An Epidemic: Top 10 Outbreaks In U.S. History

Throughout the years, epidemics and plagues have shaken up societies and cultures around the world. The latest outbreak that Americans seem to be concerned about is the Ebola epidemic occurring in the African countries of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.  With experts and doctors saying that the outbreak has the potential to become a full-blown pandemic that will become increasingly more difficult to control, the general public is scared. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continuously keep an eye on public health and any immediate health dangers, the American public still worries about how much control we really have over such outbreaks. Recently, two Americans were brought back to the U.S. to be treated at Emory Hospital in Atlanta after contracting the Ebola virus in Africa, while a man in New York City feared that he’d contracted the virus while in West Africa. Add this to vials of smallpox recently found at the CDC and the increasing number of cases of measles in Ohio and it is obvious to see that the health scare is real. Looking back in history, the number of outbreaks and epidemics that have taken their toll on this nation exceed a minuscule handful. Below are the 10 epidemics whose threat of taking out our population (both real and imagined) rocked this country. -  Yellow Fever (1668-1853) Major outbreaks of the disease were cited across the country from 1668 to 1853, during which nine percent of Philadelphia’s popula...
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Conclusion and Recommendations: Consistent condom utilization among HIV clients on ART was low (55.8%). Place of residence and condom use initiation during sexual contact were significantly associated with consistent condom use. It is better to give more emphasis on health education and counseling service about consistent condom use for PLWHA who are on ART during follow-up especially for those who came from rural areas. PMID: 31007955 [PubMed]
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Publication date: Available online 23 April 2019Source: PolymerAuthor(s): Li Tang, Liang Gong, Guiyin Zhou, Lingyun Liu, Dong Zhang, Jianxin Tang, Jie ZhengAbstractDevelopment of highly thermo-sensitive hydrogels, particularly at a low-temperature range, has promising applications in diverse fields. Herein we designed, synthesized, and characterized tri-copolymer poly(N-tert-butyl acrylamide-co-N-isopropyl acrylamide-co-acrylamide) p(NTBAM-co-NIPAM-co-AM) hydrogels using a facile one-pot method. The copolymerization of two thermo-responsive monomers of NTBAM and NIPAM with hydrophilic AM monomers aimed to tune the temperat...
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Authors: Ayers D, Boughanem H, Macías-González M Abstract The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that obesity has reached proportions of pandemic. Experts also insist on the importance of considering obesity as a chronic disease and one of the main contributors to the worldwide burden of other nontransmissible chronic diseases, which have a great impact on health, lifestyle, and economic cost. One of the most current challenges of biomedical science faces is to understand the origin of the chronic nontransmissible diseases, such as obesity and cancer. There is a large evidence, both in epidemio...
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Authors: Singh RK, Dhama K, Chakraborty S, Tiwari R, Natesan S, Khandia R, Munjal A, Vora KS, Latheef SK, Karthik K, Singh Malik Y, Singh R, Chaicumpa W, Mourya DT Abstract Nipah (Nee-pa) viral disease is a zoonotic infection caused by Nipah virus (NiV), a paramyxovirus belonging to the genus Henipavirus of the family Paramyxoviridae. It is a biosafety level-4 pathogen, which is transmitted by specific types of fruit bats, mainly Pteropus spp. which are natural reservoir host. The disease was reported for the first time from the Kampung Sungai Nipah village of Malaysia in 1998. Human-to-human transmission also occu...
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Authors: Wu D, Yu X, Wang J, Hui X, Zhang Y, Cai Y, Ren M, Guo M, Zhao F, Dou J Abstract Tumor vaccines offer a number of advantages for cancer treatment. In the study, the vaccination with cancer stem cells (CSCs) with high expression of the type I receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor (ROR1) was evaluated in a murine model for the vaccine's immunogenicity and protective efficacy against epithelial ovarian carcinoma (EOC). CD117+CD44+ CSCs were isolated from human EOC HO8910 cell line using a magnetic-activated cell sorting system; murine ID8 EOC suspension sphere cells, which are collectively known as can...
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Here are our top stories for this Tuesday: a focus on conflict-related sexual violence at the Security Council, a groundbreaking trial for a malaria vaccine in Malawi, thousands seeking shelter in Libya ’s capital as fighting continues, concerns in the Democratic Republic of the Congo after the attack of an Ebola treatment centre, an update on the death toll of the Sri Lanka attacks, and the Security Council’s condemnation of the killing of peacekeepers in Mali. 
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Universal screening for cardiovascular risk factors in children could improve the early diagnosis of hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. The current childhood obesity epidemic underscores the relevance of screening for these comorbidities. Siegel et al report the findings of an initial feasibility pilot study of a small group of children aged 12-14 performed in a middle-school setting. The authors showed that screening for hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes was feasible in this setting.
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CONCLUSIONS: These results are especially relevant when compared to previous SSD studies showing effects in behavior only after a demanding cognitive training. We discuss the implications of our results for development of SSDs and of specific rehabilitation programs for the hearing impaired either using or not using HAs or CIs. We also discuss the potential application of such a set-up for sense augmentation, such as when learning a new language. PMID: 31006700 [PubMed - in process]
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Condition:   Influenza A Virus Intervention:   Diagnostic Test: PB2 gene RT-PCR; NS gene RT-PCR Sponsor:   The University of Hong Kong Not yet recruiting
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A novel clinical trial aiming to train the immune system to recognize and attack pleural mesothelioma tumor cells has opened with considerable optimism across five European countries. The randomized phase II/III study is designed to measure the efficacy and anti-tumor activity of MesoPher, a vaccine combining a patient’s own dendritic immune cells with a specially engineered cell line. The multicenter study, which is hoping for 235 participants, has opened in Antwerp, Belgium; Lille, France; Ancona, Italy; Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Netherlands and Leicester, England. “There is hope, a lot of hope, with this stud...
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