Changes in burn mortality in Bangladesh: findings from Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey (BHIS) 2003 and 2016 - Mashreky SR, Shawon RA, Biswas A, Ferdoush J, Unjum A, Rahman AKMF.

PURPOSE: This paper is focused to reflect the changes in burn mortality and events leading to fatal burn injuries. METHODS: Two national community-based cross sectional health and injury surveys were done in Bangladesh during 2003 and 2016. Similar...
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In this study we have evaluated the suitability of ISO 4387 Standard to be adapted for quantifying main aerosol constituents for HTP aerosol. HTP emissions have much higher levels of water and humectants (e.g., glycerol) in dynamic equilibria between gaseous and particulate phases. Several modifications to ISO 4387 Standard on aerosol collection were tested to improve the accuracy and reliability of aerosol capturing, with minimal deviation to the standard method. The proposed modifications are readily adoptable by laboratories already practicing the Standard for cigarette smoke analyses. Taking collectively with other ava...
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Dr Donald Fry (Chicago, IL): Thank you very much, Dr Mesquita. It was an excellent presentation on a subject that many of the very young surgeons in this audience may not know about or have any sense of what the issue is. You haven't lived until you've done a subtotal gastrectomy in the middle of the night with an exsanguinating 60% burn patient who is on the ventilator and is septic. It is an experience that I just as soon never think about.
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Surrey Space Centre scheme for removing orbiting debris successfully nets test junkA satellite launched from the International Space Station has caught a piece of simulated space junk by ensnaring it in a net. Co-funded by the European commission, the 100kg RemoveDebris satellite was launched to the station in April as cargo on a supply mission. It was deployed from the station in June, and on 16 September began its experimental phase. It launched a small object to act as a dead satellite and a few seconds later fired a net at it.The net unfurled as it caught up and then wrapped itself about the object. The extra mass that...
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Things are going to get awfully busy for Elon Musk in 2023. That’s the year that Japanese entrepreneur and paying passenger Yusaku Maezawa will set off on his just-announced one-week mission around the moon aboard Musk’s waggishly named BFR—which nominally stands for “Big Falcon Rocket” but, this being Musk, stands for something else, too. Maezawa has booked all seven seats aboard the spacecraft and intends to fill them with artists, hoping to capture the wonder of the lunar experience and, in the process, spur the creation of great art. Musk may be one of the only people on the planet who doe...
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Health, weight, and appearance are transformed by living the Wheat Belly lifestyle. You can see it on the face with reduced puffiness and edema and smoother skin. You can see it on the waistline as inflammatory visceral fat recedes. You can perceive it as increased energy, reduced depression and anxiety, reduction or elimination of irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux symptoms, reduced joint pain, reversal of leg/ankle edema, and in so many other ways. But how about blood measures of health? You can witness the transformations there, too. And the transformations you see in blood markers of health can be just as dramati...
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The objective was to perform a thorough review of published and other available data to elucidate the extent of chemical skin injuries in the US. Chemical skin injuries differ significantly from skin lesions produced by other injury mechanisms, so this rev...
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The use of chemical weapons agents (CWAs) was suspected in recent conflicts, during international conflicts, terrorist attacks, or civil wars. Little is known about the prevention needed for caregivers exposed to the risk of contamination transfer. We pres...
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Journal of the American Chemical SocietyDOI: 10.1021/jacs.8b08908
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Royal College of Nursing dismayed by figures Related items fromOnMedica Fall in would-be nurses expected for September, report shows Pay for NHS managers trumps that of nurses Nurses prepare to fight pay awards Junior doctors report widespread ‘burn out,’ survey shows Role of school nurses threatened by endless paperwork
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BMA survey reveals widespread concern Related items fromOnMedica Scotland to introduce legal requirement on NHS staffing Sharp increase in vacant consultant posts in Scotland GPs warn government: fund service properly or it will collapse Junior doctors report widespread ‘burn out,’ survey shows Over a third of nursing posts earmarked for cuts
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