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Prostate cancer now kills more in UK than breast cancer

Prostate cancer now kills more people in the United Kingdom than breast cancer, according to numbers released Friday by Prostate Cancer UK.
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BOSTON (CBS) – A new study finds that a higher risk of ovarian cancer can be passed from father to daughter. Researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY looked at data from the Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry and discovered a genetic mutation passed from a father to his daughter on the X-chromosome that puts her at higher risk for ovarian cancer. The research team is looking for what the Ovarian Cancer gene looks like. (WBZ-TV) When we think of hereditary ovarian cancer, we often think of the BRCA genes that raise the risk of both ovarian cancer and breast cancer in first degree female relatives,...
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Conclusion: We observed a high adherence to counselling, genetic testing and active surveillance by men belonging to hereditary BC families. Male carriers of pathogenic DNA variants are at risk for several cancers and should be included in prospective follow-up studies. PMID: 29456621 [PubMed]
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ConclusionsAnalysis of the experiences of LGB people with cancer care shows that LGB people face numerous challenges due to their sexual orientation and receive care that does not adequately address their needs. Training and education of healthcare professionals is strongly recommended to address some of these challenges and practice gaps. Culturally appropriate care includes avoiding heterosexual assumptions, use of inclusive language, the provision of tailored information and involving partners in care.
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CONCLUSIONS: Since the onset of the economic crisis in Spain the rate of decline in cancer mortality has slowed significantly, and this situation could be exacerbated by the current austerity measures in healthcare. PMID: 29452751 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Processed snacks, drinks and desserts may be associated with a higher risk of cancer, according to a new study. The research, published Wednesday in The BMJ, focused on ultra-processed foods, which tend to be high in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. (Past research has found that Americans get 61% of their calories from highly processed foods.) In the new study, researchers found that, among almost 150,000 French adults, a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in a person’s diet was correlated with a 12% higher risk of cancer. The paper is the first to explore the link between cancer and ultra-pro...
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Conclusions: Taken together with reported reductions in diabetes, vascular disease and dementia, it is clearly important that every effort is taken to promote healthy lifestyles throughout the population, and it is pointed out that cancer and other screening clinics afford 'teachable moments' for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. PMID: 29434658 [PubMed]
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Abstract GnRH antagonists have several clinical applications in prostate cancer, regulation of ovulation induction in females, breast cancer, male contraception and others. Antagonists differ from natural GnRH decapeptide in having five or more amino acid substitutions. Whereas most of antagonists are available as subcutaneous (SC) formula for injection, some are formulated as a depot formulation for sustained release (e.g. Cetrarelix, Degarelix). Systemic delivery of cetrorelix acetate by intratracheal route can be achieved using dry powder for inhalation of adhesive mixture when the powder deposition reaches sta...
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The monomer 3‐allyl‐5‐(phenylazo)‐2‐thioxothiazolidine‐4‐one (HL) was prepared by the reaction of allyl rhodanine with aniline through diazo‐coupling reaction. Reaction of HL with Ni(II) or Co(II) salts gave polymer complexes (1–8) with general stoichiometries [M(HL)(Cl)2(OH2)2]n, [M(HL)(O2SO2)(OH2)2]n, [M(L)(O2NO)(H2O)2]n and [M(L)(O2CCH3)(H2O)2]n (where M = Ni(II) or Co(II)). The structures of the polymer complexes were identified using elemental analysis, infrared and electronic spectra, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility, X‐ray diffraction and thermogravimetric analysis. The interaction ...
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Authors: Cai F, Miao Y, Liu C, Wu T, Shen S, Su X, Shi Y Abstract Disordered tumor cell metabolism is involved in the process of tumorigenesis. Proline metabolism is of critical importance for tumor cells, and pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase 1 (PYCR1), a key proline biosynthesis enzyme, has been reported to be overexpressed in prostate cancer and to promote tumor cell growth in breast cancer. The present study investigated the relationship between PYCR1 and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The results revealed that PYCR1 was overexpressed in NSCLC tumor tissues compared with adjacent normal tissues. High PYCR1...
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Association between Twist and multidrug resistance gene-associated proteins in Taxol®-resistant MCF-7 cells and a 293 cell model of Twist overexpression. Oncol Lett. 2018 Jan;15(1):1058-1066 Authors: Wang L, Tan RZ, Zhang ZX, Yin R, Zhang YL, Cui WJ, He T Abstract Multidrug resistance (MDR) severely limits the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Previous studies have identified Twist as a key factor of acquired MDR in breast, gastric and prostate cancer. However, the underlying mechanisms of action of Twist in MDR remain unclear. In the present study, the expression levels of MDR-associated proteins, in...
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