Intentional longitudinal and side ‐cell stent fractures: Intermediate term follow up

ConclusionsISF can be induced safely in a variety of vascular beds using high‐pressure balloons both longitudinally or through side cells. Longitudinal ISF only rarely requires immediate placement of a new stent; however, late restenosis may occur, requiring re‐stenting.
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Publication date: Available online 26 January 2020Source: Pharmacological ResearchAuthor(s): Dechong Zheng, Zumei Liu, You Zhou, Ning Hou, Wei Yan, Yuan Qin, Qianfang Ye, XinYi Cheng, Qing Xiao, Yonglin Bao, Jiandong Luo, Xiaoqian WuAbstractIschemia/reperfusion (IR) induces additional damage during the restoration of blood flow to ischemic myocardium. Urolithin B (UB) is one of the gut metabolites of ellagitannins, a class of antioxidant polyphenols, which was found to be protective against oxidative stress in multiple organs. However, the role of UB in cardiovascular disease remains elusive. Adult Sprague Dawley rats were...
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ConclusionsVHD patients with IE might have severe periodontitis compared with patients without IE, although further investigation will be needed because this is based on only 7 VHD patients with IE.Clinical relevanceThe patients with IE had fewer remaining teeth, more advanced bone resorption compared with those of patients without IE. These findings suggest a possible association between the occurrence of IE and periodontal infection.
Source: Clinical Oral Investigations - Category: Dentistry Source Type: research
Undergoing earlier menopause is a sign of a greater burden of age-related damage and dysfunction, so it should not be surprising to see that this correlates with a greater incidence of chronic disease in the years thereafter. People with a greater burden of cell and tissue damage tend to exhibit all of the manifestations of aging earlier than their less damaged peers. These variations in damage burden and consequences from individual to individual are near all the results of lifestyle choices, particularly smoking, weight, and exercise, and environmental factors such as exposure to chronic viral infection. Genetics plays o...
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Discussion The aortic valve usually has 3 leaflets. In bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) there are 2 asymmetric leaflets with a fish-mouthed orifice between them which may not open fully. It occurs in about 0.5-2% of the population making it one of the most common congenital heart anomalies and the most common one in adults. Transmission is autosomal dominant yet males are more likely to have BAV, indicating potential reduced penetrance in females. “BAVs are different, however, in that the tissue pathology is not limited to the valves’ leaflets but extends from the left ventricular outflow tract to the ascending thor...
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Patient's Ebstein's anomaly (EA), a rare congenital heart disease of the tricuspid valve and right ventricle often manifest with left ventricular noncompaction (LVNC), a cardiomyopathy. Our study identifies a novel, rare, and damaging coding variant c.709C  >  T (p.R237C) in the Kelch‐like family member 26 (KLHL26) gene with 10 affected out of 17 affected members using Sanger sequencing. Through structural modeling, we show that the KLHL26 variant may affect protein binding to Cullin3 (CUL3), a component of E3 ubiquitin ligase in the ubiquitin‐media ted protein degradation. AbstractBackgroundEbstein's anom...
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Conclusions: Available literature indicates that radiation exposure affects metabolites associated with: energy production, degradation of proteins and cell membranes, expression of proteins and stress response. Such effects are common for both animal and human studies. However, the specific metabolic response depends on several factors, including the examined organ. Radiation metabolomics can be used to explain the mechanisms of development of radiation-induced heart disease and to find an organ-specific biomarker of radiation exposure. The main aim of this review was to collect the information on the human cardiotoxicity...
Source: International Journal of Radiation Biology - Category: Radiology Tags: Int J Radiat Biol Source Type: research
We describe the first human case of percutaneous balloon dilation of a surgically placed exGraftTM conduit (PECA labs, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA) in a neonate with single ventricle disease. The use of dilatable conduits could change the management of many congenital heart defects and significantly reduce both the morbidity of repeat cardiac reoperations and the deleterious effects of prolonged conduit dysfunction that accrue between surgical conduit revisions.
Source: The Annals of Thoracic Surgery - Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 25 January 2020Source: Revista Clínica Española (English Edition)Author(s): M. Quintana-Díaz, E.M. Andrés-Esteban, J. Sánchez-Serrano, A. Martínez-Virto, R. Juárez-Vela, J.A. García-ErceAbstractIncreasing haemoglobin and haematocrit levels with blood transfusions has been the gold standard for treating severe anaemia; however, the indication for transfusing concentrated red blood cells is based merely on a few laboratory markers, such as haemoglobin and haematocrit levels, rather than based on the symptoms according to clinical pract...
Source: Revista Clinica Espanola - Category: Internal Medicine Source Type: research
The objective of the study was to determine the relationship between serum concentrations of selenium (SeS) and zinc (ZnS), total antioxidant status (TAS) and endothelial function assessed by ultrasonographic method of dilatation of the brachial artery in 141 hypertensive patients.Patients with SeS 
Source: Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology - Category: Environmental Health Source Type: research
Today,  people are living longer with heart disease while its prevalence is increasing. Historical trends that have limited the integration of palliative care in cardiology and HF care are shifting. Over the last 10 years, there has been growing evidence to support palliative care interventions for HF pat ients and their families, as well as integrating interdisciplinary HF, palliative care, and hospice. Patients with HF require complex pharmacological and self-care regimens to control symptoms and prevent recurrent hospitalizations.
Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management - Category: Palliative Care Authors: Source Type: research
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