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Medications to treat children with rheumatic disease include disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, glucocorticosteroids, and biologic response modifiers that target mediators and cells involved in autoimmunity and inflammation. Although usually well-tolerated, such medications have many possible side effects, of which primary care and emergency providers should be aware. Both disease and immunosuppression contribute to susceptibility to unusual and opportunistic infections, in addition to usual childhood infections for which these children should receive all applicable nonlive vaccines. Close coordination between the rheu...
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[Nation] Lamu County has achieved 106 per cent reach of children immunized against polio in the just-concluded first phase of the campaign targeting those below five years.
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Publication date: August 2018Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Volume 55, Issue 2Author(s):
Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine - Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: research
Publication date: August 2018Source: Journal of Comparative Pathology, Volume 163Author(s): R. Graf, F. Guscetti, M. Welle, D. Meier, A. PospischilSummaryFeline injection site sarcomas (FISS) were first described in the early 1990s. Despite extensive research, the pathogenesis of these tumours has not been elucidated conclusively. Their appearance and the marked increase in their incidence has been mainly connected to the injection of vaccines, and it is assumed that a chronic inflammatory reaction at the injection site triggers subsequent malignant transformation. The role of alum-based adjuvants has been discussed, ...
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This article discusses the objectives of the initiative, its governance and main results and impact. The initiative has proved to be a unique platform for multi-stakeholder collaborations across Europe. It has contributed to the acceleration of the development process for medicines, from drug discovery to clinical development. The initiative has made important steps towards accessing and using real-world evidence for pharmaceutical research and development, and for healthcare decision-making. Several pro jects have contributed to a better understanding of the causes of diseases, and some are already delivering results, suc...
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Ahmad Syibli Othman, Blandine M. Franke-Fayard, Takashi Imai, Esm é T. I. van der Gracht, Anke Redeker, Ahmed M. Salman, Catherin Marin-Mogollon, Jai Ramesar, Séverine Chevalley-Maurel, Chris J. Janse, Ramon Arens, Shahid M. Khan
Source: Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology - Category: Microbiology Source Type: research
Doctors and sexual health experts welcome statement that boys should get HPV jab Related items fromOnMedica The HPV vaccine, ten years on Nurse guidance published on cervical cancer and HPV Experts welcome new evidence on HPV jab efficacy and safety HPV vaccination to be offered to men who have sex with men HPV vaccination in boys deemed not cost effective
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In this study, we used bacterium-like particles (BLPs) as carriers and different copy numbers of the Aβ 1-6 peptide as epitopes to design four Aβ active immunization vaccines. The epitopes containing different copy numbers of the Aβ 1-6 peptide were specifically loaded on the surface of BLPs via fusion with a peptidoglycan anchoring domain. These four BLP-based Aβ vaccines successfully induced high levels of Aβ42-specific antibodies in mice. However, none of the vaccines induced a T-cell-mediated immune response. Importantly, the antibodies induced by these four vaccines were effective in blocking ...
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YELLOW fever vaccine may be the last thing on many holidaymakers ’ minds before they vacate to their exotic destination, but the jab can stop you getting the disease particularly if you’re travelling to an area where the infection is found. How long does the vaccination last and when do you need to get it?
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