What Causes School Failure?

Discussion “Literacy is traditionally meant as the ability to read and write. The modern term’s meaning has been expanded to include the ability to use language, numbers, images, computers, and other basic means to understand, communicate, gain useful knowledge, solve mathematical problems and use the dominant symbol systems of a culture.” The earliest written communication was in 3500-3000 BCE, with the earliest alphabet being from 1200-750 BCE. Although the percentage of the world’s adult literacy rate is increasing each decade by ~5%, “…from 55.7 per cent in 1950 to 86.2 per cent in 2015,…” the total number of adults who are illiterate is increasing because of increased population. Universal, compulsory education is viewed as the mainstay of developed and developing nations to building a literate population. However there are many reasons that children, teenagers and adults may not succeed in a school including individual and family issues, the general social and community environment, and specific school issues. School failure is defined as grade retention (i.e. repeating a grade, 10% of Kindergarten-8th grade students), expulsion (0.2% of students) and dropping out of school (i.e. 16-24 year old not enrolled and do not have a general equivalency degree, 9% which is a decline but total number of students is increasing because of increased enrollment). Even students that graduate from high school may not be sufficiently l...
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The Diabetes Empowerment Summit is a free virtual conference taking place May 1-5, 2019, that offers many mental health resources for coping with diabetes.
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Aging and cellular senescence are known contributors to the pathophysiology of diabetic nonhealing wounds. However, the dynamic interplay of senescent cells in diabetic wounds is not well understood. Wilkinson et  al. show that macrophages, which constitute a large portion of accumulated senescent cells, release a senescence-associated secretory profile (SASP) that is rich in CXCR2 ligands, which drive fibroblasts toward a profibrotic and senescent phenotype. A selective CXCR2 antagonist promoted healing of diabetic wounds, showing a new avenue for potential therapeutic developments.
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In this study, we firstly investigated the effect of genetic background for isolating of AFSCs from chemical defined medium. We found that AFSCs could be generated from blastocysts of pure Sv129 strain mice, ICR strain mice and hybrid mice; except pure C57BL/6 and non-obese diabetic (NOD). In the second, using Act A and BMP4, the AFSCs were able to convert to trophoblast stem cells like stem cells (TSLSCs) which contributed to both ICM and trophectoderm (TE), as well as extraembryonic tissues in chimera. Due to the culture conditions applied to derive EpiSCs were essentially the same as those used for propagating human plu...
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Data from a cluster of confirmed cases further supports evidence that enterovirus D68 may be a possible cause of acute flaccid myelitis.Emerging Infectious Diseases
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Authors: Lillywhite A, Wolbring G Abstract Disabled people are often the anticipated users of scientific and technological products and processes advanced and enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Disabled people are also impacted by societal impacts of AI/ML. Many ethical issues are identified within AI/ML as fields and within individual applications of AI/ML. At the same time, problems have been identified in how ethics discourses engage with disabled people. The aim of our scoping review was to better understand to what extent and how the AI/ML focused academic literature engaged wit...
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CONCLUSIONS: The dexamethasone implant provides favorable VA, CRT, and VHS long-term outcomes in uveitis with a reduced rate of severe adverse events. PMID: 30994370 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Publication date: Available online 17 April 2019Source: Biocatalysis and Agricultural BiotechnologyAuthor(s): Abhishek K. Tripathi, Pushpraj S. Gupta, Sunil K. SinghAbstractTo evaluate antidiabetic, anti-hyperlipidemic and antioxidant activities of ethanolic extract of Bauhinia variegata flower. Ethanolic extract of B. variegata was administered orally to Streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic rats once daily for 21 days. Blood glucose levels were estimated at day 0, 7, 14 and 21 by glucometer (one touch) and lipid profile and histopathological examination of isolated organs (kidney, liver and pancreas) were also estimated ...
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Publication date: Available online 17 April 2019Source: Soil Biology and BiochemistryAuthor(s): Jiguang Feng, Biao ZhuAbstractIncreasing phosphorus (P) deposition induced by anthropogenic activities has increased the availability of P, and thus could affect ecosystem carbon cycling. Although soil respiration (Rs) plays a crucial role in driving the global carbon cycle and regulating climate warming, a general pattern reflecting the Rs response to P addition in terrestrial ecosystems remains unclear. Here, we conducted a meta-analysis from 102 publications to explore the generalities and mechanisms of responses of Rs and it...
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Publication date: Available online 18 April 2019Source: Chemico-Biological InteractionsAuthor(s): Sushil Kumar Sah, Vijaya Paul Samuel, Sunita Dahiya, Yogendar Singh, Ritu M. Gilhotra, Gaurav Gupta, Anurag Mishra, Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Gubbiyappa Shiva Kumar, Nagaraja SreeHarsha, Dinesh Kumar Chellappan, Kamal DuaAbstractMajor challenges of dealing elder patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) are the individualization of consideration in persons with various comorbid types of conditions. In spite of the fact that microvascular and macrovascular problems associated with DM are well documented, there is only a few numbers of re...
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Conclusion: Based on the results, the type of dietary pattern is related to the risk of depression considering the changes in n-3 and n-6 PUFA as well as the ratio of n-3 to n-6 as the mediator variables. Of course, further studies are required in this area. PMID: 30994404 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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