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In this study, we engineered Y. lipolytica to produce FAEEs from dextrose as well as from vegetable cooking oil as a model food waste. Firstly, we introduced pyruvate decarboxylase (pdc) and alcohol dehydrogenase II (adhB) from Zymomonas mobilis to reconstitute the heterologous pathway for ethanol production. Second, we introduced and compared two heterologous wax ester synthases ws2 and maqu_0168 from Marinobacter sp. for FAEE biosynthesis. Next, we disrupted competitive pathways to increase fatty acyl-CoA pool, and optimized carbon sources and cell density for shake-flask fermentation. The engineered strain showed a...
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Publication date: Available online 15 July 2019Source: Journal of Bioscience and BioengineeringAuthor(s): Takuya Matsumoto, Yuki Mori, Tsutomu Tanaka, Akihiko KondoBioamination methods using microorganisms have attracted much attention because of the increasing demand for environmentally friendly bioprocesses. n-Butylamine production from glucose in Escherichia coli was demonstrated in this study, which has never been reported because of the absence of n-butylamine-producing pathway in nature. We focused on a transaminase-mediated cascade for bioamination from an alcohol or aldehyde. The cascade can convert an alcohol or a...
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Publication date: Available online 15 July 2019Source: The Journal of Chemical ThermodynamicsAuthor(s): A. Vicent Orchillés, Ernesto Vercher, Pablo J. Miguel, Vicenta González-Alfaro, Francisco J. LlopisAbstractIsobaric vapor–liquid equilibria for the binary systems tert-butyl alcohol + water, and tert-butyl alcohol + 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium dicyanamide ([emim][DCA]), as well as the vapor–liquid equilibria for the tert-butyl alcohol + water + [emim][DCA] ternary system, have been obtained at 100 kPa using a recirculating still. The electrolyte nonrandom two-liquid (e-NRTL) model was successful...
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New J. Chem., 2019, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C9NJ02407G, PaperZhifang Wu, Yunling Li, Jun Li, Mengwei Wang, Zhifei Wang Mixtures of anionic surfactant fatty alcohol ether carboxylate ester (A12-14EC9E-Na) and cationic surfactant bis-decylmethylhydroxyethylammonium chloride (DEQ) were studied systematically. Comparing with single systems (A12-14EC9E-Na or DEQ), mixed system (A12-14EC9E-Na/DEQ) exhibits... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
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This study explores the associations between lifestyle and occupational factors and participation in colorectal cancer (CRC) screening among men and women aged 50 and over and living in Australia. We used weighted data from the Australian National Health Survey 2014–15 to produce population estimates. Lifestyle variables investigated were smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption, fruit and vegetable consumption, and body mass index, while the occupational variables were labour force status, occupation, and participation in shift work. Using weighted data, 1,990,287 men (55%) and 1,898,232 women (49%) reported ...
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This article assesses the impact of drug cartels in Mexico, a country that has witnessed an unprecedented expansion of cartels and wave of drug-related violence since mid-2000. Using the difference-in-difference kernel matching method, the article finds th...
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ConclusionsDue to worse outcomes with arrhythmias, there is a need for better screening and follow-up of ESLD patients for dysrhythmias.
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Sugarless gum may contain xylitol, a class of sweetener known as sugar alcohol. Xylitol is present in many products and foods for human use, but can have devastating effects on your pet.
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In this issue, Srivastava et al. evaluated a pathway for the management of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), using blood tests to stratify patients in primary care in order to improve detection of cases of advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis. They studied 3,000 patients seen in primary care using a 2-step algorithm combining the use of FIB-4 followed by the ELF ™ test if required. Use of this approach detected 5-fold more cases of advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis. Unnecessary referrals from primary care to secondary care fell by 70–80%.
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Conclusions This systematic review identified a clinically relevant risk of new-onset DM after CP diagnosis. Therefore, patients should be informed of the risk of DM and monitored.
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