Tumor-associated macrophages promote the metastasis of ovarian carcinoma cells by enhancing CXCL16/CXCR6 expression

This study investigated the underlying mechanism by which C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 16 (CXCL16)/C-X-C motif chemokine receptor 6 (CXCR6) signaling is activated by tumor-associated macrophages and assists in regulating the metastasis of ovarian carcinoma. Specimens of ovarian carcinoma tissue and adjacent tissue were collected from 20 ovarian carcinoma patients. Human THP-1 cells were induced to differentiate into macrophages, which were then co-cultured with SKOV3 cells and low concentrations of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) to simulate the inflammatory microenvironment of ovarian carcinoma. Additionally, small interfering RNA (siRNA) targeting CXCR6 was transfected into SKOV3 cells; after which, the levels of nuclear factor kappa B p65 (NF-κB p65) protein and phosphorylated PI3K and Akt were measured. The migration and invasion abilities of the SKOV3 cells were also tested. The levels of TNF-α, interluekin-6 (IL-6), NF-κB p65, CXCL16, and CXCR6 expression in the ovarian carcinoma tissues were higher than those in the precancerous tissues. CXCR6 expression was positively correlated with TNF-α, IL-6, and CXCL16 expression. Co-culture of SKOV3 cells with macrophages significantly promoted CXCL16, CXCR6, NF-κB, and p65 expression by the SKOV3 cells, increased their levels of phosphorylated PI3K and Akt, and increased the migration and invasion abilities of SKOV3 cells. Silencing of CXCR6 or blocking the PI3K/Akt signal pathway marke...
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Authors: Qi Y, Ding Z, Yao Y, Ma D, Ren F, Yang H, Chen A Abstract Ovarian cancer is one of the main causes of cancer-associated mortality across the world. Currently, ovarian cancer is mainly treated with chemotherapy. However, ovarian cancer is detected at advanced stages and chemotherapy has numerous side effects. In addition, the results of current chemotherapy on the treatment of ovarian cancer are less than satisfactory. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop novel and more viable chemotherapeutic agents that can be used to treat ovarian cancer. The present study was designed to synthesize a series of ...
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Contributors : Li Tang ; Yong Cao ; Xueqin Song ; Xiaoyan Wang ; Yan Li ; Minglan Yu ; Mingying Li ; Xu Liu ; Fang Huang ; Feng Chen ; Haisu WanSeries Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencingOrganism : Homo sapiensHOXC6 is a member of the HOX family, and its aberrant expression has been verified in a variety of cancers, such as prostate, breast,nasopharyngeal carcinoma,gastric, and ovarian cancers.Some studies suggest that HOXC6 might be involved in tumor initiation and progression.However, the role of HOXC6 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells has not been fully investigated.Here we study how HOXC6...
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onella Tomassetti RNASET2 is an extracellular ribonuclease endowed with a marked antitumorigenic role in several carcinomas, independent from its catalytic activity. Besides its antitumorigenic role by the recruitment to the tumor mass of immune cells from the monocyte/macrophage lineage, RNASET2 is induced by cellular stress and involved in actin cytoskeleton remodeling affecting cell interactions with the extracellular matrix (ECM). Here, we aimed to investigate the effects of RNASET2 expression modulation on cell phenotype and behavior in epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) cellular models. In silico analysis on two pub...
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-Fang Cheng We aimed to determine prognostic factors of early stage (I/II) epithelial ovarian carcinoma (EOC) including clinicopathologic and chemotherapeutic regimens. Four hundred and thirty-seven women who underwent primary staging surgery with adjuvant chemotherapy between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2010 were retrospectively reviewed and analyzed from two medical centers. The prognostic factors were determined from multivariate survival analyses using Cox regression models. The majority of women were diagnosed with stage Ic (244/437, 55.8%). The histopathologic types were clear cell (37.5%), endometrioid (27....
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We report a patient with Crohn’s disease who was diagnosed with signet-ring cell carcinoma in the setting of a Crohn’s flare. Diagnosis was made with endoscopy. Treatment included laparoscopic-assisted right hemicolectomy with ileostomy with subsequent chemotherapy as an outpatient .Case Rep Gastroenterol 2019;13:85 –88
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ConclusionsExtending MRI scan to include the abdomen at the time of adnexal mass characterization allows accurate estimation of PC, with better results than CT, obviating the need for dedicated CT scan of abdomen and pelvis for imaging of PC.
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Introduction: Ovarian cancer is usually detected by peritoneal carcinomatosis with ascites.
Source: European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology - Category: OBGYN Authors: Tags: Movies Case Reports 6 – Oncology Source Type: research
Introduction: Struma ovarii is a monodermal variant of a mature teratoma containing predominantly thyroid tissue. It represents 3% of all ovarian teratomas. About 5 –10% of these tumors undergo malignant transformation, with papillary and follicular carcinoma being the most common.
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Introduction: The management of patients with diffuse peritoneal carcinomatosis of ovarian origin has evolved considerably in recent years. The introduction of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy prior to exeresis surgery has reduced postoperative morbidity in these patients with diffuse tumors and improved their quality of life.
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Introduction: Low-Grade Serous Carcinoma (LGSC) of the ovary is a rare tumor which represents less than 10% of all epithelial ovarian cancers. This histological type is known to be more chemo resistant than High-Grade Serous Carcinoma (HGSC), leading to a more extensive surgery and targeted therapies are currently on probation.
Source: European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology - Category: OBGYN Authors: Tags: Session 06 – Gynaecological ultrasound and ovarian cancer Source Type: research
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