Editorial Yellow fever: a major threat to public health

The world's largest fractional-dose vaccination campaign for yellow fever started on Jan 25 in Brazil, with the support of WHO. The campaign attempts to avoid the urban transmission cycle, not seen in the country since 1942. 33 people have died due to yellow fever between Jan 14 and 23, while the number of confirmed cases in the country has reached more than 130.
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We present POLICI (POpulation-Level Immunization Coverage - Imperial), an interactive online tool for visualising and extracting YF vaccination coverage estimates in Africa. We calculated single year age-disaggregated sub-national population-level vaccination coverage for 1950-2050 across the African endemic zone by collating vaccination information and inputting it into a demographic model. This was then implemented on an open interactive web platform. POLICI interactively displays age-disaggregated, population-level vaccination coverages at the first subnational administrative level, through numerous downloadable and cus...
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Publication date: 5 February 2019Source: Cell Reports, Volume 26, Issue 6Author(s): Henry Puerta-Guardo, Dustin R. Glasner, Diego A. Espinosa, Scott B. Biering, Mark Patana, Kalani Ratnasiri, Chunling Wang, P. Robert Beatty, Eva HarrisSummaryFlaviviruses cause systemic or neurotropic-encephalitic pathology in humans. The flavivirus nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) is a secreted glycoprotein involved in viral replication, immune evasion, and vascular leakage during dengue virus infection. However, the contribution of secreted NS1 from related flaviviruses to viral pathogenesis remains unknown. Here, we demonstrate that NS1 fro...
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The current yellow fever epidemic in Brazil has already 1,266 confirmed cases and 415 deaths by 2018-July. Vaccination is the most effective measure of protection against this disease. However, YFV shows ovalbumin levels (>2 μg/ml) not considered safe for patients with egg allergy (EA). Our objective was to describe the vaccination protocol using the Brazilian YFV in EA patients attended in a Reference Allergy Center and to relate the YFV skin tests (ST) to the clinical manifestations reported.
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The objective of the present study was to evaluate the presence of adverse events and serious side effects after vaccination against yellow fever in individuals with a history o f IgA deficiency.
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This study aims to describe the outcomes of yellow fever vaccination in patients with confirmed egg allergy (EA).
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Resumo Estudo transversal em interface com a extens ão em 22 escolas públicas de Divinópolis, Minas Gerais, Brasil, que compõe 605 adolescentes entre 13 e 18 anos. Teve por objetivo analisar a situação vacinal de adolescentes do 9º ano do ensino fundamental e o conhecimento sobre doenças transmissíveis e as imunopreveníveis. Foi utilizada a mostragem por conglomerados em três estágios de seleção: escolas, turmas e alunos. Identificou-se baixa cobertura vacinal entre os adolescentes, 45,1%, a vacina contra a febre amarela apresent...
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In this study, we used computational systems biology to analyze a cohort of Ugandan subjects following immunization with the Yellow Fever vaccine (YF-17D) to identify pre-vaccination molecular and cellular mechanisms that are associated with the response to the vaccine. By integrating gene expression profiling, cell subset phenotyping and cytokine measurements, we highlight the upregulated levels of interferon-regulated, and inflammasome genes and proteins at the time of vaccination as negative correlates of the antibody response to the YF-17D vaccine. We show that this innate immune response is associated with higher leve...
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by Caroline S. de Freitas, Luiza M. Higa, Carolina Q. Sacramento, Andr é C. Ferreira, Patrícia A. Reis, Rodrigo Delvecchio, Fabio L. Monteiro, Giselle Barbosa-Lima, Harrison James Westgarth, Yasmine Rangel Vieira, Mayara Mattos, Natasha Rocha, Lucas Villas Bôas Hoelz, Rennan Papaleo Paes Leme, Mônica M. Bastos, Gisele Olinto L. Rodrigues, Carla Elizabeth M. Lopes, Celso Martins Queiroz-Junior, Cristiano X. Lima, Vivian V. Costa, Mauro M. Teixeira, Fernando A. Bozza, Patrícia T. Bozza, Nubia Boechat, Amilcar Tanuri, Thiago Moreno L. Souza Yellow fever virus (YFV) is a member of theFlaviviri...
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CONCLUSION: The highest percentage of yellow fever vaccines that were administered to individuals travelling to non-endemic/non-epidemic countries were prescribed in non-specialist consultations. PMID: 30684369 [PubMed - in process]
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