Late-pregnancy Exposure to COX-2 Inhibitors Tied to Higher Risk of Preterm Birth Late-pregnancy Exposure to COX-2 Inhibitors Tied to Higher Risk of Preterm Birth

Late-pregnancy exposure to COX-2 inhibitors appears to be associated with an increased risk of preterm birth, researchers from Canada report.Reuters Health Information
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Abstract Chronic kidney disease affects approximately 10% of the world's adult population: it is within the top 20 causes of death worldwide, and its impact on patients and their families can be devastating. World Kidney Day and International Women's Day in 2018 coincide, thus offering an opportunity to reflect on the importance of women's health and specifically women's kidney health on the community and the next generations, as well as to strive to be more curious about the unique aspects of kidney disease in women so that we may apply those learnings more broadly. Girls and women, who make up approximately 50% ...
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Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the reproductive, biochemical, and hematological outcomes of pregnant rats exposed to protein restriction. Wistar rat dams were fed a control normal-protein (NP, 17% protein, n=8) or a low-protein (LP, 8% protein, n=14) diet from the 1st to the 20th day of pregnancy. On the 20th day, the clinical signs of toxicity were evaluated. The pregnant rats were then anesthetized and blood samples were collected for biochemical-hematological analyses, and laparotomy was performed to evaluate reproductive parameters. No sign of toxicity, or differences (P>0.05) in body wei...
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Conclusion Neonatal TSH levels are dynamic and may be affected by several maternal and neonatal factors including maternal age, TSH, FT4, and birth weight and height. Identification of these confounders is useful for assessing the status of neonatal thyroid development. Strengths and limitations of this study (1) Iodine deficiency disorder has generally been eliminated, so the median urinary iodine concentration of pregnancy is higher than 150 μg/L even in mildly or moderately iodine deficient areas. (2) Unlike many other studies, which did not consider the complexity of factors or examined only one or two variables, ...
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ConclusionsThese findings suggest that young girls with galactosemia maintain follicles in early childhood and fertility cryopreservation may be considered an option in this patient group. The pathophysiology of galactosemia leading to an accelerated follicle loss is unknown and it is currently unknown to what extent transplanted ovarian tissue can sustain fertility in adult life.
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Developmental Psychobiology, EarlyView.
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Authors: Alves NCC, Feitosa KMA, Mendes MES, Caminha MFC Abstract OBJECTIVE To verify the frequency and factors associated with complications during pregnancy and the association between complications with premature birth and type of delivery in pregnant women aged 35 years or older. METHODS This is a cross-sectional study based on the records of pregnant women admitted between January and July 2012, totalling 430 pregnant women. To identify possible factors associated with complications during pregnancy, data were subjected to univariate analysis using the Poisson regression model. The chi-squared test was used to...
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Astudy published Thursday inAJP in Advance found that having an abortion does not place women at higher risk of experiencing suicidal thoughts than being denied an abortion. In fact, the rates of suicidal ideation were low across groups, when compared with other studies of pregnant and postpartum women.“The study adds to the growing body of evidence that having an abortion does not lead to negative mental health outcomes,” study co-author M. Antonia Biggs, Ph.D., of the University of California, San Francisco, toldPsychiatric News. “Therefore, policies requiring that women be warned that they are at incre...
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The odor of a person's urine can say a lot about their health. Various factors can make urine smell like popcorn, including pregnancy, diabetes, and a high level of ketones in the bloodstream. In this article, we look at the reasons why urine may smell like popcorn and explain when a person should see their doctor.
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In a bold experiment in fetal therapy, doctors in San Francisco treated a fetus with a severe, often fatal blood disorder. The child was saved, but the long-term prognosis is still uncertain.
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