Medical News Today: Causes of shortness of breath during pregnancy

Shortness of breath is a common problem during pregnancy. Doctors often attribute respiratory symptoms to the growing uterus pushing upward on the lungs and making it difficult to breathe. In this article, we look at several other potential causes. We also cover treatments and home remedies.
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Conclusion: Exposure to excessive pre- and perinatal maternal stress was associated with a decrease in neonatal hair GCs, while elevated stress-scores around birth were associated with increased maternal hair GCs and elevated stress-scores earlier in gestation were not associated with maternal hair GCs pp. Further studies are needed to test associations with infant neurodevelopment.Horm Res Paediatr
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Among the differential diagnoses that should be considered in acute respiratory failure (ARF) are infectious processes, autoimmune diseases, interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, and pulmonary neoplasia. Timely diagnosis of lung neoplasia is complicated in the early stages. An opportune diagnosis, as well as the specific treatment, decrease mortality. ARF occurs 1 in 500 pregnancies and is most common during the postpartum period. Among the specific etiologies that cause ARF during pregnancy that must be considered are: (1) preeclampsia; (2) embolism of amniotic fluid; (3) peripartum cardiomyopathy; and (4) trophoblastic emboli...
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Authors: Pongsuthirak P, Vutyavanich T Abstract Objective: The aim of this study was to compare the rate of maturation, fertilization, and embryo development of in vitro-matured human oocytes derived from pregnant and non-pregnant women. Methods: Immature oocytes were obtained by needle aspiration from 49 pregnant women (group 1) who underwent a cesarean section at term and 77 non-pregnant women (group 2) who underwent a gynecological operation during the same period (8 months). Healthy immature oocytes (530 in group 1 and 539 in group 2) were cultured and assessed for maturation 36 hours later. Mature oocytes ...
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Conclusion: The use of the proposed FSH starting dose determined using La Marca's nomogram did not enhance the optimal ovarian response rate or pregnancy rate in expected normal responders. Individualization of the FSH starting dose by La Marca's nomogram appears to have no distinct advantages over empiric choice of the dose in expected normal responders. PMID: 30538949 [PubMed]
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This study will focus on the origins and actions of all three markers during pregnancy and outside pregnancy and will describe a scenario where all three markers act synergistically to rescue to mother from the deleterious effects of the debris that is released from the placenta during preeclampsia. This more holistic approach may open new avenues to think about maternal-fetal interactions and putative therapies.Graphical abstract
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"If you're smart enough to realize that I'm pregnant, that I've given birth, then surely you're smart enough to realize that my baby died"
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In this study, the pregnant female Sprague Dawley (SD) rats were used to evaluate the potential toxicological effect of strontium citrate, a dietary supplement, on embryo-fetal development. Strontium citrate at doses of 0 mg/kg, 680 mg/kg, 1360 mg/kg, and 2267 mg/kg was administrated orally by gavage to rats at day 6 to day 15 of pregnancy. Each group contained 20 pregnant rats. On the 20th day of gestation, rats was anesthetized and dissected by cesarean section. The appearance, internal organs, gravid uterus weight, embryo implantation number, and implantation loss rate in maternal rats of each group did not...
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Having sex may be one way older adults can feel better and enjoy life more, suggests a new paper published in the journal Sexual Medicine. “The general conception is that older adults are not as sexually active as younger adults, or not sexually active at all,” says study co-author Lee Smith, a reader in epidemiology at Anglia Ruskin University in the U.K. “Sexual activity does decline as we age, but older adults are not asexual.” In fact, other recent research found that many American seniors have active sex lives; 40% of the people surveyed, who were between age 65 and 80, said they were having se...
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ConclusionsTo the best of our knowledge, the current investigation is the first study on the association between hTERT gene expression and IUGR in Iran. According to our results, there was no significant correlation between hTERT and IUGR etiology in this study. Surely, using more samples could provide more definite results on this matter in the future.
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ConclusionAn understanding of congenital syphilis is imperative for pediatric surgeons. Hepatic and gastrointestinal manifestations may mimic surgical diagnoses in neonates.
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