Combined Tricuspid, Mitral Valve Repair Linked to Better Outcomes

(MedPage Today) -- But tricuspid repair may not be necessary after TAVR
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Contributors : Brandon R Lowe ; Rajesh K Yadav ; Atsushi Matsuda ; Ryan A Henry ; Alfonso G Fernandez ; Joshua J Hamey ; David Finkelstein ; Satish Kallappagoudar ; Carolyn M Jablonowski ; Marc W Wilkins ; Andrew J Andrews ; Yasushi Hiraoka ; Janet F PartridgeSeries Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencingOrganism : Schizosaccharomyces pombeRecurrent somatic mutations of H3F3A in aggressive pediatric high-grade gliomas generate K27M or G34R mutant histone H3.3. H3.3-G34R mutants are common in tumors additionally mutant for p53 and ATRX, an H3.3-specific chromatin remodeler. To gain insight into the role of...
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Parietex Composite Parastomal Mesh (Product Number PCOPM15 / PCOPM20) Product Usage: The PCOPM15 and PCOPM20 reorder codes are circular in shape, made from a three-dimensional monofilament polyester fabric with a two-dimensional monofilament polyester central band. One side of the design is completely covered with the hydrophilic film. On the opposite side, only the two-dimensional central band is coated with the absorbable hydrophilic film. The film extends 5 mm over the external edge of the reinforcement. The Parietex composite parastomal mesh is indicated for the reinforcement of soft tissues during surgical repair, and...
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Authors: Rego SL, Harvey S, Simpson SR, Hemphill WO, McIver ZA, Grayson JM, Perrino FW Abstract Anaemia is commonly observed in chronic inflammatory conditions, including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), where ∼50% of patients display clinical signs of anaemia. Mutation at the aspartate residue 18 of the three prime repair exonuclease 1 (TREX1) gene causes a monogenic form of cutaneous lupus in humans and the genetically precise TREX1 D18N mice recapitulate a lupus-like disease. TREX1 degrades single- and double-stranded DNA (dsDNA), and the link between failed DNA degradation by nucleases, including nucleos...
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Publication date: 13 November 2018Source: Cell Reports, Volume 25, Issue 7Author(s): Julyun Oh, So Jung Lee, Rodney Rothstein, Lorraine S. SymingtonSummaryThe yeast Mre11-Rad50-Xrs2 (MRX) complex has structural, signaling, and catalytic functions in the response to DNA damage. Xrs2, the eukaryotic-specific component of the complex, is required for nuclear import of Mre11 and Rad50 and to recruit the Tel1 kinase to damage sites. We show that nuclear-localized MR complex (Mre11-NLS) catalyzes homology-dependent repair without Xrs2, but MR cannot activate Tel1, and it fails to tether DSBs, resulting in sensitivity to gen...
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Conclusions: Only one grade 4 complication (uterine rupture, 2.5%) was a clear-cut direct consequence of fetal surgery. The other four grade 4 complications (10%) occurred in the context of, but cannot unequivocally be attributed to, fetal surgery, since they may occur also in other circumstances. The classification system used is a tenable step towards stringent documentation of maternal complications.Fetal Diagn Ther
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Publication date: 1 February 2019Source: Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, Volume 174Author(s): Yao Zhao, Tiantang Fan, Jingdi Chen, Jiacan Su, Xin Zhi, Panpan Pan, Lin Zou, Qiqing ZhangAbstractMagnetic-responsive materials are promising for applications in various biomedical fields. Especially, superparamagnetic nanoparticles are widely used in magnetic system for bone tissue engineering owing to superior biocompatibility and long term stability. Based on the idea of in situ bionics, we successfully incorporate the nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAP) and Fe3O4 nanoparticles which were prepared by in situ crystallization and ...
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Today, I'll point out an analysis from the SENS Research Foundation that covers the approach to selective destruction of senescent cells taken by one of the newly formed biotech startups in the space, Senolytic Therapeutics. This field is hot because it is now well proven that senescent cells are the enemy. They are one of the root causes of aging, accumulating with age to degrade tissue function via the secretion of inflammatory signal molecules. Senescent cells actively maintain an aged, inflamed state of metabolism, resulting in the development of age-related disease and increased mortality. Senescent cells do se...
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ConclusionsGiven our decision-making threshold, both open and endovascular procedures are associated with relatively low morbidity and high efficacy for treatment of central venous occlusion in both symptomatic VTOS and AV access-associated subclavian vein disease. Restenosis is common in patients with a patent ipsilateral hemodialysis access.
Source: Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders - Category: Surgery Source Type: research
ConclusionImmediate laparoscopic repair is possible in full-thickness injury of obturator nerve, occurred in a gynecological surgery and results with rapid and complete neurological recovery.
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ConclusionsSevere erosive oral lichen planus can lead to nasopharyngeal stenosis. Nasopharyngeal stenosis in these patients may be refractive to conventional surgical approaches. ‘Nasal flossing’ is demonstrated to be both practical and acceptable as a surgical adjunct in these difficult to treat cases of recurrent nasopharyngeal stenosis. This report has relevance for all those practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery, ear nose and throat surgery and oral medicine.
Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports - Category: Surgery Source Type: research
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