The Sister Study Cohort: Baseline Methods and Participant Characteristics

Author Affiliations open 1Epidemiology Branch, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA 2Social &Scientific Systems, Inc., Durham, North Carolina, USA 3Westat, Durham, North Carolina, USA 4Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway 5Biostatistics and Computational Biology Branch, NIEHS, NIH, DHHS, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA PDF Version (548 KB) Abstract About This Article Supplemental Material Background: The Sister Study was designed to address gaps in the study of environment and breast cancer by taking advantage of more frequent breast cancer diagnoses among women with a sister history of breast cancer and the presumed enrichment of shared environmental and genetic exposures. Objective: The Sister Study sought a large cohort of women never diagnosed with breast cancer but who had a sister (full or half) diagnosed with breast cancer. Methods: A multifaceted national effort employed novel strategies to recruit a diverse cohort, and collected biological and environmental samples and extensive data on potential breast cancer risk factors. Results: The Sister Study enrolled 50,884 U.S. and Puerto Rican women 35–74 y of age (median 56 y). Although the majority were non-Hispanic white, well educated, and economically well off, substantial numbers o...
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Authors: Esenkaya Ta┼čbent F, Dik B Abstract Demodicosis is an ectoparasitic cutaneous infestation of pilosebaceous unit caused by Demodex mites. Demodex spp. are considered to be pathogenic when they increase in number and infect dermis.They can be the cause of diseases such as pityriasis folliculorum, papulopustular rosacea, granulomatous rosacea, inflammatory papule, acne vulgaris, perioral dermatitis, blepharitis and folliculitis. These mites can be found in most mammals including human. Canine and feline demodicosis is a well-known example of severe dermatitis caused by the proliferation of Demodex mites. Dogs...
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Authors: Çulha G, Zeyrek FY, Önlen Y, Yentür Doni N Abstract Malaria, being among the most important diseases throughout history, is still an important public health problem among parasitic diseases due to increasing population movements with various reasons such as migration, war and travel. According to WHO data each year 300-350 million people get exposed to malaria, each year 1.5-2.7 million people die from malaria and also 40% of the world's population is still at risk for this disease. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) data, imported cases were not reported since 2013 in our countr...
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Now that summer is here, you might be more inclined to focus on your outward appearance, but that could potentially be a mistake. Yet 91% of women dislike their bodies, and/or aspects of their bodies and men have been slowly catching up to such loathing. If you hate your body, you’re certainly not alone. But like other body loathers, you’ve fallen prey to a culture that prioritizes appearance above all else. The models in magazines teach us how we’re supposed to look, and we forget that in reality many of them don’t even look like themselves after hours of hair and makeup, and the refined touch of ...
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Source: BMJ Comments - Category: General Medicine Source Type: forums
Source: BMJ Comments - Category: General Medicine Source Type: forums
This article focuses on physiopathological mechanisms and risk factors of pre-eclampsia and on the interest of early angiogenic biomarkers dosing during pregnancy, for the assessment of pre-eclampsia risk. Unlike Great Britain or Israel, cost-effectiveness of this algorithm in general population has not been assessed in France. Finally, systemic lupus erythematous is at high risk of vasculo-placental disorders. Although few studies of angiogenic biomarkers dosing during lupus pregnancies identified a correlation between high sFlt1 levels at the end of first trimester and subsequent onset of severe vasculo-placental di...
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CONCLUSION: Validated data are of vital importance for health managers to monitor users. The population of this study is predominantly elderly, obese, requiring multi-professional care to slow the progression of the disease and decrease morbidity and mortality. PMID: 29927457 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Many of us hold unrealistic fairytale expectations about marriage which result in disappointment with a spouse or with the institution of marriage itself. Both were true for me when single. Now happily married for 30 years, I still now and then need to remember that I live in a real world, not a make-believe one. Like many adults whose parents divorced while they were growing up, I was conflicted about marrying. Cinderella found her perfect prince, as did just about all the heroines of romantic novels and movies. So why shouldn’t I expect to find mine and then live effortlessly happily ever? Why shouldn’t I? L...
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This study reports the case of a 39-year-old pregnant woman at 22 weeks of gestation with massive enlargement of bilateral breasts (gigantomastia) and presents the sonographic findings of this rare condition which shows different parenchymal patterns from those of normal breasts and is uncommonly seen. PMID: 29927570 [PubMed - in process]
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