"I ’m a kid just like you": 9-year-old explains autism in viral video

The video was originally made to be shared with his 21 fourth-grade classmates, but it's reaching a lot farther
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Objective: Considering the potential role of lymphocytes in the pathophysiology of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we aimed to evaluate possible alterations of T cell pools in the lymphoid organs of an animal model of autism induced by valproic acid (VPA). Pregnant Swiss mice received a single intraperitoneal injection of 600 mg/kg of VPA (VPA group) or saline (control group) on day 11 of gestation. Male offspring were euthanized on postnatal day 60 for removal of thy ­muses, spleens, and a pool of inguinal, axillary and brachial lymph nodes. Cellularity was evaluated, and flow cytometry analysis was performed on cell ...
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Leonardo Emberti Gialloreti, Paolo Curatolo
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Miguel Á García-Cabezas, Helen Barbas, Basilis Zikopoulos
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The level of DDT exposure to pregnant women correlates with an increased risk of autism in their children, according to a study in theAmerican Journal of Psychiatry. Medical News Today
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Autism is a complex disorder with largely unknown causes.
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ConclusionsWe provide pharmacological profiles of indenoisoquinoline-derived Top1 inhibitors as paternalUbe3a unsilencers. All 13 tested compounds were effective at unsilencing paternalUbe3a, although with variable efficacy and potency. Indotecan (LMP400) demonstrated a better pharmacological profile ofUbe3a unsilencing compared to our previous lead compound, topotecan. Taken together, indotecan and its structural analogues are potential AS therapeutics whose translational potential in AS treatment should be further assessed.
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Are neurological conditions like Asperger's syndrome and autism the new frontier of inequality and discrimination? The EU-funded NEDBELS project is investigating the legal and social challenges society faces if it is to be more inclusive of those with such neurological disorders - a concept known as 'neurodiversity'.
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AbstractThis review aims to identify and systematically evaluate the use of virtual assessments of social exclusion in persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The authors screened articles for inclusion in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) guidelines. Ten peer-reviewed studies were reviewed to understand the current status of empirically based evidence of social exclusion in persons with ASD. Most studies used self-report questionnaires to assess affect, mood, and distress following simulated social interactions using the Cyberball game. Five studies used ...
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The Transforming Care programme has commissioned a guide on ordinary residence to improve services for children, young people and adults with a learning disability and autism, and to reduce the number of people in inpatient settings.
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Autism is a complex disorder with largely unknown causes.
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