Estradiol mediates relaxation of porcine lower esophageal sphincter

Publication date: August 2018Source: Steroids, Volume 136Author(s): Ching-Chung Tsai, Shu-Leei Tey, Li-Ching Chang, Yu-Tsun Su, Kai-Jen Lin, Shih-Che HuangAbstractMost pregnant women have symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) during pregnancy. Postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy is associated with GERD. The effects of estradiol on lower esophageal sphincter (LES) motility and GERD are not clearly known. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of estradiol on the motility of the porcine LES. Relaxations of clasp and sling strips of porcine LES caused by estradiol were measured using isometric transducers. We investigated the mechanism of estradiol-induced relaxation of the porcine LES using tetraethylammonium, apamine, iberiotoxin, glibenclamide, KT5720, KT5823, NG-nitro-l-arginine, tetrodotoxin, and ω-conotoxin GVIA. Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis and immunohistochemistry (IHC) were performed to determine the existence of the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) in the porcine LES. In endothelin-1-precontracted porcine LES strips, estradiol caused marked relaxations in a concentration-dependent manner. The mechanism of estradiol-induced relaxation on the porcine LES was associated with the potassium channel. Reverse transcription PCR analysis and IHC revealed that GPER was expressed in the sling and clasp fibers of the porcine LES. This finding suggests that GPER mediates the relaxation of the por...
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Do you feel under the weather but don’t want to go to the doctor yet? Are you searching for a solution to inform yourself about any possible condition from the comfort of your home and with the ease of your phone or computer? Of course, there’s an app for that! Not only one, but numerous. Join us as we test how well several services perform at gauging possible diagnoses based on one’s signs and symptoms. We entrust our diagnosis with the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, Your.MD,Symptomate and Ada symptom checker services. Here’s our big symptom checker review. The age of symptom checkers Are you feeling na...
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Stomach pain when breathing is often due to a problem with the diaphragm or the tissues in the chest cavity. Possible causes include injuries, hiatal hernia, pregnancy, pleurisy, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Learn more here.
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Abstract AIM: To evaluate clinical comorbidities and steroid use as risk factors for central serous retinopathy (CSR). METHODS: Using national insurance databases, we conducted a case-control study of beneficiaries with an incident diagnosis of CSR between 2007 and 2015 (n=35 492) and randomly selected controls matched on age-based and sex-based propensity scores (n=1 77 460). RESULTS: The mean age (SD) of cases was 49.1 (12.2) years, and the majority (69.2%) were male. Cases were more likely to have received steroids in the past year (OR 1.14, 95% CI 1.09 to 1.19, p
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This study is registered with, number NCT02139813, and is now completed.FindingsFrom May 13, 2014, to March 2, 2016, of 261 patients screened for eligibility, 253 (97%) were randomly assigned to OAGB (n=129) or RYGB (n=124). Five patients did not undergo their assigned surgery, and after undergoing their surgery 14 were excluded from the per-protocol analysis (seven due to pregnancy, two deaths, one withdrawal, and four revisions from OAGB to RYGB) In the per-protocol population (n=117 OAGB, n=117 RYGB), mean age was 43·5 years (SD 10·8), mean BMI was 43·9 kg/m2 (SD 5·6), 176 ...
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The objective data comes from what you measure as an outcome. The device is the trainer. Again, use pressure threshold and then set out to measure the outcomes, a scale, a swallow exam, a cough flow rate, a voice quality, etc. Participant: How do you establish goals? There are norms for peak cough, is this what you use? Kiourkas: Respiratory uses cough peak flow to qualify for noninvasive ventilation for ALS and neuromuscular patients. The norms are different for each person. Suggested ranges are used as a guide to assist in determining if the patient is getting worse at subsequent visits. We also use a SNIP (sniffing pres...
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Conclusions:This pooled analysis of AE data from one Phase 2 and three Phase 3 completed eliglustat trials demonstrates long-term safety and tolerability of eliglustat in the treatment of adults with GD1.DisclosuresPeterschmitt: Sanofi Genzyme: Employment. Freisens: Sanofi Genzyme: Employment. Hou: Sanofi Genzyme: Employment. Underhill: Sanofi Genzyme: Employment. Foster: Sanofi Genzyme: Employment. Gaemers: Sanofi Genzyme: Employment.
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Background: The cough reflex in childbearing women has been found to be more sensitive to chemical stimuli than that in other populations. However, the effect of age and sex on the cough reflex threshold (CRT) triggered by mechanical stimuli has not been studied.Aim: Our objective was to explore the association between age and sex, and CRT triggered by mechanical stimuli (air pulses) in childbearing women using a previously validated laryngopharyngeal endoscopic esthesiometer and laser rangefinder (LPEER).Methods: A cohort of 118 subjects, half of whom were female (49%), aged 19-95 years (a mean of 55.7 years), were prospe...
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Emily Catterall, 24, from Preston, Lancashire, went from a slim size eight to a 14 in just a few months after she developed a severely swollen abdomen out of the blue. Her GP said it was acid reflux.
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Abstract Women often see their primary care physicians for common acute conditions during pregnancy. These conditions may be caused by pregnancy (obstetric problems) or worsened by pregnancy (obstetrically aggravated problems), or they may require special consideration during pregnancy because of maternal or fetal risks (nonobstetric problems). Primary care physicians should know the differential diagnosis for common conditions during pregnancy and recognize the important findings of obstetric and urgent nonobstetric problems. The family physician can evaluate and treat most nonobstetric problems, although obstetr...
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The MedCline sleep assist device from Amenity Health, a San Diego, CA firm, won European regulatory approval to be marketed as a medical device for preventing acid reflux. We at Medgadget tried the MedCline ourselves and wrote a comprehensive review ...
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