Do sarcopenia and/or osteoporosis increase the risk of frailty? A 4-year observation of the second and third ROAD study surveys

ConclusionsPreventing osteoporosis and coexistence of osteoporosis and sarcopenia may help reduce the risk of frailty.
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To investigate the incidence and progression rate of radiographic hip osteoarthritis (OA) and its risk factors in Japanese men and women using a large-scale population of a nationwide cohort study, Research on Osteoarthritis/osteoporosis Against Disability (ROAD).
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We examined human lung tissue from COPD patients and normal control subjects, and found a substantial increase in p16-expressing alveolar cells in COPD patients. Using a transgenic mouse deficient for p16, we demonstrated that lungs of mice lacking p16 were structurally and functionally resistant to CS-induced emphysema due to activation of IGF1/Akt regenerative and protective signaling. Fat Tissue Surrounds Skeletal Muscle to Accelerate Atrophy in Aging and Obesity Researchers her...
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Conclusion: A high level of evidence was identified when assessing the ability of Genium to improve gait quality and safety and performance in ADLs. While individual studies report significant improvements in terms of quality of life and mobility, additional studies are needed to increase the evidence level. Implications for rehabilitation Microprocessor controlled prosthetic knees (MPKs) are well-established devices to serve patients with transfemoral amputation. Studies conducted mostly with the C-Leg MPK show that such knees significantly increase patient safety, ambulation, mobility, performance in activities of daily ...
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In conclusion, with study of the frailty syndrome still in its infancy, frailty analysis remains a major challenge. It is a challenge that needs to be overcome in order to shed light on the multiple mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of this syndrome. Although several mechanisms contribute to frailty, immune system alteration seems to play a central role: this syndrome is characterized by increased levels of pro-inflammatory markers and the resulting pro-inflammatory status can have negative effects on various organs. Future studies should aim to better clarify the immune system alteration in frailty, and seek to esta...
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Abstract Healthy aging is defined as the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age. Healthy aging is dependent upon intrinsic capacity, a composite of physical and mental capacities, and the environment an individual inhabits and their interactions with it. Maintenance of musculoskeletal health during aging is a key determinant of functional ability. Sarcopenia, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, are a triad of musculoskeletal diseases of aging that are major contributors to the global burden of disease and disability worldwide. The prevention and management of ...
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AbstractMaintaining mobility is an important aspect of health and well-being in older men. This literature review describes several modifiable and nonmodifiable risk factors impacting bone, muscle, and joint health. Exercise and nutritional interventions may help to prevent the progressive deterioration in bones, muscles, and joints impacting mobility in later life. Limitations in mobility are increasingly recognized as a major public health problem due to an aging population and growing number of older individuals affected by disabling comorbidities. Despite increasing numbers and debilitating consequences, there are no g...
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Conclusions: The study results show an association between frailty and disability among elderly people in rural areas. Therefore, prevention should occur at the pre-frailty stage of a person’s life to prevent further disability. Also, disability welfare programs should be provided to elderly people who present with frailty.
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This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of locomotive syndrome, sarcopenia, and frailty and clarify their co-existence in a population-based cohort. The third survey of Research on Osteoarthritis/Osteoporosis Against Disability (ROAD) study was conducted between 2012 and 2013, examining 963 subjects (aged  ≥ 60 years; 321 men, 642 women). Locomotive syndrome, sarcopenia, and frailty were defined using three tests proposed by Japanese Orthopaedic Association, Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia criteria, and Fried’s definition, respectively. Prevalence of locomotive syndrome stages 1 and 2 wer...
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AbstractOsteoarthritis (OA) is characterized by deterioration of the joints and associated with considerable pain and disability. OA is a chronic disease that requires intervention with both non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment modalities and, inevitably, disease progression may necessitate successive treatments throughout the course of the disease. There is increasing data on the shortfalls of current pharmacological treatment of OA, and safety concerns associated with analgesic therapy use in OA arising from increasing evidence of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, hepatic and renal adverse events with parace...
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CONCLUSIONS: Results from the Italian consensus on appropriateness of OA therapies in osteoarthritis seems to be in line with the stepwise approach proposed by the ESCEO algorithm, where crystalline glucosamine sulphate shows greater clinical efficacy than other glucosamine-based formulations, according to several independent meta-analyses. CLINICAL REHABILITATION IMPACT: This study may be used as a practical reference tool to help Italian physicians treat osteoarthritis patients using SYSADOA. PMID: 31106560 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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