Tropical Travel Trouble 007 Mega Malaria Extravaganza

LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog - Emergency medicine and critical care medical education blog aka Tropical Travel Trouble 007 When you think tropical medicine, malaria has to be near the top. It can be fairly complex and fortunately treatment has become a lot simpler. This post is designed to walk you through the basic principals with links to more in depth teaching if your niche is travel medicine, laboratory diagnostics or management of severe or cerebral malaria. If you stubbled on this post while drinking a cup of tea or sitting on the throne and want a few basic facts then skip to the end for a brief summary of the salient teaching points. As always do not hesitate to contact a specialist but hopefully armed with a little bit more knowledge. Questions: Q1. What is malaria and can you name the five types that infect humans? Answer and interpretation expand(document.getElementById('ddet1855442688'));expand(document.getElementById('ddetlink1855442688')) Malaria is a protozoan parasite transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito. Like many vectors in tropical medicine it is the female who is responsible, they require blood meals in order to produce their eggs. Males feed exclusively on fruit.  There are 5 types known to infect humans: Plasmodium falciparum (most dangerous form and associated with death). Plasmodium viva (causes relapsing fevers due to hypnozoites that hide in the liver). Plasmodium ovale...
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CONCLUSIONS: Multivariate analysis revealed that external entrapment was the only predictor of non-remission. PMID: 32646266 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Nordic Journal of Psychiatry - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Nord J Psychiatry Source Type: research
Authors: Stultz DJ, Stanley N, Gills T, Osburn S, Burns T, Moomaw S, Pawlowska-Wajswol S, Walton R PMID: 32649066 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders - Category: Primary Care Tags: Prim Care Companion CNS Disord Source Type: research
Authors: Gu Y, Yao Q, Xu Y, Zhang H, Wei P, Wang L Abstract BACKGROUND This was a prospective comparative study of mixed reality (MR) technology assisted lumbar pedicle screws placement and traditional lumbar pedicle screws placement. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty cases of lumbar pedicle screws placement were randomly divided into 2 groups: 25 cases with MR technology in group A, and 25 cases without MR technology in group B. All patients had their scores on the Oswestry disability index (ODI) of low back pain and the visual analog scale (VAS) of the affected lower limb recorded at pre-operation. Blood loss, operative...
Source: Medical Science Monitor - Category: Research Tags: Med Sci Monit Source Type: research
Authors: Khamis F, Al Rashidi B, Al-Zakwani I, Al Wahaibi AH, Al Awaidy ST Abstract Objectives: We sought to identify the epidemiological characteristics of the first case series of patients with COVID-19 in Oman. Methods: We included national surveillance data of patients with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 from 24 February to 17 April 2020. Analyses were performed using descriptive and univariate statistics. Results: Of the 1304 patients studied, the mean age was 37.0±13.0 years old, 80.3% were males, and 35.8% were Omanis. The other mostly affected nationalities were Indian (29.1%), Bangladeshi (20...
Source: Oman Medical Journal - Category: Middle East Health Tags: Oman Med J Source Type: research
We report a 30-year-old female patient with diabetes who has acromegaloid features, prominent umbilicus, prominent muscles, prominent subcutaneous veins, and gross hepatomegaly. Near-total loss of subcutaneous fat was confirmed by whole-body magnetic resonance imaging and laboratory data revealed significant hypertriglyceridemia, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, and heavy proteinuria with stage IIIa chronic kidney disease. Her blood film revealed thrombocytosis that on further evaluation by bone marrow biopsy was confirmed to be a myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN); essential thrombocytosis (ET). She also had skin lesions th...
Source: Oman Medical Journal - Category: Middle East Health Tags: Oman Med J Source Type: research
We report a case of TBIRS in an Arab patient with mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD). Investigations revealed a clinical condition marked by positive anti-insulin receptor and ribonucleoprotein antibodies. The patient presented with severe hyperglycemia, weight loss, arthralgia, and acanthosis nigricans. He was managed successfully with an intensive pulsed combination regimen of cyclophosphamide and plasmapheresis augmented with high doses of prednisolone, which normalized his blood sugar levels without insulin therapy. MCTD was controlled by hydroxychloroquine. During the course of his treatment, the patient developed...
Source: Oman Medical Journal - Category: Middle East Health Tags: Oman Med J Source Type: research
Publication date: 1 October 2020Source: Materials Letters, Volume 276Author(s): Shiwei Yan, Jin Yang, Yong Li, Xiaohua Jia, Haojie Song
Source: Materials Letters - Category: Materials Science Source Type: research
Abstract Endometrial polyps have a reported prevalence from 7.8% up to 30% and are one of the most cost-consuming gynecological conditions for our specialty. There are strong practitioner beliefs that surgical removal of endometrial polyps is highly beneficial, particularly for those with abnormal uterine bleeding and infertility. Additionally, polypectomy is indicated to reduce the risk of malignancy. Transvaginal ultrasound is the first-line diagnostic option for detection of endometrial polyps, while sonohysterography has similar accuracy as hysteroscopy in the diagnostic confirmation. Blind dilatation and cure...
Source: Climacteric - Category: Geriatrics Authors: Tags: Climacteric Source Type: research
Publication date: 15 December 2020Source: Food Chemistry, Volume 333Author(s): Jun Yang, Mingyue Shen, Ting Wu, Yu Luo, Mingyu Li, Huiliang Wen, Jianhua Xie
Source: Food Chemistry - Category: Food Science Source Type: research
Publication date: 1 December 2020Source: Food Chemistry, Volume 332Author(s): Shenbagavalli Kathiravan, Ellairaja Sundaram, Bella Antony Paulraj, Princy Merlin Johnson, Sheng-Tung Huang, Veerappan Mani, Vairathevar Sivasamy Vasantha
Source: Food Chemistry - Category: Food Science Source Type: research
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