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Did you know that virtually any physician can purchase and administerinjectables? That's more than 1 million doctors who are allowed to perform cosmetic injectables in the U.S. — and less than 3% who have appropriate qualifications. You can rely on theExpertInjector™ designation, the only organization to have the endorsement of the prestigiousAmerican Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery andthe American Society for Dermatological Surgery.Beware of doctors practicing outside of their specialty, offering cosmetic injectables without proper training. This puts you at risk of mediocre or unexpected results, even deformity. Be sure to research your injector, and be aware of thesered flags that may indicate a specific physician is not duly qualified.Dr. Hamori is an ExpertInjector. Look for this title or seal indicating your doctor has specific training to offer facial fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra and more, and denerving agents such as Botox and Dysport.Learn more atwww.expertinjector.org.Still more:View Dr. Hamori's video discussing her experience with the " liquid facelift " using a combination of injectables to give patients a younger, smoother look without surgery.Christine Hamori Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa95 Tremont Street, Suite 28, Duxbury, Massachusetts, 02332Tel.781-934-2200Serving Boston's South Shore, Cape Cod and NantucketChristine Hamori Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa 95 Tremont Street, Suite 28, Duxbury, Massachusetts, 02332 TEL. 7...
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This article describes the surgical and medical modifications that need to be considered in the MWL facelift to ensure a successful outcome.
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The extended superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) facelift targets the 2 cardinal signs of facial aging: (1) descent of the malar fat resulting in deepening of the nasolabial folds as well as accentuation of the palpebral malar groove and tear trough deformity; (2) formation of jowls, which also obscure the definition of the lower mandibular border. In this article the authors describe the concepts behind the extended SMAS operation, importantly the extent of skin dissection and SMAS elevation. They present a brief history of the operation and landmark papers and supplement with fresh cadaver dissections.
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This article is supplemented by fresh cadaver anatomic dissections.
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DiscussionLED-RL is a therapeutic modality of increasing importance in dermatology, and has the potential to limit skin fibrosis clinically by decreasing dermal fibroblast activity and collagen production. The administration of LED-RL phototherapy in the early postoperative period may optimize wound healing and prevent excessive scarring. The results from this study may change the current treatment paradigm for fibrotic skin diseases and help to pioneer LED-RL as a safe, non-invasive, cost-effective, portable, at-home therapy for scars.Trial registrationClinicalTrials.gov,NCT03795116. Registered on 20 December 2018.
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This article presents a detailed overview of facial fat compartment anatomy and examines its role in facial rejuvenation. A good understanding of facial fat compartment anatomy cannot be overemphasized. In combination with methodical preoperative visual analysis, this allows surgeons to target the specific areas that have undergone deflation with fat grafting before selective SMAS manipulation.
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewN1b thyroid carcinoma has been surgically treated with open-conventional bilateral total thyroidectomy and modified radical neck dissection (mRND). Recently, the use of robotic method has been increasing for the cosmetic demand of patients. Robotic mRND methods can be divided into transaxillary, bilateral axillo-breast approach (BABA), and facelift depending on how the instruments are inserted.Recent FindingsAbout 10  years of experience have been accumulated for transaxillary and BABA, and their oncologic outcomes have also been proven. However, the facelift method requires more experience an...
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Abstract Absorbable suture suspension is one of the newest minimally invasive treatment trends for lifting and repositioning ptotic facial tissue. The Silhouette Instalift is a convenient in-office procedure that provides a unique and advanced clinical treatment for a natural looking midfacial lift. Research has shown that most patients characterized the Silhouette Instalift as immediately effective and were pleased by enhancements. The procedure has an improved safety and efficacy profile over the predecessor, barbed suture thread lifting, coupled with reduced risk of complications and recovery time compared with...
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Gender affirmation surgeries in male-to-female transition patients include breast augmentation, genital construction, and facial feminization. Facial features serve an integral role in identifying an individual's gender, with certain characteristics perceived as feminine or masculine. The nose, as the centerpiece of the middle third of the face, is an important component of facial attractiveness and gender identity. Thus, reduction rhinoplasty is a mainstay of the facial feature remodeling (FFRS) and facial feminization surgery (FFS). The authors usually divide the surgery planning in 2 steps, obviously depending on each...
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Background: Aesthetics plays a central role in determining success in plastic surgery. Understanding perceptions of favorable aesthetics is critical to ensure patient satisfaction. Eye-tracking technology offers an objective way of evaluating attention and understanding how viewers direct their focus on patients who undergo cosmetic face-lift procedures. Methods: Thirty-six subjects ranging from layperson to attending plastic surgeon viewed 15 sets of photographs before and after patients underwent an elective face-lift procedure. They were instructed to evaluate the aesthetic quality on a Likert scale while eye-track...
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Rhytidectomy is a complicated surgery. Less experienced surgeons are often confronted with technical challenges. To simplify the procedure and achieve long-lasting effects, the authors propose a modified rhytidectomy method, reorder surgical sequences and suggest a stepped lift of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. A total of 54 patients underwent this surgical procedure. Superficial musculoaponeurotic layers of the temple, face, and neck were dissected sequentially and suspended to lift the ptosis tissue. They scored the frontalis and excised the corrugator after raising the flap in the subgaleal plane. The opera...
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