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LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog - Emergency medicine and critical care medical education blog Just when you thought your brain could unwind on a Friday, you realise that it would rather be challenged with some good old fashioned medical trivia FFFF…introducing Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 233. Readers can subscribe to FFFF RSS or subscribe to the FFFF weekly EMAIL Question 1: Who popularised museli? + Reveal the Funtabulous Answer expand(document.getElementById('ddet201504324'));expand(document.getElementById('ddetlink201504324')) Dr Maximilian Bircher-Benner (August 22, 1867 – January 24, 1939) was a Swiss physician with a keen interest in the benefits of nutrition to cure his patients. He came across a variation of muesli on a walking trip and later adopted the following recipe: Apples, “[t]wo or three small apples or one large one.” The whole apple was to be used, including skin, core, and pips. Nuts, either walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts, one tablespoon. Rolled oats, one tablespoon, “previously soaked in 3 tablespoons water for 12 hours”. Lemon juice from half a lemon. Either cream and honey or sweetened condensed milk, 1 tablespoon. His idea met much criticism as “humans are not supposed to be herbivores” but a company called Somalon in 1959 after permission from the Bircher family manufactured a product called Birchermüesli, w...
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ConclusionsTreatment with warfarin or aspirin both lead to similar outcomes after surgical bAVR. Combining aspirin with warfarin may lead to a small decrease in thromboembolism and mortality but is accompanied by increased bleeding. For TAVR patients, aspirin is equivalent to DAPT for reducing thromboembolism and mortality, with a possible decrease in bleeding.
Source: The Annals of Thoracic Surgery - Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 17 November 2018Source: International Journal of Veterinary Science and MedicineAuthor(s): Eman N. Abdelfatah, Heba Hassan H. MahboubAbstractThe aims of this study were to evaluate the activity of Lactococcus garvieae of dairy origin against pathogenic bacteria during cheese manufacture and its suitability and safety as a probiotic on Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). For these purposes, Lactococcus garvieae isolated from raw cow milk was tested to control the growth of Staphylococcus aureus in artificially contaminated cheese during storage under refrigeration. Also a feeding experim...
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In conclusion, infants with Th1 and Th2 profile chemokines demonstrated a good response to vaccination, indicated by CXCL10 levels, but not infants predominantly Th2-skewed profile. These results highlight that children from mothers sensitized to S. mansoni may lead to ineffective immune response to PPD, while mothers sensitized to A. lumbricoides showed no such impairment.
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The US watchdog that is supposed to protect patients is in thrall to an industry profiting from addictionYears into America ’sopioid epidemic, as the death toll climbed into the hundreds of thousands, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a hearing to consider a drug company application to approve a new high-strength painkiller.The FDA assembles advisory committees of doctors and scientists to weigh the arguments for and against new drugs. In 2012, an opioid 10 times more powerful than regular painkillers, Zohydro ER, was on the agenda. By then, no one was in any doubt about the ravages of the worst drug epi...
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Fight Aging! provides a weekly digest of news and commentary for thousands of subscribers interested in the latest longevity science: progress towards the medical control of aging in order to prevent age-related frailty, suffering, and disease, as well as improvements in the present understanding of what works and what doesn't work when it comes to extending healthy life. Expect to see summaries of recent advances in medical research, news from the scientific community, advocacy and fundraising initiatives to help speed work on the repair and reversal of aging, links to online resources, and much more. This content is...
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(MedPage Today) -- But many young children are not prescribed epinephrine
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r Lal Influenza still remains one of the most challenging diseases, posing a significant threat to public health. Host lipid rafts play a critical role in influenza A virus (IAV) assembly and budding, however, their role in polyvalent IAV host binding and endocytosis had remained elusive until now. In the present study, we observed co-localization of IAV with a lipid raft marker ganglioside, GM1, on the host surface. Further, we isolated the lipid raft micro-domains from IAV infected cells and detected IAV protein in the raft fraction. Finally, raft disruption using Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin revealed significant r...
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This study was conducted to assess WTP, its explanatory variables, and the impact of financial compensation on WTP in Indonesia. A health facility-based cross-sectional study was conducted in eleven regencies in the Aceh and West Sumatra provinces of Indonesia. Participants were recruited via a convenience sampling method and were interviewed. The associations between explanatory variables and WTP were assessed using a two-step logistic regression analysis. A total of 1,102 parents were approached, and of these 956 (86.8%) completed the interview and were included in analysis. Of those, 144 (15.1%) were willing to particip...
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ConclusionsHPV prevalence in the oral mucosa of the assessed FA patients was higher than reported in the general population. Additional studies with collection of sequential samples are needed to know the natural history of the presence of multiple HPV types in these individuals and its association with the development of tumors, to evaluate the implementation of preventive measures, such as vaccination, and to guide early treatment.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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Publication date: Available online 17 November 2018Source: Journal of Health EconomicsAuthor(s): Nadine Ketel, Edwin Leuven, Hessel Oosterbeek, Bas van der KlaauwAbstractWe exploit lottery-determined admission to dental school to estimate the payoffs to the study of dentistry in the Netherlands. Using data from up to 22 years after the lottery, we find that in most years after graduation dentists earn around 50,000 Euros more than they would earn in their next-best profession. The payoff is larger for men than for women but does not vary with high school GPA. The large payoffs cannot be attributed to longer working hours, ...
Source: Journal of Health Economics - Category: Health Management Source Type: research
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