Shared genetic etiology of hypertension and stroke: evidence from bioinformatics analysis of genome-wide association studies

Shared genetic etiology of hypertension and stroke: evidence from bioinformatics analysis of genome-wide association studiesShared genetic etiology of hypertension and stroke: evidence from bioinformatics analysis of genome-wide association studies, Published online: 24 November 2017; doi:10.1038/s41371-017-0012-3Shared genetic etiology of hypertension and stroke: evidence from bioinformatics analysis of genome-wide association studies
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Hypertension affects approximately 85 million Americans, or almost 1 in 3 adults. Black men have disproportionately higher rates of hypertension and are more likely to experience complications of hypertension, including stroke, myocardial infarction, and death. In addition, hypertensive black men are less likely to achieve optimal blood pressure (BP) than women and persons of other races. In light of this, we performed a literature search for articles published from January 1, 1966, to December 31, 2018, using terms including hypertension, blood pressure, black male, and African American male.
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Renovascular hypertension (RVH) associated with renal artery and abdominal aortic narrowings is the third most common cause of pediatric hypertension. Untreated children may experience major cardiopulmonary complications, stroke, renal failure and death. The impetus of this study was to describe the increasingly complex surgical practice for such patients with an emphasis on anatomic phenotype and contemporary outcomes following surgical management, as a means of identifying those factors responsible for persistent or recurrent hypertension necessitating reoperation.
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AbstractBackgroundChina bears the largest global stroke burden, yet little is known about its rates in Chongqing, southwest China. We aimed to investigate the prevalence and related risk factors for stroke in Chongqing, and to provide evidence for improved formulation of targeted primary preventive measures for stroke.MethodsIn 2015, a cross-sectional study was conducted in Nan ’an district, Chongqing. Participants responded to a questionnaire surveying general information and common risk factors for stroke, and related physical examinations were conducted.ResultsOf 25,000 people aged ≥ 40 years who were...
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AbstractIntroductionTo evaluate the cardio-pulmonary hemodynamics changes before and after valve treatment, and their correlation with lobe volume reduction.MethodsThis retrospective multicentre study included consecutive patients undergoing bronchoscopic valve treatment for heterogeneous emphysema. In addition to standard functional evaluation, patients underwent cardiac evaluation by Doppler trans-thoracic echocardiography. The difference in respiratory and cardio-pulmonary hemodynamics indexes before and 3-month after the procedure, and their relationship with changes in lobar volume were evaluated.ResultsSeventy-seven ...
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A friend of mine takes a statin medication each day to lower his cholesterol. More than once I’ve heard him say “I ate too much! I’m going to have to take an extra pill.” Never mind that it doesn’t work that way — a single additional statin pill won’t make much difference to his cholesterol or his health. And never mind that you shouldn’t self-adjust the dose of your medications (talk to your doctor before making any changes in medication dosing). But my friend’s overindulging does bring up the question of whether starting medications for conditions like high blood pres...
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Conclusions In this single-center cohort study, markers of CVT severity were associated with increased odds of cTn elevation; further investigation is needed to elucidate causality and significance.
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This study delves into the mechanisms by which a short period of fasting can accelerate wound healing. Fasting triggers many of the same cellular stress responses, such as upregulated autophagy, as occur during the practice of calorie restriction. It isn't exactly the same, however, so it is always worth asking whether any specific biochemistry observed in either case does in fact occur in both situations. In particular, the period of refeeding following fasting appears to have beneficial effects that are distinct from those that occur while food is restricted. Multiple forms of therapeutic fasting have been repor...
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Abstract OBJECTIVE/BACKGROUND: Migraine is associated with ischemic stroke. Women are 3-fold as likely as men to have migraine, and high estrogen states increase the risk of migraine with aura (MWA), venous thromboembolism (VTE), and of stroke. We review the epidemiological and mechanistic evidence of the migraine-stroke relationship and its risk factors, with a focus on women and conditions that exclusively or predominantly affect them.  METHODS: We performed a search of MEDLINE/PubMed database, then a narrative review of the epidemiological evidence of the migraine-stroke relationship as...
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Conclusion: MHR is significantly associated with CVD in COPD patients. Further prospective studies are warranted to elucidate the predictive value of MHR in COPD patients.
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Objective: To assess the prognostic value of electrocardiographic atrial fibrillation in older hypertensive people in the randomized, placebo-controlled Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial. Methods: Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial randomized 3845 hypertensive people aged 80 years and over, 3273 with electrographic data on the presence or absence of atrial fibrillation at baseline and without established cardiovascular disease. Multivariate Cox proportional hazard models were used to estimate hazard ratios with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for all-cause mortality, incident fatal and nonfatal major cardiovas...
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