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Qaiser Shakeel, Ang Lyu, Jing Zhang, Mingde Wu, Guoqing Li, Tom Hsiang, Long Yang
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
Future Microbiology, Ahead of Print.
Source: Future Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Authors: Source Type: research
Publication date: July 2018 Source:Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Volume 128 Author(s): Lubna, Sajjad Asaf, Muhammad Hamayun, Abdul Latif Khan, Muhammad Waqas, Muhammad Aaqil Khan, Rahmatullah Jan, In-Jung Lee, Anwar Hussain Abiotic stress resistance strategies are powerful approaches to sustainable agriculture because they reduce chemical input and enhance plant productivity. In current study, an endophytic fungus, Aspergillus flavus CHS1 was isolated from Chenopodium album Roots. CHS1 was initially screened for growth promoting activities like siderphore, phosphate solubilization, and the production of indole acetic...
Source: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry - Category: Biochemistry Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 22 May 2018 Source:Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering Author(s): Fabiana Roberta Segura, Ana Carolina Cavalheiro Paulelli, Gilberto Úbida Leite Braga, Walter dos Reis Pedreira Filho, Fábio Ferreira Silva, Bruno Lemos Batista Rice grains are a significant source of inorganic arsenic (i-As) in population's diet. Regulations for maximum limits and mitigation are in development by the Codex/FAO. Fungi from rice’s rhizosphere are a potential tool for As-mitigation. Two fungi genera (Aspergillus sp. and Penicillium sp.) were applied in soils (background −Bk...
Source: Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering - Category: Chemistry Source Type: research
ConclusionAlthough the number of fungal species causing CNS mycosis is increasing, only some possess well-defined treatment standards (e.g., cryptococcal meningitis and CNS aspergillosis). The early diagnosis of fungal infection, accompanied by identification of the etiological factor, is needed to allow the selection of effective therapy in patients with FIs-CNS and limit their high mortality.
Source: Infection - Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: research
up MC Abstract Olorofim is a novel antifungal agent with in vitro activity against Aspergillus and some other moulds. Here we addressed technical aspects for EUCAST olorofim testing and generated contemporary MIC data.EUCAST E.Def 9.3.1 testing was performed comparing two plate preparation methods (serial-dilution in medium (serial-plates) versus pre-dilution in DMSO (ISO-plates)), two lots of olorofim, visual (visual-MIC) versus spectrophotometer (spec-MIC) reading and four polystyrene plates using 34-53 Aspergillus isolates from five genera. Subsequently, olorofim MICs were compared to itraconazole, voriconazole...
Source: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy - Category: Microbiology Authors: Tags: Antimicrob Agents Chemother Source Type: research
Abstract The present study aimed to select the best medium for inactivation of Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus spp. in section Nigri, A. niger, A. terreus var. terreus, A. tubingensis, Penicillium waksmanii, P. simplicissimum, and Aspergillus sp. strain no. 145 spores in clinical wastes by using supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2). There were three types of solutions used including normal saline, seawater, distilled water, and physiological saline with 1% of methanol; each solution was tested at 5, 10, and 20 mL of the water contents. The experiments were conducted at the optimum operating parameters of ...
Source: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International - Category: Environmental Health Authors: Tags: Environ Sci Pollut Res Int Source Type: research
Publication date: October 2018 Source:Protein Expression and Purification, Volume 150 Author(s): Aline Vianna Bernardi, Paula Fagundes de Gouvêa, Luis Eduardo Gerolamo, Deborah Kimie Yonamine, Laís de Lourdes de Lima Balico, Sergio Akira Uyemura, Taisa Magnani Dinamarco A gene encoding an endo-1,4-β-glucanase (Afu6g01800) from A. fumigatus was cloned into the vector pET-28a(+) and expressed in the E. coli strain RosettaTM (DE3) pLysS. Sequence analysis indicated that the enzyme Af-EGL7 belonged to the GH7 family. The gene Af-egl7 encoded a protein comprising 460 amino acids, with a CBM1 domain at residue...
Source: Protein Expression and Purification - Category: Biochemistry Source Type: research
r Ulrike Binder Mucorales are fungi with increasing importance in the clinics. Infections take a rapidly progressive course resulting in high mortality rates. The ergosterol biosynthesis pathway and sterol composition are of interest, since they are targeted by currently applied antifungal drugs. Nevertheless, Mucorales often exhibit resistance to these drugs, resulting in therapeutic failure. Here, sterol patterns of six clinically relevant Mucorales (Lichtheimia corymbifera, Lichtheimia ramosa, Mucor circinelloides, Rhizomucor pusillus, Rhizopus arrhizus, and Rhizopus microsporus) were analysed in a targeted metabo...
Source: Molecules - Category: Chemistry Authors: Tags: Article Source Type: research
Mao Peng, Maria V. Aguilar-Pontes, Ronald P. de Vries, Miia R. M äkelä
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
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