Discussion on “Reduction of the Areolar Diameter After Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction for Gynecomastia”

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This article reviews the five FDA-approved non-invasive body contouring modalities: cryolipolysis, laser, high-intensity focused electromagnetic field, radiofrequency and high-intensity focused ultrasound. These devices have emerged as a popular alternative to surgical body contouring due to their efficacy, favourable safety profile, minimal recovery time and reduced cost. Although they do not achieve the same results as liposuction, they are an attractive alternative for patients who do not want the risks or costs associated with surgery. When used appropriately and correctly, these devices have demonstrated excellent cli...
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Authors: Ince B, Oltulu P, Yildirim MEC, Ismayilzade M, Dadaci M Abstract We aimed to determine the effect of aspiration periods following liposuction procedure on vascular structures, fibrocollagenous tissues and viability of adipose cells at different minutes, respectively in UAL and SAL. Abdominoplasty materials were divided into two equal parts from middle following excusion during the operations. Traditional SAL was performed to the right part of the abdominoplasty materials therewithal. Each side of the material was then divided into five parts enumarated from one to five and aspiration procedure time for eac...
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Authors: Zetzmann K, Ludolph I, Horch RE, Boos AM Abstract Lipoedema is a progressive disease, which predominantly affects women. It is characterised by circumferential growth, with increase in fat tissue of the extremities, and can lead to oedema. In contrast, the lymphoedema is defined by a specific lymphatic drainage disorder and can lead to fibrosis of the surrounding connective tissue. While lipoedema is diagnosed through clinical symptoms and diagnostic imaging can usually only be used to rule out comorbidities, lymphatic drainage disorder can be visualised using imaging methods. Ultrasound is a basis diagnos...
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AbstractPurposeThe aim of this prospective, randomized, double-blind study was to compare the tumescent anesthesia method and erector spinae block with respect to postoperative analgesia consumption, pain scores and patient satisfaction, in patients receiving breast reduction surgery under general anesthesia.MethodsThe study included 44 females, aged 20 –65 years, who were to undergo breast reduction surgery, without adjunctive liposuction on the breast. Using the closed envelope method, the patients were randomly separated into two groups to receive tumescent anesthesia or erector spinae block (ESB). Patients i...
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ConclusionThe “double donut” technique is particularly useful for males with grades II or III gynecomastia. It provides good wound results, with acceptable patient satisfaction and cosmetic outcomes. Although initially developed for patients with higher grade gynecomastia, the improved visibility and increased patient satisfaction allowed this to become the preferred technique at our institution.
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Conclusions: Ultrasound scans are highly accurate, noninvasive, and well-tolerated by patients. Some of these applications are likely to improve patient safety. Early detection of deep venous thromboses is possible. Unnecessary anticoagulation may be avoided. Subclinical abdominal defects may be detected. Ultrasound may be used in the office to evaluate breast implants, masses, and seromas. In surgery, this device confirms the level of buttock fat injection.
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Conclusions: Ultrasound-assisted lipoabdominoplasty is an alternative lipectomy technique that prevents stigmata of the procedure. The abdominal definition improves the shape and recreates the superficial anatomy. Neoumbilicoplasty shape, form, and choice of its position over the abdominal wall provide significant improvements in results. CLINICAL QUESTION/LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Therapeutic, IV.
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CONCLUSIONS: USGL is a method that can be learned easily, is minimally invasive, seems to be safe, and requires only short operation times. PMID: 30022718 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Therapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis, EarlyView.
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BACKGROUND Minimally invasive fat reduction procedures are rapidly growing in popularity. OBJECTIVE Evaluate online patient reviews to inform practice management. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data from RealSelf.com, a popular online aesthetics platform, were reviewed for all minimally invasive fat reduction procedures. Reviews were also aggregated based on the primary method of action (e.g., laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound, etc.) and compared with liposuction. A chi-square test was used to assess for differences with the Marascuilo procedure for pairwise comparisons. RESULTS A total of 13 minimally invasive fat reduc...
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