Cutting Out Gluten May Help Some Battle Nerve Pain

The research showed that a gluten-free diet may help reduce nerve pain in some people with gluten sensitivity.
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Conclusions These findings suggest that brain and behavioral measures have the potential to prognosticate and develop ketamine-based personalized pain therapy.
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From his George Street office in York, Pennsylvania, Dr. Harry A. Free promised to “extract teeth without pain, by the use” of his Vegetable Anesthetic (upper left). Advertised on a trade card featuring a sleepy, pipe-puffing crescent moon (right), Free ’s proprietary concoction of botanical sedatives extended the anesthetic duration of nitrous oxide. By December of 1892, Dr. Free felt compelled to defend his Vegetable Anesthetic after a patient’s delayed complications were reported to have been linked to Free’s anesthetic. In an advertisemen t countering what Dr. Free regarded as libelous cla...
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ACCURATE and timely diagnosis is paramount in surgical decision-making in type A aortic dissection. Two independent imaging modalities are recommended; computed tomography angiography is the preferred first imaging modality (73% of cases), and intraoperative, preincisional transesophageal echocardiography is typically the second.1 Although highly sensitive and specific, both modalities contain spectra of false-negative and false-positive misinterpretations.2,3 The presented images were obtained from a patient with strong risk factors for aortic dissection: chest pain after an episode of cocaine abuse. Axial computed tomogr...
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CONCLUSIONS: Radium 223 is the first treatment directed to bone that has demonstrated significant improvement on overall survival. It also prolonged the time to the first skeletal event and the median time to PSA increase significantly. All this in addition to its manageable adverse effects, lower than those appeared in the placebo arm of the pivotal study ALSYMPCA. PMID: 30319129 [PubMed - in process]
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Authors: Rosino A, Ballester I, Tudela J, González-Billalabeitia E Abstract Prostate cancer is the second mortality cause among males with cancer. Patients with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) essentially die due to tumor progression in a castration resistance situation. Docetaxel based chemotherapy was the first therapeutic strategy that demonstrated a survival increase, in addition to pain decrease, increase in tumor responses and quality of life benefit, and it currently continues being useful after the incorporation of new therapies for the treatment of mCRPC. Cabazitaxel, a taxan...
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Substance abuse and addiction isn’t just limited to alcohol and street drugs. It can also be very easy to become addicted to medication. This can be very confusing and dangerous all at the same time, because medication has been prescribed to help treat something that might be wrong. While taking medication prescribed by a doctor and following all dosing instructions can be beneficial for many, it can also lead to addiction when tolerance builds and someone begins to take more than the recommended dose. If you feel as if you may be becoming addicted to your medication, read these warning signs below and seek help. Top...
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This study concluded that LLLT improved soft and hard tissue healing after endodontic surgery and also showed favorable effects on pain and life quality of patients especially in the early phase of healing period.
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Authors: Peyron R, Fauchon C Abstract Brain functional imaging has been applied to the study of pain since 1991. Then, a plethora of studies around the world looking at pain sensations and their brain correlates was published. Four kinds of studies can be distinguished: i) A first set investigated brain responses to noxious heat stimulations (above the pain threshold) relative to an equivalent warm innocuous stimulation (below the pain threshold). The aim of these studies was to identify the pattern of brain regions involved in the nociceptive processes and they may be considered as descriptive studies rather than ...
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Authors: Attal N Abstract We provide an up-to-date review of the pharmacological treatment of neuropathic pain with emphasis on the latest evidence-based recommendations for its pharmacological treatment. Drugs proposed as first line include tricyclic antidepressants (particularly amitriptyline), serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (particularly duloxetine), pregabalin and gabapentin. Second line treatments include lidocaine plasters and capsaicin high concentration patches for peripheral neuropathic pain only, and tramadol. Third line treatments include strong opioids and botulinum toxin A (for peripheral...
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Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In addition to gastrointestinal symptoms, some people with UC experience joint pain. Joint pain usually occurs with flare-ups and disappears during remission. Learn more about the link between ulcerative colitis and joint pain here.
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