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Correspondence Protecting Rohingya: lives, minds, and the future

The Lancet Editorial (Dec 23, 2017, p 2740)1 highlights the urgent need to protect the Rohingya from atrocities. The UN Security Council and member states have been called on to investigate these apparent crimes against humanity and impose appropriate sanctions against military forces, but the mental health status of the Rohinga also requires urgent attention. The outbreak of diseases such as diphtheria, cholera, and measles represents only a small part of the problem. The greater and more concerning challenge is protecting the mental health of individuals exposed to genocide and humanitarian crises.
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Publication date: May 2018 Source:Protein Expression and Purification, Volume 145 Author(s): Ruchi Gupta, Tatiana P. Soares da Costa, Pierre Faou, Con Dogovski, Matthew A. Perugini Given the emergence of multi drug resistant Vibrio cholerae strains, there is an urgent need to characterize new anti-cholera targets. One such target is the enzyme dihydrodipicolinate synthase (DHDPS; EC, which catalyzes the first committed step in the diaminopimelate pathway. This pathway is responsible for the production of two key metabolites in bacteria and plants, namely meso-2,6-diaminopimelate and L-lysine. Here, we report the ...
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Conclusions Access to EPI vaccination for children is a key example of preventative public health interventions that have been curtailed in Northern Syria since the start of the conflict. These findings demonstrate that collapse of the formal public health system has led to an increasingly large group of children who are susceptible to infectious diseases with serious consequences, with younger children most vulnerable. We call on all health actors and the international community to work towards re-establishment of EPI activities as a priority to ensure that children who have had no access to vaccination in the last five...
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Much has been made of the Rohingya being stateless. But how they are being treated is utterly heartless. The almost 1 million Rohingya Muslims displaced from Myanmar's Rakhine State to Bangladesh are housed in squalid camps quickly becoming reservoirs of disease and despair. A new outbreak of diphtheria comes on the heels of cholera and measles outbreaks. Insufficient food, shelter, health care, and hope add to the almost unimaginable suffering of these most disenfranchised refugees.
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Over the last 20 years, the increase in international travel, which has been intensified by the availability of low-cost flights, has facilitated the movement of an increased number of patients from areas with endemic diseases to distant regions. As a consequence, cities around flight hubs have been and are exposed to the rapid dissemination of imported infections, as was reported in the initial dissemination of HIV infection in North America, and more recently in the 2009 influenza pandemic. Similarly, outbreaks of cholera have been reported in travellers after long distance flights, and tourism has also been associated w...
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