Enhanced estrogenic effects of biotransformed soy extracts

This study aimed to improve the process conditions for biotransformation of soymilk polyphenols by tannase to obtain higher amounts of isoflavone aglycones and metabolites such as equol. The estrogenic potential of the extracts was evaluated in in vitro assays. The results showed that the aglycones increased 36–46 times after reaction with tannase and proved that it is possible to produce equol in soymilk using an enzymatic bioprocess, without gut microbial intervention. Moreover, the soymilk biotransformed by tannase presented higher estrogenic action in the MCF-7 BUS cell line assay, making it a promising nutraceutical with possible effects in the attenuation or treatment of menopause symptoms.Graphical abstract
Source: Journal of Functional Foods - Category: Nutrition Source Type: research

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As adults, women have higher rates of asthma and allergic disease as well as increased asthma severity compared to men.1 Pre or peri-menstrual worsening of asthma symptoms (PMA) were reported in 17% of women enrolled in the severe asthma research program, with 52% of these women with PMA having severe asthma.2, 3 Further, use of birth control medications or hormone replacement therapy during peri or post-menopause was also linked to worsening of asthma in some women.2, 4 Mouse models of asthma showed estrogen signaling through estrogen receptor-alpha (ER- α), and not ER-β, increased allergic airway inflammation,...
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In conclusion, there were differences in the menopausal symptoms and coping strategies between the nurses who had a type A personality and the nurses who had a non-type A personality. Impact statement What is already known on this subject? Menopausal symptoms have been shown to be affected by lifestyle and by socioeconomic status as well as oestrogen deficiency, but there have been few studies on the associations of personality with menopausal symptoms and coping with the menopausal symptoms. The type A personality is associated with a greater risk for the development of several diseases. However, the association of a type...
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The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) sponsored a Gallup Organization survey of 833 women aged 45-60 to determine attitudes and experience with menopause and various forms of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The results of this survey are presented herein.
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Clinical and experimental evidence suggests that the cardioprotective effect of estrogen replacement is due to effects both on scrum lipids and on blood vessels. Current practice includes the use of a progestin in combination with estrogen if the patient still has her uterus: however, little is known about the effects of combination therapy on vascular reactivity. We therefore studied the effects of estrogen alone and with added progestin on forearm vascular resistance at rest, during reactive hyperemia, and after cold pressor stimulation using plethysmography in six healthy, postmenopausal women. Measurements were made be...
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Discontinuation of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is much more common than what is reported in randomized, double-blind clinical trials. Our purpose in this retrospective study, using a prescription database, was to compare the continuation rate among women who took cyclic combination therapy adding progesterone to estrogen (CYC-PERT) or continuous combined estrogen progestin therapy (CC-PERT). The study subjects were 1,532 women, ≥45 years old, who initially filled index prescriptions for 0.625 mg conjugated estrogens. They were divided into two groups (CYC-PERT = 644, CC-PERT = 888) on the basis of copres...
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Conclusions: Although our results must be cautiously interpreted given small numbers within subgroups, they raise concern and emphasize the need for further evaluation on breast cancer risk of the increasingly common exposure to both oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy.
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Objective: Oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) seems to play an important role in the etiology of atherosclerosis. To further study this, we performed two studies: (1) we determined the ability of 10 estrogen components of the drug, conjugated equine estrogen (CEE), trans-resveratrol (t-resveratrol) and quercetin (red wine components), trolox (vitamin E analog), and probucol (a serum cholesterol-lowering drug) to delay or prevent the oxidation of plasma LDL isolated from untreated postmenopausal women, and (2) we assessed the effect of long-term (>1 year) estrogen replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy...
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Objective: To identify a cohort of postmenopausal women with histologically confirmed endometriosis and to characterize them based on age, body mass index (BMI), age of menopause, anatomic location of lesions, use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and narcotics.
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewCardiovascular disease (CVD) is known to be an increasing cause of mortality among women, particularly postmenopausal women. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a topic that has been investigated over the past decade for its known impact on the cardiovascular system. This review summarizes the evidence and current opinion on the associations between HRT and CVD, evidence both supporting and against HRT use as a prevention to the development of coronary heart disease (CHD).Recent FindingsThe majority of the new data available suggests the use of HRT has the potential to be more beneficial in the pr...
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18 October 2018   is World Menopause Day and October is World Menopause Month.Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Group has published multiple reviews assessing the effectiveness and safety of interventions in menopausal women, including peri and postmenopausal women. To celebrate World Menopause Day we have collated a special selection of reviews investigating various treatments  for menopausal symptoms such as hormone therapy, tibolone, relaxation, exercise, and alternative therapy.Black cohosh (Cimicifuga spp.) for menopausal symptomsDehydroepiandrosterone for women in the peri- or postmenopausal phaseHormone t...
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