Back to School Readiness- College Health

Many young adults are preparing to enter college. It is an exciting time where they can meet new friends and gain new experiences. For many, it is a step towards becoming independent and learning life skills. However, most are probably not thinking about their health. Providing some information resources with tips is one way to prepare students. Both the CDC and MedlinePlus offer information and links to topics such as: Eating health in the dining hall Preventing sexual assault Depression Managing stress Sexual health College health services Alcohol and other substances are sometimes a first experience in college. Many students are ill equipped to handle the peer pressure or just may not realize the risks involved. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism have information especially for parents and students to review. The National Institute on Drug Abuse provides Easy-to-Read Drug Facts covering some of the more common drugs used, information about the effects of drugs and more. Parents and students should take the time to talk about these issues. Talking may not prevent all poor choices but it is a step towards a healthier and safer college experience.
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