Serum-DNA Methylation Patterns Might Allow Early Identification of Breast, Ovarian Cancer Serum-DNA Methylation Patterns Might Allow Early Identification of Breast, Ovarian Cancer

Methylation patterns in serum DNA might allow for the early identification of disseminated breast cancer and ovarian cancer, according to two new reports from the U.K.Reuters Health Information
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No increased risk of corpus uteri, invasive breast cancer for women undergoing assisted reproduction
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TUESDAY, July 17, 2018 -- For women undergoing assisted reproduction, there is no increased risk of corpus uteri or invasive breast cancer, but there is an increased risk of ovarian cancer and in situ breast cancer, according to a study published...
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Abstract With abilities to renew themselves and lead to heterogeneity of tumors, cancer stem cells (CSCs) are similar to stem cells. As three leading causes of death that endanger women's health, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer are characterized by high degree of malignancy, metastasis and recurrence. Associated with women's fertility, these three malignancies are common and representative among females. These years, research findings have suggested that CSCs are closely connected with many cancers (including aforementioned three malignancies) and several processes of tumors such as their genesis...
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We presently forget 98% of everything we experience. That will go away in favor of perfect, controllable, configurable memory. Skills and knowledge will become commodities that can be purchased and installed. We will be able to feel exactly as we wish to feel at any given time. How we perceive the world will be mutable and subject to choice. How we think, the very fundamental basis of the mind, will also be mutable and subject to choice. We will merge with our machines, as Kurzweil puts it. The boundary between mind and computing device, between the individual and his or her tools, will blur. Over the course of the ...
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AbstractBackgroundPatients with genetic susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer are eligible for risk-reduction surgery. Surgical morbidity of risk-reduction mastectomy (RRM) with concurrent bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO) is unknown. Outcomes in these patients were compared to patients undergoing RRM without BSO using a large multi-institutional database.MethodsA retrospective cohort analysis was conducted using the American College of Surgeon ’s National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) 2007–2016 datasets, comparing postoperative morbidity between patients undergoing RRM with patients un...
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(MedPage Today) -- More in situ breast cancer, ovarian cancers, but not others
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The study of more than 250,000 British women shows reassuring data on breast cancer risk; there is an increased ovarian cancer risk but it is small and limited to those with existing risk factors.Medscape Medical News
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Women who receive fertility treatments are not at a heightened risk of ovarian, womb or breast cancer, according to large study in Britain.
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Publication date: July 2018Source: Redox Biology, Volume 17Author(s): Dong Hou, Zhaojian Liu, Xiuhua Xu, Qiao Liu, Xiyu Zhang, Beihua Kong, Jian-Jun Wei, Yaoqin Gong, Changshun ShaoAbstractPARP inhibitors have been widely tested in clinical trials, especially for the treatment of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and were shown to be highly successful. Because PARP primarily functions in sensing and repairing DNA strand breaks, the therapeutic effect of PARP inhibition is generally believed to be attributed to impaired DNA repair. We here report that oxidative stress is also increased by PARP inhibition and mediates the an...
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In this study, for the very first time waterborne TESP was performed in the presence of MNPs. Neat MNPs were coated and in situ functionalized with amine groups by using thiol-ene chemistry. Engrailed-2 (EN2) protein, a potential biomarker for various cancers such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer, is known to be a strong binder to a specific DNA sequence (50-TAATTA-30) to regulate transcription. Anti-EN2 antibodies were immobilized onto these MNPs by physical adsorption and covalent bonding methods, respectively. The amount of the physically immobilized antibodies (0.54 mg/g) were foun...
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