Pillsbury Plant Owner Sentenced for Asbestos Violations

Federal judge Sue Myerscough sentenced a part owner of the shuttered Pillsbury Mills complex in Springfield, Illinois, Monday to three years in prison for violating clear air standards with the illegal removal of asbestos products. Joseph Chernis IV pleaded guilty to illegal removal, demolition and disposal of asbestos after using untrained workers to remove dry pipe insulation and store it in open containers, trash bags and cardboard boxes. He is still facing an ongoing civil case brought by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “I have grave concerns about the damage to the community in this case,” Myerscough said during sentencing, according to The State Journal-Register. The Pillsbury Mills plant, which closed in 2001, is not far from a local high school, a park and the federal courts building in downtown Springfield. For more than a decade, the complex has been the subject of a cleanup dispute between local authorities and different ownership groups involved in salvage operations. Salvage Operation Breaking the Law The Chernis family in 2014 bought the 18-acre site, which included 20 buildings and warehouses and 30 grain silos. The original flour-milling plant opened in 1929 and became a booming Pillsbury processing and distribution factory. Unfortunately, as it expanded, the construction was done with a wide range of asbestos products, which were popular throughout much of the 20th century. The Chernis family had planned to sell off parcels o...
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The U.S. Department of Justice has increased its scrutiny of asbestos trust funds in recent months, urging more accountability and transparency. Those who administer the funds believe they work just fine. The trust funds are designed mostly to compensate workers who were sickened by negligent companies that sold or manufactured asbestos products. Currently there are more than 60 trust funds with an estimated $30 billion combined, stemming from companies seeking bankruptcy protection and avoiding future liabilities related to asbestos exposure. Since the first trust was established in 1988, they have paid out more than $20 ...
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This study supports the use of intravenous dexamethasone 10 mg before pemetrexed infusion in place of three days of oral dexamethasone 4 mg twice daily at UNMCCC,” the authors wrote. The post Alimta-Related Skin Reactions with and Without Oral Steroids appeared first on Mesothelioma Center - Vital Services for Cancer Patients &Families.
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Doctors at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto are studying the use of hypofractionated radiation to increase the effectiveness of immunotherapy for patients with mesothelioma. They are expected to launch soon a clinical trial that will add an immunotherapy combination to the high-dose radiation and aggressive surgery mix that has been so successful in Toronto. “There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered, but if I was a betting man, I’d lay odds on it [working well],” Dr. John Cho of the cancer center’s clinical research unit, told The Mesothelioma Center at Asbestos.com....
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CONCLUSION: Same-day vitamin B12 and pemetrexed administration is a safe practice in NSCLC and malignant pleural mesothelioma patients. PMID: 30369425 [PubMed - in process]
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CONCLUSIONS: To our knowledge, this is the first report of MM in women with endometriosis. Interestingly, MM in the setting of endometriosis has only been observed in the peritoneum and not in other serosal cavities. The findings in the present study suggest that chronic serosal inflammation secondary to endometriosis may be an inducing factor in rare cases of MM of the peritoneum. PMID: 29794065 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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Malignant mesothelioma (MM) is a rare, lethal malignancy affecting the cells of the pleura or peritoneum surfaces, whose main known cause is occupational or environmental asbestos exposure. As in cases of exposure to other carcinogens, not all exposed individuals develop cancer even if they have inhaled high concentrations of asbestos. It has been shown that low concentrations of asbestos fibers can promote the development of mesothelioma, suggesting that a genetic predisposition (inherited or not) may play a role in mesothelioma development [1].
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ConclusionThe hippo signaling transduction pathway has been demonstrated to play crucial roles in lung cancer and mesothelioma pathogenesis, including tumor development and multidrug resistance, and is emerging as a promising therapeutic target, potentially providing new tools for the detection of these tumors at an early stage.
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The amount of raw chrysotile asbestos imported into the United States increased significantly between July and August, according to a recent analysis from the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization and the Environmental Working Group. The U.S. International Trade Commission and Department of Commerce provided the two advocacy organizations the data for their report. According to the investigation, the U.S. imported 272 metric tons (approximately 600,000 pounds) of asbestos in August — an increase of nearly 2,000 percent from the 13 metric tons in July. EWG and ADAO on Tuesday attributed the alarming spike to the g...
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The University of Pennsylvania's Abramson Cancer Center had received a $10.7 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to study CAR-T cells in solid tumors The five-year grant from the NCI's will support new experimental approaches in lung cancer and mesothelioma being conducted by Penn researchers at its translational center of excellence for lung cancer immunology “Although CAR-T cells have been revolutionized the treatment of leukemia and bone marrow cancers, we have not yet had the…
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The Canadian government released the final draft last week of its much-anticipated ban on asbestos, making it illegal to import, manufacture, sell, trade or use products made with the toxic mineral. The ban, which goes into effect Dec. 30, 2018, contains exemptions that still allow its use in the chlor-alkali industry, the military, nuclear facilities and for magnesium extraction from asbestos mining residue. It will be known as The Prohibition of Asbestos and Products Containing Asbestos Regulations. Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna touted the tough new regulations during the announcement, but critics stil...
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