Characterization of hidden rules linking symptoms and selection of acupoint using an artificial neural network model

AbstractComprehension of the medical diagnoses of doctors and treatment of diseases is important to understand the underlying principle in selecting appropriate acupoints. The pattern recognition process that pertains to symptoms and diseases and informs acupuncture treatment in a clinical setting was explored. A total of 232 clinical records were collected using a Charting Language program. The relationship between symptom information and selected acupoints was trained using an artificial neural network (ANN). A total of 11 hidden nodes with the highest average precision score were selected through a tenfold cross-validation. Our ANN model could predict the selected acupoints based on symptom and disease information with an average precision score of 0.865 (precision, 0.911; recall, 0.811). This model is a useful tool for diagnostic classification or pattern recognition and for the prediction and modeling of acupuncture treatment based on clinical data obtained in a real-world setting. The relationship between symptoms and selected acupoints could be systematically characterized through knowledge discovery processes, such as pattern identification.
Source: Frontiers of Medicine - Category: General Medicine Source Type: research

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Abstract Acupuncture has been broadly applied in the management of many diseases and conditions; however, its mechanism of action has been partially elucidated. Additionally, assessment of psychophysical responses in the acupuncture therapy is not common regarding anxiety disorder studies. Taken together, the therapeutic effect of acupuncture appears when De Qi psychophysical response is experienced following stimulation of the afferent sensory nerves. The present study investigates the level of anxiety perceived at different occasions in acupuncture and mock laser group. Furthermore, it examines the relationship ...
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CONCLUSION: In order to strengthen acupuncture treated patients' beliefs in the efficacy of acupuncture during clinical practice or research, acupuncture therapists may consider emphasizing these aspects in the therapeutic situation. PMID: 30012380 [PubMed - in process]
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In this study, we examined whether manual acupuncture (MA) at particular acupoints represses deoxycholic acid (DCA)-induced scratching behavior and microglial activation and compared these effects with those induced by another pruritogen, 5'-guanidinonaltrindole (GNTI, a kappa opioid receptor antagonist). MA at Hegu (LI4) and Quchi (LI11) acupoints significantly attenuated DCA- and GNTI-induced scratching, whereas no such effects were observed at the bilateral Zusanli acupoints (ST36). Interestingly, GNTI-induced scratching was reduced similarly by both MA and electroacupuncture (EA) at the LI4 and LI11 acupoints. MA at no...
Source: International Journal of Medical Sciences - Category: Biomedical Science Tags: Int J Med Sci Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 17 July 2018Source: World Journal of Acupuncture - MoxibustionAuthor(s): YIN Yaqian, XU Huanfang, SHANG Jie, YANG Huisheng, FANG YigongABSTRACTIn this paper, a case of premature ovarian failure(POF), accompanied with amenorrhea for 2 years was reported. After 2 months of acupuncture, the patient's menstruation was resumed, and after 11 months of treatment, the patient had a spontaneous pregnancy. It is suggested that acupuncture should be used for the patient with POF as early as possible, and if necessary, hormone replacement therapy is still needed, and it is still expected to obtain sp...
Source: World Journal of Acupuncture Moxibustion - Category: Complementary Medicine Source Type: research
ConclusionsOur meta-analysis provides a new evidence supporting the efficacy and safety of acupuncture in treatment to post-stroke dysphagia in short-term compared with rehabilitation or medication. More high-quality and large-scale research studies are needed.
Source: Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine - Category: Internal Medicine Source Type: research
Abstract Augmentation of cardiac sympathetic tone has been shown to induce ventricular arrhythmias. Acupuncture has been clinically used to treat hypertension, angina pectoris, and atrial arrhythmias. However, the effects of acupuncture on ventricular electrophysiology and autonomic tone remain unknown. We hypothesized that acupuncture attenuates cardiac excitability and corrects the imbalance of autonomic tone during sympathetic hyperactivity. Fourteen Yorkshire pigs were randomized to electroacupuncture (EA, 2 Hz, 0.3-0.5 mA, 0.5 ms duration) or control (without EA) groups. Animals were sedated with terazo...
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Physiotherapeutic methods, used in patients with urinary incontinence, are recommended and acknowledged treatment methods. They include pelvic floor muscle exercises, electrical stimulation, magnetic field, acupuncture, and biofeedback. However, the influence of Kinesio taping (KT) applications is not known. The aim of this work was to assess the influence of the KT method on the number of incontinence incidents in children. Additionally, children included in the research were given a depression level test to assess their mental state and how it is influenced by incontinence.
Source: Journal of Pediatric Urology - Category: Urology & Nephrology Authors: Source Type: research
This study included 22 participants who wore sticker-type electrodes attached on three different acupoints on different body regions: CV17 (chest), CV23 (chin), and left PC6 (arm). Participants evaluated de qi sensations after they expected electrical stimulation on those points in random order without actual stimulation. All stimuli were presented with corresponding visual information of the stimulation sites. The control condition included the same visual information but outside the body. The expectations of cutaneous electrical stimuli without actual stimulation on three acupoints resulted in greater de qi sensation com...
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In a new study, researchers asked whether acupuncture might ease the joint pain associated with a drug used to treat early breast cancer.
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The mechanism of the long-lasting effect and the relationship between the long-lasting effect and the deqi sensation, which is the key of achieving the acupuncture effect, has not been well investigated. This tri...
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