The influence of medium elasticity on the prediction of histotripsy-induced bubble expansion and erythrocyte viability.

In this study, an analytic model to predict histotripsy-induced bubble expansion in a fluid was extended to include the effects of medium elasticity. Good agreement was observed between the predictions of the analytic model and numerical computations utilizing highly nonlinear excitations (shock-scattering histotripsy) and purely tensile pulses (microtripsy). No bubble expansion was computed for either form of histotripsy when the elastic modulus was greater than 20 MPa and the peak negative pressure was less than 50 MPa. Strain in the medium due to the expansion of a single bubble was also tabulated. The viability of red blood cells was calculated as a function of distance from the bubble wall based on empirical data of impulsive stretching of erythrocytes. Red blood cells remained viability at distances further than 44 m from the bubble wall. As the medium elasticity increased, the distance over which bubble expansion-induced strain influenced red blood cells was found to decrease sigmoidally. These results highlight the relationship between tissue elasticity and the efficacy of histotripsy. In addition, an upper medium elasticity limit was identified, above which histotripsy may not be effective for tissue liquefaction. PMID: 29553049 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Ruiz Rebollo ML, González Obeso E, Burgueño Gómez B, Santos Fernández J Abstract A 75-year-old male was referred due to dysphagia and iron-deficiency anemia. An upper endoscopy was performed which revealed a friable mass at 30 to 37 cm from the incisors, consistent with esophageal malignancy. However, the pathology only demonstrated granulation inflammatory tissue. An endoscopic ultrasound exam showed a 2-3 cm esophageal wall thickening with a 1.5 cm lymph node, which was staged as a T2-3 N1 esophageal tumor. A CT-scan also identified a 7.5 cm esophageal malignancy surrounded by...
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We examined the nutritional, sensory and textural properties of cracker enriched with GLE. Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Box-Behnken Design (BBD) is applied to optimize conditions of ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) of germinated lentil (GL). The highest desirability was observed with an ultrasonic power of 20, a solid/solvent ratio of 1:10 g/ml, and water as solvent at an extraction time of 18 min. The GLE addition increased the total protein content (from 1.68 to 2.43%), total phenolic content (TPC) (from 0.78 to 3.33 mg GAE/g) and AA (from 0.34 to 0.84 μmol trolox/mg) of the crackers. Moreover, the a...
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Management of thyroid nodules in the era of precision medicine is continuously changing. Neck ultrasound plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis and several ultrasound stratification systems have been proposed in order to predict malignancy and help clinicians in therapeutic and follow-up decision. Ultrasound elastosonography is another powerful diagnostic technique and can be an added value to stratify the risk of malignancy of thyroid nodules. Moreover, the development of new techniques in the era of “Deep Learning,” has led to a creation of machine-learning algorithms based on ultrasound examinations that show...
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ConclusionsIsolated falciform and round-ligament inflammation and necrosis is a rare condition that is difficult to diagnose because it can present mimicking a wide variety of intra-abdominal pathologies, particularly gallbladder pathologies. It is often best treated by laparoscopic resection. Unlike prior reports, our review of the literature, which is the largest that we know of to date, shows that males and females are equally affected. Greater awareness of this entity will aid in future diagnosis.
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ConclusionsThe qualitative data derived from the focus group discussion was incredibly valuable as it enabled the research and design team to experience the perspectives of the families in terms of the challenges and conflicts of managing the condition and the limited utility of existing post-void alarms. This has improved our understanding of the social and environmental challenges that will need to be considered during the design process.
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We report the case of a 33-year-old woman with no history of coronary risk factors or chest pain who experienced intermittent chest pain at rest for several minutes from 2 PM. At 8 AM the next day, chest pain recurred and persisted for about 1 hour. She was transported to our hospital by ambulance, where electrocardiogram showed ST-elevation in the precordial leads, and blood tests showed elevation of cardiac markers. She was diagnosed with ST-elevation myocardial infarction. Because she was a young woman without any risk factors, coronary spastic angina was suspected. Coronary angiography without intracoronary nitrate adm...
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ConclusionMSUS is powerful in the detection of early RA regarding synovitis, joint effusion, tenosynovitis, and bone erosions, which were correlated with clinical and laboratory parameters.
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In conclusion, bony manifestations of hyperparathyroidism can be disabling and difficult to treat. Although a rare clinical presentation, the severity of bony manifestations arise from a preventable cause and that the initial evaluation of hyperparathyroidism should also include parathyroid scintigraphy, and not limited to screening of the neck with ultrasonography, for its combined additive information and improved diagnostic value.
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Ultrasound technology developer Echosens is supplying its FibroScan test to...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Echosens taps new president for North America Echosens brings FibroScan to Henry Ford Echosens gets FDA clearance for FibroScan
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Conditions:   Pleural Effusion;   Dyspnea;   Patient Reported Outcomes;   Diaphragm Movement;   Ultrasound Intervention:   Other: Assesment of diaphragm shape and diaphragm movement (by M-mode and the AREA-method) by ultrasound before and after thoracentesis Sponsor:   Naestved Hospital Recruiting
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