His Tooth is Funny Looking. What is It?

Discussion Teeth are specialized anatomic parts of the human body that are developed between the ectoderm and ecomesenchyme in a complex process called odontogenesis. More than 300 genes have been identified that influence odontogenesis. Dental abnormalities can have significance for cosmesis, malocclusion, dental caries and periodontal diseases. It is not uncommon for more than 1 area to be affected. For example, Hutchinson teeth which are caused by congenital syphilis are smaller with wider spacing between the teeth within the arch, and also have a characteristic notching. Learning Point Some common dental problems that may be seen or heard about by pediatricians include: Tooth eruption Ankylosis Natal teeth Usually prematurely erupted primary teeth that are present at birth Neonatal teeth erupt in first month Usually lower incisors (85%) and maxillary incisors (11%) Developmental issues Number Anodontia No teeth Hypodontia 1 or more fewer teeth Common, usually in permanent dentitia Etiology – genetic and includes: Albright hereditary osteodystrophy Crouzon’s syndrome Down syndrome Ectodermal dysplasia Ellis-van Creveld Hallermann-Streiff Incontinentia pigmenti Progeria Hyperdontia Increased number of teeth More common in permanent teeth especially maxillary incisors Etiology includes: Apert syndrome Cleidocranial dysplasia Craniometaphyseal dysplasia Oral-Facial-Digital Size Microdontia Smaller teeth than usual, generally uncommon Maxillary...
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CONCLUSIONS: Similar etiological factors are at play in the overlap between illicit drug use and certain eating disorder symptoms in girls and boys during adolescence, such that genetic factors are important for covariance. Specifically, illicit drug use was associated with bulimia nervosa symptoms in girls and boys, which parallels previous substance use research finding a genetic overlap between alcohol use and bulimia nervosa symptoms. Future research should prospectively examine developmental trajectories to further understand the etiological overlap between substance involvement and eating disorder symptoms. PMID:...
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New drive to tackle oral cancer launched Related items fromOnMedica Preschool tooth extractions rise by a quarter Public health experts warn of child tooth decay epidemic Nearly 400,000 GP consultations are for tooth problems Men more than twice as likely as women to develop oral cancer Poor oral health linked to worse blood pressure control
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ConclusionsThis study demonstrates a high prevalence of caries among Veteran dental patients, with an increased prevalence in those taking higher numbers of prescription medications.
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Harnessing the potential of human stem cells for modeling the physiology and diseases of cortical circuitry requires monitoring cellular dynamics in vivo. We show that human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)–derived cortical neurons transplanted into the adult mouse cortex consistently organized into large (up to ~100 mm3) vascularized neuron-glia territories with complex cytoarchitecture. Longitudinal imaging of>4000 grafted developing human neurons revealed that neuronal arbors refined via branch-specific retraction; human synaptic networks substantially restructured over 4 months, with balanced rates of syna...
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Publication date: 13 November 2018Source: Cell Reports, Volume 25, Issue 7Author(s): Cody T. Mowery, Jaime M. Reyes, Lucia Cabal-Hierro, Kelly J. Higby, Kristen L. Karlin, Jarey H. Wang, Robert J. Kimmerling, Paloma Cejas, Klothilda Lim, Hubo Li, Takashi Furusawa, Henry W. Long, David Pellman, Bjoern Chapuy, Michael Bustin, Scott R. Manalis, Thomas F. Westbrook, Charles Y. Lin, Andrew A. LaneSummaryDown syndrome (DS, trisomy 21) is associated with developmental abnormalities and increased leukemia risk. To reconcile chromatin alterations with transcriptome changes, we performed paired exogenous spike-in normalized RNA and ...
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Conclusions Anal and oral sex are common sexual practices. Given the low rates of condom use during these behaviors, it is important that recommendations for sexual risk assessments are followed. Tailored messaging regarding risk for STD and human immunodeficiency virus acquisition during oral and anal sex may benefit adolescents, singles, and divorced individuals. Future discussions regarding the benefits of extragenital STD testing for heterosexuals may be useful.
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Conclusions Despite national recommendations, receipt of a complete panel of STI care services was low among young MSM. Vaccine uptake was lower than STI screening. However, most participants visited a health care provider in the past year and most disclosed, suggesting opportunities to improve services. Providers might encourage disclosure by improving sexual history taking and education, which could increase opportunities for MSM to receive recommended care.
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Conclusions We observed no difference in the proportion of locatable partners or likelihood of notifying 1 or more sex partner of exposure among MSM ES patients, by reported use of Internet-based apps to meet sex partners. Partner notification services continues to be an important mechanism to locate and assure treatment for sex partners in this population.
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Background Syphilis is a cause of morbidity and mortality and is of particular concern in pregnancy in low-income countries because of the risks associated with maternal-fetal transmission. Ugandan national guidelines recommend a nontreponemal rapid plasma reagin (RPR) followed by treponemal testing for diagnosis of syphilis. The RPR test confirms a reactive specific treponemal test, or confirms serological “cure” with a 4-fold dilutional decrease; RPR is beset with technical and biological limitations, making accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment problematic. The aim of this analysis was to compare pe...
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Conclusions Using the reverse algorithm would have been slightly more expensive for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, but would have identified more syphilis cases and would have resulted in lower laboratory costs.
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