Evaluation of Reflexology by "BIOCERAMIC Resonance" Operation producing Weak Force Field during Simultaneous Acupoint Stimulation of Urinary Bladder Point on Subject's Ear Resulting in Electric Current Change on Urinary Bladder reflex Point on Subject's Hands, and Related New Research Finding.

Evaluation of Reflexology by "BIOCERAMIC Resonance" Operation producing Weak Force Field during Simultaneous Acupoint Stimulation of Urinary Bladder Point on Subject's Ear Resulting in Electric Current Change on Urinary Bladder reflex Point on Subject's Hands, and Related New Research Finding. Acupunct Electrother Res. 2016;41(3-4):207-224 Authors: Zhang L, Chan P, Liu ZM, Gasbarri M, Lin MT, Chen CW, Hou AL, Chang CY, Chen YC, Chen YS, Chan WP, Leung TK Abstract OBJECTIVE: It was postulated in our previous publications that the meridian channels as conceived in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are various standing waves arising from harmonic rhythmic sound frequencies originating from the human heart beat. BIOCERAMIC is an artificial material able to produce a weak force field causing different biophysical and systemic health benefits, with the key characteristics of hydrogen bonds weakening and microcirculation enhancement. Since discovering that the effects of a BIOCERAMIC field can be transmitted via sound waves propagation, we then also developed a BIOCERAMIC Resonance device to produce weak force field throughout the body, and achieve resonance with the body's meridian channels to reinforce microcirculation. METHODS: Since our previous research proved BIOCERAMIC can produces changes in ectodermal current levels, the present evaluation on reflexology is done by the application of Electric Current Detection (ECD) to the palmar surface ...
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Adult, or somatic, stem cells support surrounding tissues by delivering a supply of daughter somatic cells, ready to replace those lost over time. This stem cell activity declines with age, and in the best studied stem cell populations this appears to be more a matter of signaling than a matter of inherent dysfunction. Stem cells react to rising levels of damage in tissues, or rather to the changes in signaling that result from that damage. Old stem cells put into a young environment perform as well as their younger counterparts. This decline with age may have evolved to limit cancer risk, but it brings the certainty of a ...
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ConclusionsThese formulations showed stability, safety and efficacy. In addition to induction and general anesthesia, these emulsions could have utility in global health or in military applications where equipment and resources are limited.Graphical abstract
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This study describes the retinal structure and functional aspects of four patients (8 eyes) from two different families as determined by optical coherence tomography (OCT), fu ndus autofluorescence, and full-field electroretinography. There was a correlation between morphological and functional findings, evidenced by typical funduscopic changes of retinal dystrophy in spectral domain-OCT and electrophysiological analyses. Foveal characteristics include a single layer of u ndifferentiated photoreceptors with retinal disorganization mainly from external segments, in agreement with previous reports in the literature. Fundus a...
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The autonomic influences on the heart have a ying-yang nature, albeit oversimplified, the interplay between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system (known as the cholinergic system) is often complex and remain poorly understood. Recently, the heart has been recognized to consist of neuronal and non-neuronal cholinergic system (NNCS). The existence of cardiac NNCS has been confirmed by the presence of cholinergic markers in the cardiomyocytes, which are crucial for synthesis (choline acetyltransferase, ChAT), storage (vesicular acetylcholine transporter, VAChT), reuptake of choline for synthesis (high-affinity choline tr...
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Central nervous system neuroplasticity and the sensitization of hypertension, Published online: 18 October 2018; doi:10.1038/s41581-018-0068-5Here, Johnson and Xue describe various physiological and psychosocial challenges that lead to the sensitization of hypertension. These challenges drive neuroplasticity in the brain network controlling sympathetic tone and blood pressure, and provide a new paradigm for understanding essential hypertension.
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Conditions:   Blood Pressure;   Nervous System Diseases, Sympathetic;   Heart Rate Low;   Lymphatic Diseases Interventions:   Other: cervical stimuli;   Other: terminus;   Other: Placebo;   Other: Control group Sponsor:   Universidad Europea de Madrid Recruiting
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Publication date: Available online 16 October 2018Source: Biosensors and BioelectronicsAuthor(s): Guido Caluori, Jan Pribyl, Martin Pesl, Sarka Jelinkova, Vladimir Rotrekl, Petr Skladal, Roberto RaiteriAbstractCardiomyocytes (CM) placed on microelectrode array (MEA) were simultaneously probed with cantilever from atomic force microscope (AFM) system. This electric / nanomechanical combination in real time recorded beating force of the CMs cluster and the triggering electric events. Such "organ-on-a-chip" represents a tool for drug development and disease modeling. The human pluripotent stem cells included the WT ...
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We describe the neurodevelopmental needs in this young cohort at study enrollment as reported by the parent or primary care-giver. We present data that supports that young boys with DMD have a high prevalence of neurodevelopmental needs as reported by parent or care-giver. Further, boys with DMD mutations between exons 45-50 reported higher cognitive problems. There was no relationship between neurodevelopmental needs and glucocorticoid use. We conclude that there is an unmet, critical medical need in DMD to develop pragmatic solutions for early detection and intervention of neurodevelopmental needs during a window of neu...
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Supriya D'souza, Shalini Saksena, Manju ButaniIndian Journal of Critical Care Medicine 2018 22(10):743-745Imbalances in the autonomic nervous system contribute to ventricular tachyarrhythmias. Sympatholysis with thoracic epidural analgesia or a stellate ganglion block attenuates myocardial excitability and the proarrhythmic effects of sympathetic hyperactivity.
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This article aims to review the recent research on the diagnosis and clinical management of this potentially underdiagnosed primary headache disorder.
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