What Growth Charts Are Best?

Discussion “The value of growth assessment is thus its principal utility as a key screening tool in order to assess children’s general well-being, to identify faltering and excessive growth, to evaluate maternal lactation performance and infant feeding practices, and to manage her children with medical conditions known to adversely affect growth,….” Thus having assessment tools is important. Growth charts are assessment tools measuring height/length, weight, head circumference and body mass index. Some commonly used growth charts are: WHO child growth chart standards They were developed using long-term assessment of children in Brazil, Ghana, India, Norway, Oman and the United States. The children studied had to live in homes where the infants were mainly breastfed until 12 months of age, had no maternal smoking and lived in socioeconomic conditions favorable to growth. Therefore they are considered standards for optimal growth for children. The WHO standards are currently the best charts available for children
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The ultrasound-assisted oxysulfonylation of different alkenes using sodium salts of organosulfinic acids under air atmosphere is described. The reaction is chemo- and regioselective and the corresponding β -keto-sulfones were obtained in good yields as major products. The use of ultrasound greatly accelerated the formation of products when compared to the conventional methods.
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In this work, it was developed an alternative analytical strategy for the preparation of vegetal samples extracted with diluted acids and assisted by ultrasound and microwave radiation for the determination of nutrients elements by fast sequential flame atomic absorption spectrometer. The conditions optimized using univariate and multivariate methodologies for the procedure were as follows: 200 mg of sample; extraction solution comprising a mixture of 6.3 mL HNO3, 2.1 mL HCl, and 1.7 mL CH3COOH; extractor with a final concentration of 2.5 mol L-1; a sonication time of 30 min; and a microwave radiation time of 6 s. The accu...
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Authors: Socolov D, Scripcaru D, Ferariu D, Socolov R, Carauleanu A, Ilea C, Danciu M Abstract PEComas represent a rare class of mesenchymal tumors, with different primary locations. There are less than 100 cases of uterine PEComas published in English literature until now and information considering imaging features of these PEComas is very limited, focusing on CT and MRI and not as much on ultrasounds (US). The authors present here a case of rapidly growing uterine PEComa, with local invasive potential and recurrence, and the review of literature on US characteristics of PEComas. Harboring a hyperechogeneous hete...
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This study was designed to evaluate the use of human epididymis protein 4 (HE4) as a biomarker in the differential diagnosis of malignant and benign endometrial tumours. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study, conducted between July 2009 and June 2014, included a total of 150 patients with endometrioid adenocarcinoma and a control group of 150 patients with benign endometrial lesions. The serum of all patients was analyzed with respect to HE4 and CA125 levels. The median and ranges of serum levels were determined in relation to histological results. The statistical analysis procedure employed in this study utilized logarithm...
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ence to help medical professionals perform and interpret ultrasounds. Bay Labs is using deep learning technology to enable a wider range of medical professionals use ultrasound imaging ...This is an NSF Multimedia Gallery item.
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In the life-and-death race to make the first effective vaccine against Ebola, one company - Merck - seems bound to win.Reuters Health Information
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A new vaccine and other experimental drugs now are available to fight the outbreak. But first physicians must overcome the suspicions of a frightened populace.
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Conclusion Anemia, influenza, urinary tract infection, preterm labor and hypertension should especially be prevented and treated to avoid hospital admissions during pregnancy, especially among pregnant women covered by SUS.
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Even small proportions of parents refusing vaccines have important consequences.
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Authors: Lo Presti C, Curti C, Montana M, Bornet C, Vanelle P Abstract Despite its benign characteristics, chickenpox is a childhood disease responsible for complications and deaths, particularly in the high-risk population. VariZIG®, not commercialized in France, is a good alternative for seronegative individuals exposed to the virus and not eligible for vaccination. The efficacy of routine vaccination has been demonstrated with a decrease in chickenpox incidence and with the development of herd immunity. Over time, the protective antibody titer of vaccinated people decreases and can be maintained by two doses...
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