Great new review of Novichok nerve agents

This article now brings together much that we do know, and is the best short publication in English on the topic. Some key points made in the paper: Unlike other nerve agents that primarily affect the central nervous system, the Novichok group is thought to also target peripheral nerves and can cause chronic neuropathy. Hydrolysis of Novichok agents produces hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen cyanide, and various oximes that can prolong cholinergic effects. Since dry bleach powder can accelerate hydrolysis of Novichok agents into toxic byproducts, they should not be used. Must reading for anyone interested in the topic. To read my Emergency Medicine Newsi column on Novichok, click here. [Full disclosure: one of the co-authors of the Chai paper, Dr. Tim Erickson, is a former colleague from the Toxikon group in Chicago.] Related post: Novichok: a fourth-generation class of nerve agents
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