Emotional context restores cortical prediction error responses in schizophrenia

The mismatch negativity (MMN) deficit in schizophrenia is a consistently replicated finding and is considered a potential biomarker. From the cognitive neuroscience perspective, MMN represents a cortical correlate of the prediction error, a fundamental computational operator that may be at the core of various cognitive and clinical deficits observed in schizophrenia. The impact of emotion on cognitive processes in schizophrenia is insufficiently understood, and its impact on basic operators of cortical computation is largely unknown.
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ConclusionsSD are frequent in SZ subjects. Major depression, anticholinergic prescription and chronic low-grade peripheral inflammation may be the three targets of interest for addressing this specific issue.
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Several lines of evidence support the hypothesis that abnormally elevated brain levels of kynurenic acid (KYNA), a metabolite of the kynurenine pathway (KP) of tryptophan degradation, play a pathophysiologically significant role in schizophrenia and other major neurodevelopmental disorders. Studies in experimental animal models suggest that KP impairments in these diseases may originate already in utero since prenatal administration of KYNA ’s bioprecursor, kynurenine, leads to biochemical and structural abnormalities as well as distinct cognitive impairments in adulthood. As KP metabolism during pregnancy is still i...
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Conditions:   Major Depressive Disorder;   Bipolar Disorder;   Schizophrenia Intervention:   Other: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Sponsors:   King's College London;   National Institute for Health Research, United Kingdom;   South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Not yet recruiting
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Authors: Luo Y, Zhang J, Wang C, Zhao X, Chang Q, Wang H, Wang C Abstract BACKGROUND: Schizophrenia affects approximately 10% of the world's population. Early detection of schizophrenia may significantly delay its progression. Although sensory gating deficits are reported in schizophrenia, it remains challenging how sensory gating deficits can be used with other metrics for risk detection and early diagnosis. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Using EEG, the authors examined effects of sensory gating on the performance of 136 participants in a P50 sensory gating task, including patients with first-episode schizophrenia (...
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A potentially first-in-class psychotropic agent for schizophrenia that does not work through dopamine gets breakthrough therapy designation from the US Food and Drug Administration.Medscape Medical News
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By Emma Young Hikikomori is a dark term that describes people who stay holed up in their homes, or even just their bedrooms, isolated from everyone except their family, for many months or years. The phenomenon has captured the popular imagination with many articles appearing in the mainstream media in recent years, but, surprisingly, it isn’t well understood by psychologists.  The condition was first described in Japan, but cases have since been reported in countries as far apart as Oman, Indian, the US and Brazil. No one knows how many hikikomori exist (the term refers both to the condition and the people with ...
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In this study, we compared facial emotion recognition performance in age- and gender-matched schizophrenia spectrum disorders subjects with (N = 52) and without (N = 52) a history of violence. Data on current symptom severity, Cluster B personality status, past victimization, and alcohol and substance misuse were also collected. Compared to those without, subjects with a history of violence showed worse facial emotion recognition performances, involving anger, fear, disgust, sadness, and happiness. When formally testing the reporting of angry faces, evidence of enhanced sensitivity to anger was ...
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AbstractPharmacological inhibition of phosphodiesterase 10A (PDE10A) is being investigated as a treatment option in schizophrenia. PDE10A acts postsynaptically on striatal dopamine signaling by regulating neuronal excitability through its inhibition of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), and we recently found it to be reduced in schizophrenia compared to controls. Here, this finding of reduced PDE10A in schizophrenia was followed up in the same sample to investigate the effect of reduced striatal PDE10A on the neural and behavioral function of striatal and downstream basal ganglia regions. A positron emission tomography...
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AbstractStudies and findings regarding the impact of schizophrenia on quality of life (QOL) has been highly variable. This meta-analysis compared QOL between schizophrenia subjects and healthy controls with a focus on standardized measures. A systematic literature search was conducted through Pubmed, PsycINFO, EMBASE, Cochrane Library and Web of Science databases. Only studies using the World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL) or its brief version or the Short Form-36 Health Survey (SF-36) were included. Fifteen case-control studies with 2195 schizophrenia subjects and 1508 healthy controls were included in this ...
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Day three of APA ’s Annual Meeting included a call to psychiatrists to lead in efforts to improve the lives of children, the release of APA poll results showing mental health stigma remains a major challenge in the workplace, and conversation around the ways psychiatrists can help people of differing political bac kgrounds find common ground.Through May 22,Psychiatric News will deliver an evening digest of important highlights from the meeting.Kellogg CEO Urges Psychiatrists to Advocate for Trauma-Informed Care for ChildrenDuring the William C. Menninger Memorial Lecture on Monday, La June Montgomery Tabron called on...
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