Vitamin B12 deficiency: Six foods to include in your diet to avoid symptoms developing

VITAMIN B12 deficiency can result in anaemia, but among its symptoms are headaches and a reduced appetite. The vitamin is vital in keeping the body in the best condition, but because the body doesn ’t make the vitamin it’s important to get it from a balanced diet. Here are six foods that are all good sources of B12.
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ConclusionThese results are suggestive that the R-plasmids could possess substrate for capsaicinoids-like compounds and for their ability to inhibit the plasmid conjugation processes. Plant natural products possess the potential value of antibacterial and mechanistic antiplasmid activity as demonstrated by the compounds and should be evaluated in developing antimicrobial leads to novel mechanism against multidrug resistant bacteria.Graphical abstract
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Publication date: Available online 22 April 2019Source: Journal of EthnopharmacologyAuthor(s): Qiuyan Wang, Jiewen Zhou, Zhinan Xiang, Qilin Tong, Jun Pan, Luosheng Wan, Jiachun ChenAbstractEthnopharmacological relevanceCassiae Semen, the dried seed of Cassia obtusifolia L. (Leguminosae), is a traditional Chinese medicine. It has long been used as the treatment of diabetic hyperlipidemia and diabetic constipation in Traditional Chinese Medicine formulae.Aim of the studyThe present study was designed to investigate the anti-diabetic and renoprotective effects of Cassiae Semen extract (CSE) in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced di...
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ConclusionsOur approach could significantly increase the detection rate of male patients and female carriers with a reasonable cost and a reasonable number of clinic referrals.
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Publication date: Available online 22 April 2019Source: Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty AcidsAuthor(s): Zahra Farahnak, Marie Therese Freundorfer, Paula Lavery, Hope A. WeilerAbstractGrowing evidence suggests that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA: 22:6n-3) enhances bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mineral density (BMD) in adulthood and during aging, however the effects during and after sexual maturation are unclear. The aim of this study was to examine the dose-response of BMC, BMD and microarchitectural properties of bone to dietary DHA in healthy growing female rats during acquisition of peak bone mass (PBM)...
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This study aimed to investigate the anti-obesity effects of ginseng and the alternation of gut microbiota composition in high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity. The results showed that HFD treatment influenced body weight gain, adipose tissue accumulation and biochemical parameter changes. Compared to the HFD group, ginseng supplementation of HFD-fed mice decreased body weight, adipose tissue mass, total cholesterol (T-CHO) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL)/low-density lipoprotein (LDL) ratio. To analysis the alterations of gut microbiota, ginseng in dietary supplements decreased Firmicutes abundance and increased Bacteroide...
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VITAMIN B12 is an important nutrient that helps keep the body ’s nervous system and blood cells healthy, but a deficiency can result in the development of anaemia. There are seven symptoms that indicate you have vitamin V12 deficiency anaemia.
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In the several decades since the need for dietary zinc was discovered, it has proven to be far more important to overall health than initially thought. And deficiency is proving to be common. You may recall that the phytates of wheat and grains block nearly all absorption of dietary zinc, along with blocking iron, calcium, and magnesium (all positively-charged cations). Just as iron deficiency anemia with hemoglobin values of 7 or 8 g/dl resistant to iron supplementation commonly develops in grain-consuming populations, so a parallel zinc deficiency also develops (although not well reflected by blood levels of zinc, which ...
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Metformin is Big Pharma's pride and joy when it comes to diabetes. Over 120 million diabetics take this drug to try to control their blood sugar. Even anti-aging doctors have gotten on the bandwagon. They think metformin is a wonder drug. My colleagues keep asking me when I'm going to start prescribing it. Short-term, drugs can be a lifesaver. But long-term, the track record is not so good. Long term, like so many of Big Pharma's "cures," metformin creates more problems than it solves… Patients often stay on this drug for 10 years… 20 years… and more. That's a long time to be ...
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When our children get into cars, we make them buckle their seat belts. And when they learn to ride bikes, we teach them to wear helmets. But not everything that has to do with our children’s health and well-being is as easy to see as a helmet or as simple to reach for as a seatbelt. In countries across the globe, in food deserts here in the U.S. and, even, in many of our homes, children are not getting proper nutrition. And the consequences are tremendous: adequate vitamin and mineral intake is essential for a child’s health and development, particularly in the first 1,000 days of life. An infant or a child wi...
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In a recent article (Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 2015,58:419-43), physician and medical historian John G. Sotos suggests that former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln suffered from pernicious anemia. In the years following her husband ’s assassination, Mrs Lincoln was noted to become socially isolated and mentally unstable. Those around her labeled her has hypochondriacal. Dr Sotos goes on to describe how the former first lady manifested a number of signs and symptoms over 3 decades that “…included sore mouth, pallor, pares thesias, the Lhermitte symptom, fever, headaches, fatigue, resting tachycardi...
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