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This study was approved by the IRB at MedStar Health and all participants signed informed consent. Participants were injected with 925 MBq (25 mCi) of 99mTc-sestamibi intravenously and whole body images were acquired after ~1h with acquisition speed 4cm/min with parallel-hole low-energy collimator. Extra spot view, pinhole view, or SPECT/CT images were performed when necessary. Two blinded nuclear medicine physicians independently interpreted the 99mTc-sestamibi images, and graded each foci 1-5 (1 = definite physiological uptake or artifact; 2 = most likely physiological uptake or artifact; 3 = indeterminate; 4 = most likely recurrence or metastasis; 5 = definite recurrence or metastasis). Discordant findings were resolved by consensus. Foci graded 3-5 were categorized as positive result and was followed-up for confirmation. Results A total of four patients completed the sestamibi scan to date. One out of four patients (Patient1) was positive on the sestamibi scan for distant metastasis. In Patient 1, the sestamibi whole-body posterior image demonstrated abnormal focal uptake in the right posterior calvarium and corresponding to an occipital lytic bone lesion on the SPECT/CT (Figure 1). The patient underwent surgical resection of the skull metastasis, and pathology confirmed metastatic thyroid cancer. Five months post-surgery the suppressed Tg was markedly reduced and stable at ~3.2ng/ml. Table 1 shows the sestamibi scan results, subsequent management and follow-up. With conf...
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Conclusions: In our study, from the theranostic point of view, 9 patients (45%)showed uptake more than liver i.e high PSMA expression . However this may or may not translate into therapeutic benefit since this is a single time point estimate and tumor retention is unknown as yet. Although sample size is less, survival was similar in patients with or without high expression of PSMA.
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Conclusions: In our study, 13 (12primary plus1 metastasis) patients showed uptake equal to or more than of liver comprising of 65% of study population. From the therapeutic point of view 9 patients showed uptake more than liver. One patient showed intense uptake in distant metastasis with no primary or nodal lesion in neck.
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Primary small cell carcinoma of the breast (SCCB) is a rare tumor subtype comprising
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Conclusions. The risk of disease transmission due to organ transplantation from donors with CNS tumors was very low. Thus, organ donation from such donors should be promoted actively to expand the donor range.
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This report showed that a diagnostic work-up for causes of blepharospasm may include a search for these neoplasm and surgical removal of these masses may offer significant symptomatic control of the focal dystonia.
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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is often critical for distinction between metastatic carcinomas of Mullerian organ and breast origin. Paired box family protein 8 (PAX8) has been described as a transcription factor highly specific to neoplasms derived from Mullerian organs, thyroid, and kidney. PAX8 IHC with polyclonal and monoclonal antibody reagents was performed on 27 primary and 22 metastatic breast carcinomas. Eight of 27 primary breast carcinomas (30%) were positive for PAX8 with the monoclonal antibody reagent only; 0 of 22 were polyclonal anti-PAX8 immunoreactive. Substantial numbers of metastases had positive immunoreac...
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Conclusion: Cyclin D1 over-expression increases during normal-adenoma-carcinoma sequence. The significant association observed between Cyclin D1 over-expression, advanced tumor stage and short survival period clearly suggest the role of Cyclin D1 in the carcinogenesis and progression of CRC. PMID: 31450922 [PubMed - in process]
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Conclusion: Metastatic tumors accounted for 4.1% of intracranial lesions. Histopathologic pattern and immunohistochemistry aid in the accurate diagnosis of the original site of malignancy.
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Conclusions: We conclude, if brain metastases show avid radioiodine uptake, RAI therapy should be offered before EBRT or surgery.
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In this study, we reviewed major human studies on the health risks of radiation exposure and showed that sex-related factors may potentially influence the long-term response to radiation exposure. Available data suggest that long-term radiosensitivity in women is higher than that in men who receive a comparable dose of radiation. The report on the biological effects of ionizing radiation (BEIR VII) published in 2006 by the National Academy of Sciences, United States emphasized that women may be at significantly greater risk of suffering and dying from radiation-induced cancer than men exposed to the same dose of radiation....
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