Therapists with synesthesia 'literally feel patients' pain'

Mirror touch synesthetes like Dr Joel Salinas (right) and massage therapist CC Hart (left) have a rare neurological trait that lets them literally feel the pain of others.
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Boston Scientific has prevailed in a Massachusetts jury trial involving its Pinnacle and Obtryx pelvic mesh devices.  The jury found that Boston Scientific was not negligent in the design of the pelvic mesh products and did not fail to warn patients of the risks associated with the devices. The jury also concluded that the devices were not defectively designed and that the company did not fail to adequately warn the plaintiff's doctor of the risks. Nevada resident Ana Martinez and her husband Jose sued Boston Scientific in August 2012 in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. According to the complaint, Ana Martinez suffere...
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Doctors in Scotland believe a woman’s large tattoo on her leg may have been the cause of her unexplained inflammation and severe leg pain. The authors of a report on the woman’s case, published in BMJ Case Reports, say it is a reminder to physicians that they should be mindful of their patients’ tattoos if they encounter unusual and unexplained symptoms. The 31-year-old woman was suffering a condition called inflammatory myopathy, which affected her left leg and caused pain severe enough to disrupt her sleep. The woman had a double lung transplant in 2009, and was taking drugs to suppress her immune syst...
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ConclusionsFive weeks of low-moderate intensity aquatic exercise significantly improved exercise capacity, RPE and fatigue. This exercise mode exercise may potentially be a manageable and safe physical activity for CFS/ME patients.
Source: European Journal of Applied Physiology - Category: Physiology Source Type: research
Conclusions Living with severe painful endometriosis signified a struggle for coherence. The women needed to deal with feelings of difference, dependence and a ruined life and thus struggled for understanding, coping and meaning. Health-care providers should promote the struggle for coherence by explaining the feeling of difference, minimizing dependence and supporting the process of disease-related grief.
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Publication date: Available online 18 June 2018 Source:Arthroscopy Techniques Author(s): Jillian Karpyshyn, Erin E. Gordey, Catherine M. Coady, Ivan H. Wong Posterior shoulder instability is an uncommon and challenging cause of shoulder pain and dysfunction. Surgical management has less reliable results and higher failure rates compared with techniques for anterior shoulder instability. The presence of generalized ligamentous laxity further complicates options for surgical management. If primary capsulolabral repair fails, controversy exists as to the optimal revision procedure. This technical description and video presen...
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Publication date: Available online 18 June 2018 Source:Arthroscopy Techniques Author(s): Tomas Mickevicius, Justinas Maciulaitis, Arvydas Usas, Rimtautas Gudas Arthroscopic surgery has grown rapidly in recent decades. Despite accurately diagnosed clinical cases, the previous pain is retained in some patients after the operation, even though no visible chondral lesions are found during the procedure. A minimally invasive arthroscopic method of measuring articular cartilage electromechanical properties enables rapid and reliable intraoperative articular cartilage quality evaluation.
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We studied the effect of chronic injections of serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine to rats during pregnancy on physiological and behavioral characteristics of female offspring during the prepubertal period. Fluoxetine reduced body weight in newborn females, but this parameter was restored to normal values by the age of 25 days. Fluoxetine also increased animal anxiety, but did not change the level of depressive behavior and cognitive capacities. It was shown that chronic injections of physiological solution to pregnant female enhanced nociceptive responses in the offspring during the prepubertal period, while fluoxetin...
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ConclusionsIn this study population of acute intermittent porphyria with frequent attacks, most patients had symptoms during and between attacks. In these patients, acute intermittent porphyria appears to have acute exacerbations as well as chronic day-to-day manifestations, and is not just intermittent as its name implies. As a result, patients reported limitations in their ability to function across multiple domains of their lives on a regular basis and not just during acute attacks.
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