How to identify a bad IVF doctor

A patient just sent me this email.This is my first IVf cycle. ET was done on 15.01.2018.. after that bhcg result on 29th jan was 112.. doctor did a repeat bhcg on 31st jan which was 144..again they called us on 6th feb the bhcg was 122 and in tvs no embryo sac was found.. doctor has asked to stop all medicines and wait for the periods..Please suggest what could be the possible reason for it and if i will go for second IVf will it be successful..This was my replyThe fact that the HCG did not double after 2 days means your pregnancy was not viable.The doctor should not have given you false hope and make you wait unnecessarily like this.Did the doctor give you a HCG injection after the transfer ? This can fool you !Sadly, many IVF doctors continue to exploit the patient's ignorance, and the only way to protect yourself against this is by being better informed !1. Once the HCG is positive, the doctor should repeat it again after 3 days, at which point it should double.. If it does not  do so, this means the pregnancy is not healthy.Read more The doctor should not give a HCG injection after doing the embryo transfer. This HCG will appear in the blood and the urine, and will fool the patient into thinking she is pregnant !3. The doctor should not ask for a vaginal ultrasound scan until the HCG crosses 1000 mIU/ml. If the scan is done before this, it will not provide any useful information, as the pregnancy sac is too small to...
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No, it's not because her pregnancy test has come back negative, because she is still in her 2ww, and hasn't got her result as yet . It's because she's been very disillusioned and disappointed by the quality of medical care which she has received during her IVF treatment.Her IVF doctor has not shared any information with her - in fact, she hasn't even seen the same doctor twice ! The only time she met the doctor was at the time of the first consultation, when everyone was very sweet, and wanted her to pay her fees, so they could start her treatment as soon as possible . Sadly, they were more interested in collecting her fee...
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Discussion Intrauterine growth retardation or fetal growth retardation is due to a pathological process that causes decelerated fetal growth velocity. Small-for-gestational age (SGA) is an infant with growth parameters below the normal range for gestational age. More commonly, SGA is defined as a birth weight
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No, it's not because her pregnancy test has come back as positive because she is still in her 2ww, and hasn ’t done it so far. It’s only been one week since her embryo transfer, and while she is hopeful and optimistic, she's not sure whether the cycle is going to work or not.Interestingly, even if the cycle fails, she will continue smiling, because she's had such a great experience during her IVF treatment.Her doctor has been open and transparent, and has shared information with her throughout the cycle. The team has been respectful, has treated her like an intelligent adult.They have shown her the fo...
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WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5, 2018 -- Ultrasounds and MRIs during pregnancy and after birth can detect most Zika-related brain abnormalities in infants, researchers report. If a woman is infected with the Zika virus during pregnancy, her child can be born with...
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Lots of out-of-Mumbai patients are reluctant to travel to Mumbai to our clinic for their IVF treatment, even though they know our IVF pregnancy rates are the best in the country.This is because they've been told all kinds of horror stories about IVF treatment.They have been misinformed that they need to visit the clinic everyday; that they need daily ultrasound scans; that they require injections on a daily basis which need to be given at the clinic; they need bed rest after the transfer; and that travel after the embryo transfer is unsafe.They are also warned that IVF pregnancies need special care, and this can only ...
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After the embryo transfer ,every patient wants to know - Will I get pregnant or not ?There are 4 factors whichwe need to consider. The first is the quality ofembryo . What was the grade of theblastocyst which was transferred ? A photo is worth a 1000 words, and you can check the quality by comparing it with pictures of embryos which you can find in online atlases.The second isendometrial receptivity, as measured by itsthickness and texture , which is checked on the vaginal ultraso...
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ConclusionsTo our knowledge, antenatal genetic analyses were used in conjunction with ultrasound for the first time, to diagnose FEVR and ND, and predict the postnatal prognoses in at ‐risk babies.
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Conclusion2D ultrasound measurement of fetal adrenal gland parameters can be used as a marker for prediction of preterm delivery. cFAGV at term can also be used to predict the possibility of spontaneous onset of labor.
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ConclusionsNeuroticism was associated with higher utilization of publicly financed antenatal care in obstetric low ‐risk women, even after adjusting for predisposing and need factors. Future studies should address the benefits of interventions as a complement to routine antenatal care programs to reduce subclinical anxiety.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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AbstractThe MERIDIAN study examined whether in ‐utero MRI (iuMRI) improves the accuracy of diagnosis of foetal brain abnormalities, when used as an adjunct to ultrasound anomaly scanning. A diagnostic iuMRI differs from routine ultrasound screening because of its infrequent use and scanning procedure. Nested within this trial, this sociologica l study explored the acceptability of iuMRI as a technology and its contribution to parental decision‐making. Our sociological interpretation of the role of iuMR images in prenatal diagnosis draws on narrative interviews with women (and some partners) who underwent MRI imaging at...
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