people who are depressed reach for alcohol and drugs as a way to numb the pain. This tends to lead to depression and addiction further feeding each other and each condition making the other amplified. When someone is experiencing both addiction and depression, it is often referred to as a dual diagnosis. This diagnosis can be made with a variety of mental disorders combined with different addictions, such as mental disorders (bipolar, anxiety, depression) and other forms of addiction (sex, gambling, alcohol and drugs). How can I get treated for both depression and addiction? The treatment of depression and co-occurring addiction can be very challenging. When they occur concurrently, the treatment should focus on both disorders simultaneously. A plan for your treatment takes into consideration the symptoms you experience during depression, like low motivation, low energy and the feeling of general hopelessness. During the beginning of stages of recovery, inpatient residential recovery may be considered as the best option. Especially in circumstances where the individual seeking treatment has thoughts of suicide, or has a history of self harm. An inpatient center can give 24 hou...
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Countless studies have documented the rise in digital screen usage from infancy to adolescence, and some of its consequences on child development. Przybylski reports in this volume of The Journal a cross-sectional study from the 2016 National Survey of Children's analyzing 50  212 children to determine how time spent with digital devices predicted meaningful variability in pediatric sleep. Each hour devoted to digital screens was associated with 3 to 8 fewer minutes of nightly sleep and significantly lowered levels of sleep consistency.
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Two studies published in this volume in The Journal highlight the contribution of circadian rhythms to seemingly disparate aspects of health in adolescents: driving safety and glycemic control. Both studies appropriately take into account sleep duration as necessary, but not sufficient, to explore the relationship of sleep with these topics. Owens et  al determined that for a cohort of teen drivers, not only was shorter sleep duration associated with drowsy driving, but also a more pronounced “night owl” tendency, or evening chronotype.
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In our complex society, stressful or negative life experiences have typically been considered to induce a substantial change from one set of living conditions to another. Life remodeling, resulting from adversities, involves significant challenges because of the need to adapt to new circumstances. That may often impair the ability to cope with new life settings, exposing the risk of clinical distress and possible long-term psychological illnesses, resulting in symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue and stress.
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With the latest series in the New York Times detailing the horrors of individual and community crises as a result of the influx and constancy of opioid use and abuse, we are again reminded of the devastation that is occurring in our homes, and our communities. Each of us can recount a story of a friend, a relative, a colleague, or a patient who has struggled with addiction to opioids. Some of these people have lost their lives, and our communities and families have lost their talents. How did we get here?
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Vicki Hilborn, 26, of Cornwall, had been suffering with crippling headaches for 10 years. She was diagnosed with a tumour after a migraine left her with blurry vision.
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CONCLUSION: Our findings may indicate an association between sleep quality problems (PSQI> 5) and hyperarousal symptoms in soldiers with scores above cut-off point for posttraumatic stress (disorder) symptoms. PMID: 30663933 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: Associations were found between antidepressants and many other types of drugs for both men and women; indicating comorbidity between depression and other conditions. Further, some of the associations between antidepressants and other drugs were found to be specific among women. Whether this indicates that men and women differ in comorbidity between depression and other conditions cannot be concluded based on this cross-sectional study. However, comorbidity impairs the possibility of recovery; in the somatic condition as well as the depression. Thus, physicians need to be aware that the association between anti...
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CONCLUSIONS: Although CLP has expanded over the last three years, somatic and psychiatric departments wish for its further expansion. The service provision is at an acceptable level during the daytime, but not during weekends and holidays. We found that 20% of all referrals are rejected and that 80-90% of all physicians wanted outpatient services for short-term follow-up and for help with undiagnosed, unclear, unexplained, (indeterminate) conditions. DISCUSSION: The service works satisfactorily during ordinary working hours. There is a need to establish outpatient services and to strengthen the services outside these h...
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