The 1000th Thread!

This is the 1000th presentation to my bioethics blog since starting on Google in 2004.There has been many topics covered. Though comments by the visitors has always been encouraged and, since as a " discussion blog " , comments leading to discussions I have felt was the definitive function here. Virtually none of the thread topics have gone unread and most have had some commentary, some with mainly particularly strong and emphatic opinions, some with extensive up to 12 years long continued discussion, still there have been some with no visitor response It is interesting to understand why such differences have occurred.Though most of the topics were bioethics as related to the subject of medical care, an occasional topic was related to plants and animals, it is the multitude of issues regarding human medical ethics which has dominated this blog. In  my opinion, a great listing and summarization of those issues was and is being presented by Wikipedia
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Authors: Lhermite A, Munoz Sastre MT, Sorum PC, Mullet E Abstract The views of laypeople and professionals (nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, and physicians) on the capacity to make informed decisions of elderly people with depression or dementia were examined. Participants were presented with vignettes created by varying the levels of three factors: (a) the type of decision (e.g., agreeing to surgery), (b) the health problem (e.g., slight depression), and (c) the availability of social support. Through cluster analysis, four different positions were found. Seventeen percent of the participants consid...
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Cancer is one of the leading causes for the morbidity and mortality worldwide. Although substantial studies have been conducted theoretically and experimentally in recent years, it is still a challenge to expl...
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Authors: Huynh MT, Delaunay JL, Muller L, Corpechot C, Tran CT, Barbu V Abstract Low phospholipid-associated cholelithiasis and intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy are two MDR3-related inherited liver disorders caused by biallelic or monoallelic ABCB4 loss-of-function variants. Low phospholipid-associated cholelithiasis is clinically characterized by the early onset of symptomatic cholelithiasis in young adults while intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy is a distinct clinical entity associated with adverse fetal outcomes. Of note, patients carrying ABCB4 sequence variations commonly exhibit phenotypic expression...
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Authors: López Couceiro L, Gómez Domínguez E, Muñoz Gómez R, Castellano Tortajada G, Ibarrola de Andrés C, Fernández Vázquez I Abstract The use of direct-acting antivirals (DAA) for the hepatitis C virus (HCV) has yielded a significant improvement in the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) associated with HCV infection. Interferon was the cornerstone of HCV therapy before the introduction of these agents into the clinical practice. Herein, we report the case of an HCV-infected patient who developed an interferon-induced AIH and since then, has received imm...
Source: Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Rev Esp Enferm Dig Source Type: research
We present the case of a 65-year-old man, with polycythemia of unknown origin under investigation, presented to the emergency department with a history of diffuse abdominal pain and hematemesis. Blood tests revealed a hemoglobin level of 22 g/dL.Upper endoscopy revealed a black ulcerated gastric mucosa compatible with acute necrosis of the corpus and antrum of the stomach . Despite few cases described in the literature, many etiologic factors have been suggested. In this particular case, given the severe polycythemia and associated hyperviscosity, vascular compromise of the gastric blood vessels might have played a major r...
Source: Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Rev Esp Enferm Dig Source Type: research
Authors: Mölleken C, Ahrens M, Schlosser A, Dietz J, Eisenacher M, Meyer HE, Schmiegel W, Holmskov U, Sarrazin C, Sorensen GL, Sitek B, Bracht T Abstract Background/Aims: An estimated 80 million people worldwide are infected with viremic hepatitis C virus (HCV). Even after eradication of HCV with direct acting antivirals (DAAs), hepatic fibrosis remains a risk factor for hepatocarcinogenesis. Recently, we confirmed the applicability of microfibrillar-associated protein 4 (MFAP4) as a serum biomarker for the assessment of hepatic fibrosis. The aim of the present study was to assess the usefulness of MFAP4 as a ...
Source: Clinical and molecular hepatology - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Clin Mol Hepatol Source Type: research
Lab Chip, 2018, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C8LC01071D, PaperPeng Zhang, Jennifer Crow, Divya Jyothi Lella, Xin Zhou, Glenson Samuel, Andrew K Godwin, Yong Zeng Extracellular vesicles (EVs) present a promising liquid biopsy for cancer diagnosis. However, it remains a daunting challenge to quantitatively measure molecular contents of EVs including tumor-associated mRNAs. Herein, we report... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
Source: RSC - Lab Chip latest articles - Category: Chemistry Authors: Source Type: research
Dalton Trans., 2018, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C8DT03948H, CommunicationYuanyuan You, Ni Wang, Lizhen He, Changzheng Shi, Dong Zhang, Yiyong Liu, Liangping Luo, Tianfeng Chen Herein we design and synthesize a cell penetration peptide- and cancer-targeted molecule-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotube for precise orthotopic glioma therapy. This nanosystem demonstrates improved cancer recognition, blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetration,... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
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At a time when most gadgets, on average, last only a handful of years, it’s heartening to note that one of the most complex technological instruments ever built is still going strong. On Nov. 20, the International Space Station (ISS) reached a two-decade milestone since the launch of its first module. Beyond just a feat of engineering, the ISS serves as an all too rare example in this hyper-partisan era of what can be achieved when our desire to cooperate triumphs over our divisions. It was on this day in 1998 that aerospace engineers from former rivals Russia and the United States celebrated the lift off of the Mosc...
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[East African] Sexual activity and pregnancy rates are high among teenagers in East African, but governments, civil society and churches are divided on how to approach the problem.
Source: AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine - Category: African Health Source Type: news
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