Pink1 −/− Rats Show Early-Onset Swallowing Deficits and Correlative Brainstem Pathology

AbstractParkinson disease (PD) compromises oropharyngeal swallowing, which negatively affects quality of life and contributes to aspiration pneumonia. Dysphagia often begins early in the disease process, and does not improve with standard therapies. As a result, swallowing deficits are undertreated in the PD population. ThePink1−/− rat is used to model PD, and demonstrates widespread brainstem neuropathology in combination with early-onset sensorimotor dysfunction; however, to date, swallowing behaviors have not been evaluated. To test the hypothesis thatPink1−/− rats demonstrate early-onset differences in swallowing, we analyzed within-subject oropharyngeal swallowing using videofluoroscopy.Pink1−/− and wildtype (WT) controls at 4 (Pink1−/−n = 16, WT = 16) and 8 (Pink1−/−n = 12, WT = 12) months of age were tested. The average and maximum bolus size was significantly increased inPink1−/− rats at both 4 and 8 months. Bolus average velocity was increased at 8 months for all animals; yet,Pink1−/− animals had significantly increased velocities compared to WT at 8 months. The data show a significant reduction in mastication rate forPink1−/− rats at 8 months suggesting the onset of oromotor dysfunction begins at this time point. Relationships among swallowing variables and neuropathological findings, such as incr...
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As a medical student, the place I dreaded most was the ward at the children’s hospital where they kept the chronic ventilator patients. Unlike the other floors, where there was shouting and laughter and tears, and all the commotion and turbulence of youth, here it was dark and lifeless and eerie, with no sound except the hum of the ventilators, and the rattle of air being forced through plastic tubes. It was a place of failure and defeat, the desolate aftermath of some vast and tragic battle. An unexpected aftermath of measles My patient was a teenager who had been in a coma for years. His limbs had stubbornly twiste...
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This study assessed the safety, outcome, and risk factors for conversion to tracheal intubation of nonintubated thoracoscopic surgery for lung tumor resection.MethodsWe retrospectively reviewed the records of 1,025 patients who underwent lung tumor resection by nonintubated thoracoscopic surgery from August 2009 to December 2016 at our institution. Using univariable and multivariable analyses, we focused on the operative procedures, complications, conversion rate, surgical outcome, and risk factors for conversion to tracheal intubation.ResultsMost patients (73% [n = 748]) were women, and 14.3% (n = 147) of all pa...
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AbstractStrongyloides stercoralis (S. stercoralis), a human intestinal nematode, can lead to hyper/disseminated (HD) infection in patients treated with corticosteroids. Here, we report a case of strongyloidiasis in a 58-year-old female with a history of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The patient presented with abdominal pain and gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding. Stool was negative for parasitic agents in the first direct smear examination, and the patient with the probable diagnosis ofHelicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection or Crohn ’s disease received antibiotics and corticosteroids. ...
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ConclusionsAlthough use of mTOR inhibitors has been considered to be complicated, our experience shows that, using low dosages, it is possible to obtain relevant clinical improvements, with a good profile of safety and tolerability.
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ConclusionNo significant difference was found in the clinical manifestations, mortality, and complication between children and adults but children tended to have lesser chance of using alternative antibiotics, methylprednisolone and inhaled NO. The chance of associated cytomegalovirus (CMV) disease was also significantly lower in children.
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With the development of rejuvenation therapies underway, and accelerating, somewhere ahead lies a dividing line. Some people will be the last to age to death, too comprehensively damaged for the technologies of the time to recover. Everyone else will live indefinitely in youth and health, protected from aging by periodic repair of the underlying cell and tissue damage that causes dysfunction and disease. Where is that dividing line? No one can say in certainty. I look at the children of today, with long lives ahead of them, and find it hard to believe that in a hundred years the problem won't be solved well in time for the...
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Popularity of the stomach- and intestine-protecting drugs has skyrocketed, but related adverse events, like osteoporotic fractures, C difficile infection, and pneumonia, are problematic.Medscape Medical News
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Condition:   Childhood Pneumonia Intervention:   Diagnostic Test: Recording lung sound by a Smartscope Sponsors:   University of Edinburgh;   Projahnmo Research Foundation Not yet recruiting
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Conclusion: Physicians in our country should carefully pay attention to respiratory tract infections and pneumonia, particularly in patients with a positive family history. Further investigations are required for detection of new genes and pathways resulting in HIGM phenotype.Int Arch Allergy Immunol
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