Soothe Your Stress Away with Music

If you regularly turn to music intuitively to relieve stress, you certainly aren’t alone. You can definitely tap into the power of music to bring healing to yourself. Read along to discover the hidden psychological benefits of music that will make you feel better in times of stress. If you are not a music lover, the treasure trove of hidden benefits below just might convert you to begin singing a new tune as your go-to stress reliever. Music can help relieve stress. In one 2013 study, participants took part in one of three conditions before being exposed to a stressor, and subsequently took a psychosocial stress test. Some participants listened to relaxing music, others listened to the sound of rippling water, and the rest received no auditory stimulation. The results suggested that listening to music had an impact on the human stress response, particularly the autonomic nervous system, otherwise known as our fight or flight system. Those who had listened to music tended to recover more quickly following any kind of stressor. Music can improve cognitive performance. Research suggests that background music can improve performance on cognitive tasks in older adults. Specifically, one study found that playing more upbeat music led to improvements in processing speed, while both upbeat and downbeat music led to benefits in memory. The trick is the music has to be more instrumental and less complicated, otherwise you will be more prone to distraction when completing your...
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Conclusion: Functional capacity and mood state are interrelated. Greater function could sustain vitality and mental health, possibly reducing anxiety and depression.Gerontology
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Publication date: Available online 19 December 2018Source: Journal of ColoproctologyAuthor(s): Sâmia Gomes, Yeda Aparecida de Oliveira Duarte, Jair Licio Ferreira SantosAbstractIntroductionConstipation is understood to be a chronic problem related to a multi-functional disorder that affects approximately 20% of the world population, and it is more prevalent in women and in the elderly.ObjectiveTo measure the prevalence of intestinal constipation in elderly people living in São Paulo, as well as the factors associated with this condition.MethodsThis was a cross-sectional study using the SABE study database (Hea...
Source: Journal of Coloproctology - Category: Gastroenterology Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 18 December 2018Source: Journal of Critical CareAuthor(s): Alex Presciutti, Evie Sobczak, Jennifer A. Sumner, David J. Roh, Soojin Park, Jan Claassen, Ian Kronish, Sachin AgarwalAbstractPurposeTo determine the association of depressive and PTSD symptoms with cardiac arrest survivors' long-term recovery perceptions, after accounting for cognitive status, functional independence, and medical comorbidities.MethodsPerceived recovery of 78 cardiac arrest survivors at 6-months post-hospital discharge was assessed through the question, “Do you feel that you have made a complete recovery fr...
Source: Journal of Critical Care - Category: Gastroenterology Source Type: research
Conclusion: Parental anxiety decreased over time, but those with higher SOI ratings reported greater initial anxiety followed by slower resolution over time. Underlying etiology of DSD had no effect on the relationship between SOI and anxiety.Horm Res Paediatr
Source: Hormone Research in Paediatrics - Category: Endocrinology Source Type: research
Recent scientific evidence suggests how changing manageable factors can influence hormone levels for better health, such as changes to sleep and diet.Medical News Today
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A significant proportion of patients with acute stroke symptoms have an alternative ‘mimic’ diagnosis. A narrative review was carried out to explore the frequency, characteristics and aetiology of stroke mimics. Prehospital and thrombolysis-treated patients were described separately. Overall, 9972 studies were identified from the initial search and 79 studies were included with a median stroke mimic rate of 19% (range: 1–64%). The prehospital median was 27% (range: 4–43%) and the thrombolysis median 10% (range: 1–25%). Seizures, migraines and psychiatric disorders are the most frequently repor...
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Conclusion Local administration of lidocaine is not effective in reducing pain during i.v. cannulation.
Source: European Journal of Emergency Medicine - Category: Emergency Medicine Tags: ORIGINAL ARTICLES Source Type: research
Inflammation or nerve injury often results in exaggerated responses to innocuous mechanical stimuli, a condition that is termed mechanical allodynia. Although theories that this pain results from sensitization of peripheral sensory neurons or amplification of the signal at the spinal cord have been proposed, the molecular players involved in this mechanism have remained unclear. In two companion papers, Szczot and colleagues and Murthy and colleagues utilized different mouse models to demonstrate that the mechanosensitive ion channel Piezo2, which is expressed on a variety of somatosensory neurons, mediates sensitivity to ...
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Authors: Goto A, Tsugawa Y, Fujimori K Abstract BACKGROUND: Little is known about the association between the anxiety toward the effects of radiation on reproduction caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident and the birth rate of people in Fukushima. Therefore, we examined changes and associated factors of future pregnancy intention among mothers in Fukushima Prefecture. METHODS: Using data from three postal surveys among women who registered their pregnancies in the prefecture (N = 6,751 in 2012, N = 6,871 in 2013, and N = 6,725 in 2014), we analyzed the factors associated with women's intention of future pregn...
Source: Journal of Epidemiology - Category: Epidemiology Tags: J Epidemiol Source Type: research
Authors: Li Y, Yatsuya H, Iso H, Yamagishi K, Saito I, Kokubo Y, Sawada N, Tsugane S Abstract BACKGROUND: The association of body mass index (BMI) with risks of ischemic stroke subtypes have not been established. METHODS: Cumulative average BMI was calculated using self-reported body weight and height obtained from baseline (Cohort I in 1990, and Cohort II from 1993-1994) and 5- and 10-year questionnaire surveys of Japan Public Health Center-based prospective (JPHC) study. A total of 42,343 men and 46,413 women aged 40-69 years were followed-up for the incidence of lacunar, large-artery occlusive, and cardioemb...
Source: Journal of Epidemiology - Category: Epidemiology Tags: J Epidemiol Source Type: research
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