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CNS Summit 2017 Abstracts of Poster Presentations

Conclusion: This novel technology discriminates and quantifies subtle differences in behavior and neurological impairments in subjects afflicted with neurological injury/disease. KINARM assessments can be incorporated into multi-center trials (e.g., monitoring stroke motor recovery: NCT02928393). Further studies will determine if KINARM Labs can demonstrate a clinical effect with fewer subjects over a shorter trial period. Disclosures/funding: Dr. Stephen Scott is the inventor of KINARM and CSO of BKIN Technologies.   Multiplexed mass spectrometry assay identifies neurodegeneration biomarkers in CSF Presenter: Chelsky D Affiliation: CSO, Caprion Biosciences, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada Background/Objective: Early detection markers are critical for neurodegenerative diseases since substantial, irreversible damage to the brain occurs by the time of clinical diagnosis. Markers of disease progression are also important, as established clinical assessment tools can require a year or more to detect changes. Current efforts in our laboratory include developing such markers in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases. Design: Candidate biomarkers were identified in the literature for each disease, and targeted metabolic response modifiers (MRM) mass spectrometry assays were assembled. In the case of Huntington’s disease, very few candidate markers were known in the literature, so a label-free liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrom...
Source: Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience - Category: Neuroscience Authors: Tags: Assessment Tools biomarkers Cognition Current Issue Drug Development General Genetics Medical Issues Neurology Patient Assessment Psychopharmacology Scales Special Issues Supplements Trial Methodology clinical trials CNS Su Source Type: research

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CONCLUSIONS: The HBI considers both hypoxia duration and severity during sleep. It may have potential value in predicting the clinical outcomes of OSA based on its correlation with ESS scores and morning blood pressure as well as its independent association with the prevalence of CVDs, whereas the AHI is not significantly associated with CVD prevalence. PMID: 29676667 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Postgraduate Medicine - Category: Internal Medicine Tags: Postgrad Med Source Type: research
Abstract Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) is already used for enantioseparation in the pharmaceutical industry, but it is rarely used for the separation of chiral pesticides. Comparing with high performence liquid chromatography, SFC uses much more environmnetal friendly and economic mobile phase, supercritical CO2 . In our work, the enantioseparation of an amide herbicide, napropamide, using three different polysaccharide-type chiral stationary phases (CSPs) in SFC was investigated. By studying the effect of different CSPs, organic modifiers, temperature, back-pressure regulator pressures, and flow rates ...
Source: Chirality - Category: Molecular Biology Authors: Tags: Chirality Source Type: research
Authors: Jarl G, Lundqvist LO Abstract The medical and social models of disability are based on a dichotomy that categorizes people as able-bodied or disabled. In contrast, the biopsychosocial model, which forms the basis for the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), suggests a universalistic perspective on human functioning, encompassing all human beings. In this article we argue that the artificial separation of function-enhancing technology into assistive technology (AT) and mainstream technology might be one of the barriers to a universalistic view of human functioning. Thus,...
Source: Assistive Technology - Category: Rehabilitation Tags: Assist Technol Source Type: research
DISCUSSION: We estimated that 10,110 PLHIV resided in NSW in 2016 (range 8400 to 11,720), among whom 9230 (91.3%) were diagnosed, and 8490 (92.0% of those diagnosed) were receiving ART. Among PLDHIV receiving ART, 8020 (94.5%) had suppressed viral load (
Source: Journal of the International AIDS Society - Category: Infectious Diseases Tags: J Int AIDS Soc Source Type: research
CONCLUSION: Both community-models had similar population-level effectiveness for rapidly identifying people living with HIV but differed in effectively transitioning them to treatment. Comprehensiveness, integration and attention to barriers to care are important in the design of community antiretroviral treatment delivery. PMID: 29675995 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Journal of the International AIDS Society - Category: Infectious Diseases Tags: J Int AIDS Soc Source Type: research
[This Day] To help eliminate the malaria scourge in Nigeria, the Federal Government will be securing $300 million in new financing from the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank and African Development Bank.
Source: AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine - Category: African Health Source Type: news
Curious to know what other people's experiences/thoughts are. That is, with people who insist on the bipolar diagnosis and go out pursuing mood stabilizers and antipsychotics. I've had a recent case who I was not convinced was bipolar but pt has undergone various mood stabilizers and antipsychotics from another provider. No surprise, still depressed, feeling sedated and totally flat after thousands of dollars spent on outpatient visits (not with me) and medication that wasn't a fit to begin... bipolar...
Source: Student Doctor Network - Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: Source Type: forums
Authors: Bidot S, Biotti D Abstract Transient monocular blindness is an acute episode of ischemic origin in which one eye has profound visual loss, followed by full recovery within one hour. Transient monocular blindness most often occurs in the setting of retinal ischemia secondary to carotid embolism, but other mechanisms have been reported, including thrombosis (most often in the setting of giant cell arteritis), hemodynamic disorders (secondary to severe carotid stenosis), or vasospasm. Transient monocular blindness is considered a transient ischemic attack originating in the carotid arteries, and must be manag...
Source: Journal Francais d Ophtalmologie - Category: Opthalmology Tags: J Fr Ophtalmol Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: High-risk drinkers may be unresponsive to anticipated regret manipulations as they do not regret post-alcohol "bad" experiences, and some regrets were associated with comparative optimism. Interventions may need to focus less on regret and aim to change risk perceptions. PMID: 29676652 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Substance Use and Misuse - Category: Addiction Tags: Subst Use Misuse Source Type: research
Abstract In this paper we propose an easy way to detect the glycated form of human serum albumin which is biomarker for several diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer. The detection platform is a label free impedimetric immunosensor, in which we used a monoclonal human serum albumin antibody as a bioreceptor and electrochemical impedance as a transducing method. The antibody was deposited onto a gold surface by simple physisorption technique. Bovine serum albumin was used as a blocking agent for non-specific binding interactions. Cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy were used for the char...
Source: Talanta - Category: Chemistry Authors: Tags: Talanta Source Type: research
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