The Conversation - What A myHR Breach Might Look Like.

This appeared this morning. What could a My Health Record data breach look like? July 24, 2018 4.38pm AEST AuthorCassandra Cross Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Queensland University of Technology Last week marked the start of a three-month period in which Australians can opt out of the My Health Record scheme before having an automatically generated electronic health record. Some Australians have already opted out of the program, including Liberal MP Tim Wilson and former Queensland LNP premier Campbell Newman, who argue it should be an opt-in scheme.  But much of the concern about My Health Records centres around privacy. So what is driving these concerns, and what might a My Health Records data breach look like? Data breachesData breaches exposing individuals ’ private information are becoming increasingly common and can include demographic details (name, address, birthdate), financial information (credit card details, pin numbers) and other details such as email... This is the initial part of the post - read more by clicking on the title of the article. David.
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